Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty
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Warzone operators might be just skins in the game to some, but they each have a whole backstory and plotlines. Across Call of Duty titles and Warzone, there’s a lot there to help you get to know an operator. Alice lore in Warzone has one of the stronger plots with decent character development too.

When you’re picking an operator in Warzone, knowing more about them can help you understand the world better. Each Warzone character has a background, personality, and storyline. If you want to get to know the world of Call of Duty better, this is where you need to start.

Alice’s lore in Warzone and Call of Duty aren’t the craziest stories. There aren’t multiple timelines like with the operators that come from Black Ops and Zombies. Or big hero stories like with the main protagonists. However, the lore here does paint a much richer picture of the character. 

This is all of the Alice Warzone lore. We’ll start with her plotlines in Modern Warfare and Warzone, before looking at the rest of the world of Call of Duty.

Alice Lore in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Alice was one of the original operators in Modern Warfare. This game flowed into Warzone seamlessly. The character was also one of the initial choices in the Battle Royale.

While there are now loads of fun skins and operators in the title, this first batch is a bit special. The original plotlines of Warzone all came out of the world set up by these operators. 

We have a decent amount of information about Alice’s backstory before Warzone. This is where it starts.

Alice’s Origins and Backstory

Alice was first born in 1991, in America. However, the origins and backstory are a bit more complicated than that. She is Mexican American and was born to an asylum seeker.

Alice’s mom was called Rosalina Valenzuela Capel, and her father was named Ruben Molina Hernández. Alice lore is fairly typical of CoD in this regard where we know their names but not much else! 

Alice also had a sister named Isabella Molina Valenzuela. However, she is missing. This sounds a bit mysterious, but it’s not a thread that’s followed up on.

Her mother entered America first as an asylum seeker. The details of why Alice’s mother had to seek asylum aren’t gone into, but it does add more depth to her background. 

Later in her career, we’ll see how this shaped her. Alice’s background among more venerable people will set her up well for a later plot point about training local populations. It’s not the most detailed background, but it’s important for understanding her.

Alice’s Personal Life and Joining the Army

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

The personal life of Warzone operators often isn’t a big plot point. No one buys Call of Duty expecting a soap opera. However, we do have a few details on Alice’s life outside of the military. 

They don’t fit great into her overall story, so there worth covering here outside of it. Alice has a wife called Anna Lorraine Khoury. However, she doesn’t factor into Alice lore very much at all. 

Outside of her mom’s past, we don’t know too much about Alice’s background. She at some point found a wife, presumably after she entered the military just going by her sign-up date.  She doesn’t factor into the story and we don’t have any dates to place this though.

The next major advancement in Alice lore is when she joins the army. She first joined the United States Army when she was 18. This was in 2009. This puts her entry a little later than some operators that she’ll later be involved with. 

For example, D-Day lore crosses over with Alice quite a bit. Although, he’s been in the army for around 8 years longer than Alice. Despite Alice eventually receiving a more high-ranking role in their stories together. 

Alice’s Early Years in Army and Entering Task Force Orange

Alice’s early years in the army saw her commended for performance in some areas. In written, cognitive, and physical performance when joining up she was marked out as exceptional. However, she had some major issues in these early years too.

Alice also had four separate disciplinary issues. These were all related to problems with authority. While we’re not entirely clear on what happened here, this kind of theme is something we’ll see re-emerge in the future. 

Alice didn’t spend long as part of rank and file. She entered Task Force Orange as early as 2010, pretty quickly in her time in the army. 

She was admitted into Task Force Orange with reservations from her Drill Sargeant though. While she was admitted quickly, these hints at her not quite respecting the chain of command are already popping up.

Task Force Orange

Alice lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Task Force Orange is a special operations unit in the United States Army. They’re primarily tasked with intelligence work and other special tasks. 

In Call of Duty, Alice enters this task force in 2010. In the real world, Task Force orange was partially responsible for tracking down Saddam Hussein. Their intelligence in part leads to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

She’s occupied with general Task Force Orange work from this point on, deployed in Afghanistan. We don’t know too much about Alice’s operations during this period of her life. 

We can assume there wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary here.  She did strike up relationships with both ‘D-Day’ Davis and Private Grayson Jefferies here though. 

These relationships will lead into the next stage of Alice lore where her career suffers a pretty major setback.

Raid in Kandahar

After four years serving with Task Force Orange, some of those “problems with authority” that plagued Alice’s early career rise to the surface. Here, she and Davis plan an unauthorized raid.

Private Grayson Jefferies had been captured. She was in a relationship with Davis and close to Alice. Without permission, the two operators decided to attempt a rescue of the Private.

She was being held in the Kandahar providence at a Taliban stronghold. Alice took charge of the operation, planning an infiltration of the stronghold.

The operation was a success in some ways. They did manage to clear and occupy the stronghold, clearing out one point of command for the Taliban. However, Jefferies was killed in the process.

The fallout from this raid would go on to haunt Alice and put an early end to this part of her career. In the time immediately afterward, Davis was discharged under Section 8 which means he was considered unfit for service. 

Alice was not discharged. However, she was demoted from her role. She suffered a major setback but wasn’t punished as harshly as others.

Alice’s Demotion

Alice lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Alice’s early career in the army show she had some promise, but couldn’t get seem to get a handle on her problems. Her clear disdain for authority and obeying orders fully clearly lead to some problems.

