How to Kill Princess Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3

Princess Gut is one of the three goblin leaders you will encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will have the option to join them or kill them depending on how you will progress.

This guide will show you how to kill Princess Gut in different ways and what happens after.

Princess Gut Location

Princess Gut is located just above the goblin camp once you enter the gates. You can find her if you follow the hallway and she will be located in a room on the left side of the hallway. She will be alone and she will ask you to talk to her alone.

Alternate Ways of Killing Her

The easiest way

When you talk to Princess Gut, she will tell you to be alone with her so she can start helping you remove the parasite. This will eventually lead you to fight her especially if you are not willing to side with the Absolute. So the best way to deal with her is to have your whole party in the room and start attacking her in the back with your strongest character.

Since she has 36 HP, you will need 2 or 3 successful attacks to kill her. Remember to save before doing this. Princess Gut’s first turn will always be calling for help. Once she calls for help, everyone on the same floor will enter the battle. This is why you should kill her before she takes her turn. I was able to do this at level 3 with mediocre gear so as long as you have good rolls, you should be able to do this easily.

This method will still make the goblins unsuspicious of your allegiance and you can still roam around the area where the leaders are as if nothing happened.

Clearing the whole floor

This is when she calls the whole room for backup. For this method, I recommend bringing one character to fight Princess Gut in the same room and have your whole party stand outside ungrouped. Once the battle starts and the goblins from outside the room joins, they will not be in combat.

You can set up outside the door and find a few oil or explosive barrels to drop outside the door. After at least 2-3 turns, with some luck involved, you will have all the goblins clumped up outside the gate trying to break the door down or try to shoot the character you have inside with spells or a bow.

This is the perfect time to strike with your ungrouped characters and blow up the barrels you have placed. If you do not have barrels to work with, you can still wait for them to group up and use Gale’s Grease or a Scroll of Grease spell and light it up. You should still have a few Caustic Bulbs and Void Bulbs to work with from the start of the game if you explored the intro.

The benefit of killing the whole floor is that eventually, you will fight them all anyway and you can thin them outright at this moment. This will give you a ton of gear to sell and a lot of much-needed experience points.

You would want to save up a few barrels as well for the Minthara fight. You can read more about this here.


There are multiple ways to go on and do things and you will likely be playing this more than once to see what happens if you side with the Absolute. This game changes in a big way on every decision you make and this is why Baldur’s Gate 3’s replayability is off the charts.