Why Does Warzone Keep Crashing?

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Even a veteran franchise like Call of Duty experiences hiccups in some of its titles. One of them is the battle royale bonanza Warzone. Amidst the quest for weapons and supplies in the slowly shrinking map, several players have reported completely disconnecting from the game or worse, PC crashing issues.

Warzone isn’t the type of game where you can simply reconnect if you got cut off in the middle of the game. This has been a point of ire for many players. Apart from that, when a game completely crashes, there’s no way to salvage it anyway.

These types of game issues can be connected to a lot of things, and it is important to know the root cause before one tries to troubleshoot.

We know how tedious investigating and relating different game issues can be, so we’ve done all the research for you. This article will give you a rundown of the most common reasons why Warzone keeps crashing. Additionally, we’ve also included the best possible solutions to these common issues.

Remove Certain Game Files

If Warzone keeps crashing for you and there are absolutely no errors or dumps that pop-up, then this troubleshooting method may work for you. The game devs have also posted this on the Trello Board of the game so you can rest assured that the solutions here are tried, tested, and will not negatively affect the game.

Before we begin, we’d like to address that seed of doubt that got planted in your mind the moment you read our suggested troubleshoot. When a game runs, there are actually several new files that get created. These are usually cached files or shader files and there are times when the game generates them incorrectly; hence, crashes.

If there are bad files in the game folder, it is better to delete them than to suffer through them.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the game folder and look for the “ppsod.dat” file and delete that file. Next, go to the “Main” folder in the Call of Duty installer directory and delete every single file in that folder. If you are using an Nvidia graphics card, go to the NV_Cache folder found in the ProgramData and delete all files there too. The last thing you need to delete is the “Blizzard Entertainment” file in the ProgramData folder.

After deleting all these, run Battle.net as an administrator. Look for the Warzone icon, scan, and repair the game through the cogwheel option near the play button. Thereafter, start the game and look at the upper part of the screen which will tell you if all the shader files have loaded. Wait for everything to be fully installed. You will then be prompted to restart your computer. Afterward, try running the game again but always wait on standby at the main menu for around 5 minutes before you proceed to the submenu for other Call of Duty games.

Trick the Game into Prioritizing the GPU over the CPU

Knowing if a game is CPU or GPU intensive is an age-old inquiry among well-seasoned gamers. What’s the case for Warzone?

Based on the system requirements needed to run Warzone on your PC, you can definitely get away with lower end specs. However, there have been reports of the game only using the CPU instead of both CPU and GPU, or vice versa. This is less about priority but more about game optimization.

Unfortunately, we have no control over how the game is optimized so the only choice we have as gamers are using the tools that we have in our arsenal. One of these tools is effectively convincing your computer to use certain parts of your PC to help the overall process of the game.

The thought process behind making the game prioritize the GPU is because graphics cards are often more powerful then processors.

To do this, you have to first to go to your “Display Settings” which you can go to if you right click on your desktop. Once the window opens, scroll down and look for the “Graphics Settings”. Browse the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launcher under the “Choose an app to set preference”. Once you have added the game, go to options and select “High Performance”.

Do a Complete Reinstallation of the Game

It might baffle you, but certain players have reported Warzone crashing after they set up a new PC or bought new PC parts.

When we think about upgrades, we automatically associate it with better processes and performance. It’s quite absurd to think that newer PC parts would result to the game crashing but there’s probably a reason behind this. One possible explanation is software bloat.

The best way to address this is to do a complete revamp of the game by reinstalling it.

It’s pretty simple, actually. First, go to your Control Panel by searching for it on the search bar. At the left most column, you can find the “Programs and Features” option. Click on that. You will then be redirected to a complete list of all the apps that you have on your PC. Look for Warzone, right click on the game, and click “uninstall”. Doing it this way shouldn’t leave any residual files.

Reinstall the game again on Battle.net and restart your PC before attempting to launch Warzone again.

Wait for a New Patch or a Small Update

Our last “troubleshoot” might seem like the most unhelpful thing, but trust us, this might actually be your only saving grace especially if you’ve tried literally everything.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t you or your computer. It’s the game.

After patches, there can be certain bugs that appear that haven’t been encountered by the developers. This is a completely normal occurrence in every single game or application ever.

So, it isn’t surprising that after a patch, Warzone crashes or keeps crashing on PC.

Chances are, you’re not alone in being the unlucky crash tester. The devs will quickly take note of this and will release an update within hours or days after the new patch.

If waiting doesn’t suit your personality, you can also try to be more proactive by posting on CoD forums or reporting through Battle.net.


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