Why Does Back 4 Blood Keep Crashing?

Image credit: Warner Bros. Games

Back 4 Blood is the game we have turned to in order to quench our thirst for the zombie genre.

However, there have been reports of the game not running as well as it should. The worst is when you are playing with your friends in this epic zombie apocalypse game and the game suddenly closes. Has the zombie outbreak now affected our PCs?

If Back 4 Blood keeps crashing for you, there are some easily identifiable reasons (as well as some fixes) that you can try.

Just Let The Game Load

If the game is freezing upon start-up, you might just need to be patient with it. Don’t try to click infinitely or keep pressing enter until something happens. Trust us when we say that that does absolutely nothing.

Sometimes it could take a maximum of 20 seconds for the game to actually load.

We’re not saying this is ideal though. It’s just the reality for some people, especially for lower end PCs.

Now, if you’re trying to open the game in your PC restarts, that is a bigger problem altogether and you should keep reading on to see if there are better solutions for your issue.

Update Your Graphics Driver

Graphics cards always get an update, just like a game gets patches. The common practice is to not really update your drivers unless you’re experiencing graphic corruption or anything similar.

Well, we think game crashing issues qualifies under this so you might as well update your drivers in any case. Another direct advantage of update your graphics driver is that you will get a better performance out of your system.

Updating your graphics driver is quite easy. There are a couple of ways, actually.

The first one is to right click on your desktop. In the options that will appear, you will find the settings for your graphics card just below the “Paste shortcut”. Click on that and it will automatically load your GPU settings which should immediately show update options.

You can also simply search for your graphics card settings by searching for it through the Windows search bar.

The last way is for you to press the Windows button + R, type “devmgmt.msc”. The Device Manager will appear. Look for the “Display Adapters” and click the down button. You will see your GPU. When you right click on your GPU’s name, the very first option is “Update Drivers”. Run that option automatically.

Reinstall Your Graphics Drivers

If updating the drivers did absolutely nothing for you, it’s time to do this one.

There are two things that you have to be sure to do though. First, you must use a Display Driver Uninstaller, and second, you have to do this in safe mode.

There is a lot of 3rd party DDUs out there, from the likes of Wagnardsoft to Guru 3D. Download any of these.

Afterward, restart your PC while holding the shift button. You will eventually be led to the boot screen. Then, select advance options, startup settings, and restart. Press “4” to enable safemode.

Now that you are in safemode, launch the DDU and promptly uninstall your drivers. Restart your PC once more and when everything’s done, install your graphics drivers again.

Verify The Integrity of Your Game Files

Steam has a pretty nifty feature that automatically allows its users to verify the game’s file integrity. There are also other video game platforms that have a similar feature but we’re only going to touch on Steam for now.

The first step is to go to your game library on Steam. Search for Back 4 Blood and right click on the game. At the very bottom of the pop-up menu is the Properties. A window will appear with a few options on its left which includes “local files”. On the second button is the “Verify integrity of game files…”.

Once you click that, Steam will automatically do the work for you.

Uninstall Sonic Studio III

This one is only applicable to certain Asus laptops. It is an app that is automatically installed on your motherboard.

Some users have specifically noted it to be a problematic software. Its effects are actually vigorously displayed by the game during the startup disclaimer.

Try to uninstall this software. If you have a similar sound software, uninstall that too especially if your PC is displaying similar issues despite not being an Asus.

Continue Your Windows Updates

If you’ve been stalling those updates for a while now, it is quite likely that it is the culprit of Back 4 Blood’s constant crashing.

You may be able to ignore updating your GPU drivers, and that’s fine because most of the time the updates don’t even affect the game. The Windows update is a completely different matter altogether. It has a lot of bug fixes and optimization inclusions that will really just help you run the game better.

Just do it.

Windows updates are usually prompted during startup or you can manually do it by searching for “Windows Updates Settings”. The very first thing that will appear is the button “check for updates”.

Fix Anti-Cheat Crashing

If you play Back 4 Blood on Epic Games, the anti-cheat system is called Easy Anti-Cheat. Any time a game under Epic Games run, this anti-cheat system also automatically runs in the background.

The software has, a few times, displayed issues that affect the operation of the game in a major way. If this happens, it needs repair.

First, go to the game folder which is usually found on the C Drive. It should be under Program Files, Epic Games, and then the Back 4 Blood folder. Look for the “EasyAntiCheat_setup” and right-click on that. Run it as administrator.

This will prompt a blue window from Easy Anti-Cheat. It has a drop-down menu with games that you can repair. Choose Back 4 Blood and wait for it to finish.

Before you run the game, do a reboot first.


There are some crashing errors that are quite specific in nature.

This can quickly eliminate your investigation if you qualify (i.e. Asus laptops with Sonic Studio III).

On the other hand, the other troubleshooting methods are standard (i.e. updating drivers).

Always start with those things first and if none of them works, then you know you have a particular issue that makes Back 4 Blood keep crashing.