How Long Does It Take to Complete Elden Ring?

Oftentimes, role-playing games have clear goals. The only question is how to achieve them.

It’s a completely different ball game when it’s an open-world RPG that has various modes, stories, and angles to tackle. It would be like being born and living in a completely new universe.

That is exactly what Elden Ring is – a whole fantastical world of possibilities and narratives.

As much as we virtual lovers would love to stay in the adventure that is Elden Ring, we, unfortunately, have to go out and work, study, or eat.

How many chips do you have to buy? How much coffee would you need to drink?

Just how many snacks and hours do you need to prepare to finish Elden Ring?

Though it largely depends on the player, we tried our best to gather information about what to expect rather than how long the game will strictly be. We have also listed out the game’s main components so that you would know how much of an open world it is.

Character Creation

This part might be incredibly basic for role-playing games but any RPG player knows how time-consuming this very first part of the game can actually be.

Creating your character in Elden Ring is like creating a whole new human! There are more than 20 hairstyles and you could even choose different facial bone structures, tattoos, facial scars, and colors to give that maximum customized feel.

If you’re a picky person, this part of the game could easily take up 10 minutes of your time though we think it’s worth it since being pleased with the aesthetics is a big part of any game.


Elden Ring’s story is one of the most hyped things about the game and for good reason. It is written by legends Hidetaka Miyazaki of epic games like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, and household name George R. R. Martin who created the entire world of Game of Thrones.

Who wouldn’t be ecstatic to know that the game they’re playing could have a huge, myth-like storyline?

Well, we’re happy to note that Elden Ring’s story is as cool in real life as it seems on paper. It’s a high and dark fantasy with Asian and medieval elements, mainly about the fabled titular Elden Rings and the Great Shards, which were destroyed sometime before the game timeline. Basically, players have to gather the Great Shards to bring back the Elden Ring and restore peace.

What’s also really cool about Elden Ring is how it fully respects the open-world monicker of the game by centering the plot around your playable character and the story-building components that may complete your character and game experience.

Now, the question is, how long does it take to complete Elden Ring’s main story mode?

Give or take, it should be around 40 hours.

This should include a short tutorial. What’s ultimately time-consuming are the various interactions, from non-player characters to player versus monster.

Side Quests

Unlike most RPGs where there’s a strict list of quests, what we have in Elden Ring is a free-for-all, and it’s beautiful.

Everything is multidimensional and interconnected.

For example, in the latter part of your world exploration, you might realize that an event or a new discovery is linked to that previous NPC that you talked to. Elden Ring also gives you a lot for your warrior character, like power-ups, weapons, and armor.

The great thing about this kind of structure is that nothing is mandatory, everything is exploratory.

Because of this, we also believe it would take a similar time for one to explore a good part of the game’s extras. In fact, it could be even double.

Public Sentiment

The numbers that we’re showing are pretty average, but also not quite the complete picture.

With a game that is as open-world as Elden Ring, the possibilities are almost endless.

Nevertheless, there are still average figures out there and we’ve also gathered them to at least give you an empirical overview.

According to fellow gamers on message boards, around 30 hours is the absolute minimum number if you’re not going to do the extras. We think this is a really tight number.

If you want to do some boss hunts, you’re going to have to dedicate at least 50 hours. However, there are a number of boss monsters in the game and 50 hours isn’t going to cut it to defeat all of them.

If you’d like to do loads of extra sides plus the main story, players are looking at 80 to 100 hours on average.

Lastly, if you’re a chill gamer type or someone with lots of hours in their job and don’t have much time to spare after work, a month of light playing is a good guesstimate. It’s going to be casual but can be full of adventure and exploration for your character.