Organizing a raid without permission wasn’t enough to get her discharged like her co-conspirator. However, it did serve as a serious knock on the operator’s career. This very easily could have been the end of the line for Alice.

Her duties after getting demoted you could call lesser than before. In this part of the Alice lore, the character was specifically unhappy. She repeatedly tried to get back to more active work.

While she was clearly frustrated in this period, her actions serve as a contrast to Davis’ story. He continued that route and found a different way back into a combat role. Alice on the other hand just patiently waits out her punishment. 

This shows real growth from the past. Previously she ignored authority and took matters into her own hand. Here she’s accepting the new assignment, only requesting transfers.

5 Years Away from Operations

Alice is demoted following the raid in 2014. She does eventually re-enter a more active role, but she has a good period in other work first.

For the first three years, Alice only served in support roles. For an operator who was planning and executing raids, this is probably going to be frustrating. However, she put her time in during this period.

After this, she switched to a training role. She was put in charge of training up female Afghan soldiers. It seems this choice was partially influenced by her background. It does seem a less frustrating time and there aren’t many big events in Alice lore here.

This was also a common task for western forces in recent Middle-Eastern conflicts. It’s interesting to see Warzone lore reference this significant but often overlooked part of the period. It definitely adds more depth to Alice lore than if she’d just been pulling off crazy raids and breaking rules forever.

The next major change for Alice happens in October 2019. In the time she’d spent in contract roles, Alice had been constantly requesting to return to active combat assignments. After enough time had passed, she got the opportunity. 

Demon Dogs

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

In October 2019, Alice’s requests to return to combat were finally fulfilled. She was chosen to be a part of the Demon Dogs. These are an important faction in Warzone lore. it’s where we enter Alice’s active role in the games again. 

The Demon Dogs were a special operations unit that was led by Sergeant Marcus Griggs. They were primarily active in Urzikstan. Alice became a part of this unit.

After being picked up herself, she was able to get D-Day re-enlisted and part of the unit as well. This came only a month after she was reassigned. That’s despite D-Day now being involved with private military contractors after his section 8 Discharge. 

Being able to pull in discharged operatives probably means she had a bit of sway in this new unit. 

Alice had various missions with Demon Dogs after signing up. We don’t have too many plot details for these operations as a large part of them are playable.

The Demon Dogs are one of the primary factions you play as in Modern Warfare multiplayer. While it isn’t too specific for Alice lore, you can fill in some of the gaps based on playing the games with the locales they operated in.

The next major part of Alice lore though comes with a full-scale invasion that pulls in most operators. 

Invasion of Verdansk

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

The next big change for Alice comes in the Invasion of Verdansk. Demon Dogs were one of many units involved in this large-scale operation. In March 2020, Al-Qatala under the command of a new leader launched an invasion of Verdansk.

This is a major storyline. You find it popping up in most character’s stories, like in the Charly Warzone lore.

The Invasion of Verdansk was a huge operation that relied on many operators to try and fight back the assault. Operators from Coalition and Allegiance were all moved into Verdansk to try and push them back. Alice was a part of these forces.

This is roughly where the Alice lore ends. We don’t have full details of any operations she was a part of after this. However, we can deduce one more thing about her fate.

Some of the other operators involved in the Invasion of Verdansk ended up fighting between themselves in the aftermath. They even released toxic gas there. However, Alice wasn’t a part of this.

While her long-time collaborator Davis was part of these conflicts, Alice seems to have been removed from Verdansk before things escalated. This leaves things open a bit more. At just 29 years old, there is plenty of space for future apparencies. 

Alice lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Alice Lore in Call of Duty Mobile

That’s all of the Alice lore across Modern Warfare and Warzone. However, she is also included in Call of Duty Mobile. Alice is a part of the operators and makes separate appearances here.

Alice was added to Call of Duty Mobile with Season 10. She was part of the Battle Pass for Shadows Return with unique skins.

There aren’t any major contributions to Alice lore in Call of Duty Mobile. She hasn’t had a big role in the Comics yet like the plots you find in Mara Call of Duty lore and others. Although, the skins are some nice extra content by themselves.

Alice Lore Outside of the Games

That’s the bulk of the lore around Alice in the game. However, there is more information on the operator. Looking across her other appearances, there are a few more bits of lore and details about the character that isn’t present in-game.

This is all of the extra information and Alice lore details from outside of the game.

What Faction is Alice?

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Call of Duty operators are often part of various factions and allegiances, moving around pretty frequently. These are all of the allegiances and affiliations to factions for Alice in the games:

  • Demon Dogs
  • Coalition
  • Armistice

What is Alice’s Real Name?

A lot of operators use callsigns instead of their actual names in-game. Alice might have a fairly ordinary operator title, but it still isn’t her actual real name.

Alice’s real full name is Alexia Valenzuela. Alice is her operator name in-game, and the designation c1-01-D is sometimes used for the character too. 

Who Voices Alice in Warzone and Call of Duty?

Alice Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Alice is voiced by Roxana Ortega. She’s had roles in video games like Halo Infinite, Days Gone, Shadow of the Tomb Rader, and the Saints Row series. Her gaming voice-over roles go all the way back to a character in 2002’s Sly Racoon. 

That’s all the Alice lore that’s around in the games. However, the character is left on an open note. Unlike in some other lore, Alice’s story doesn’t end on a climactic note. It’s possible more will be done with her in Warzone, or even future Modern Warfare games!


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