How to Activate Windmills in Dying Light 2

how to activate windmills in dying light 2

There is never a shortage of activities to do in Dying Light 2. Opening the map reveals many mysterious icons waiting to be discovered. 

From sidequests to dark hallows to random encounters, you’ll find many opportunities to equip Aiden for his harrowing journey.

Through manual exploration, you can slowly unravel all the places of interest you can visit. But a faster and more efficient way is surveying the area on a high surface.

Windmills provide a clear layout of the land from a high vantage point. They also contribute other compelling bonuses to the player; therefore, you need to know how to activate windmills in Dying Light 2.

Finding and Activating Windmills

Windmills are tall structures that are easy to spot in your adventure.

Abandoned windmills are usually perched on a high area with no easy access to the top. Accordingly, if you do find one, mark sure to focus on it using your binoculars. Doing so will allow you to track quests and objectives in Dying Light 2.

Now that it is marked on your map, create a waypoint towards the area, so you don’t lose track of where you’re going. Hovering over the windmill you just discovered shows its suggested stamina to reach the top. Take note that it is just a suggestion, not a requirement. You can still activate windmills below the threshold.

Another reason why it’s essential to check the information is that some windmills require the paraglider to reach its apex. So on that account, come back for these later after you get to that point in the story. Additionally, it also tells you the name of the windmill and a short description of it.

There’s always a short parkour test you have to do to reach the top. Thankfully, it’s pretty straightforward, with no confusion on how to scale it. If you don’t have enough stamina, you could also take stamina boosters or find inhibitors scattered across Villedor to permanently increase your stamina.

Once you reach the top, all you need to do is interact with the broken fuse box. Aiden will repair it. This restores its power and activates the windmill.

Assortment of Rewards

For your courageous efforts, you’ll usually get a large number of parkour points.

While you’re up there, use the high vantage point to survey for new points of interest with your binoculars. After soaking in the view, you can find a soft spot to land nearby. You’ll notice that the windmill now serves as a viable safe zone.

Safe zones provide a temporary respite from the horrors of the night in Dying Light 2.

Safe zones contain valuable UV lights that stave off your infection level and ward off infected chasing you. It also grants access to your personal stash and a bed to sleep through the night.

Active windmills activate any abandoned faction structures within its vicinity. These small communities host various traders and merchants to manage and upgrade your inventory. Sometimes, an important NPC can assign a side quest for you to undertake.

Since Dying Light 2 features a faction system, that too will carry over to these infrastructures. The nature and theme of the faction structure depend on whether you assigned the Peacekeepers or Survivors to control the area. This means that the NPCs you meet and quests you take all depend on who owns the place.


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