How to Use the Big Yeetus to Win in Fall Guys

Just when you thought Fall Guys was getting a bit stale, Mediatonic decided to spice things up with the release of a mid-season patch that introduces some changes to the now-familiar maps that everyone has gotten used to.

These changes range from simple ones like a direction change of the propellers in Whirlygig to huge, game-changing ones like adding spinning hammers to a game of Fall Ball. These changes are all welcome and needed to keep things fresh, but one addition to the stages seems to be the pride and joy of Mediatonic.

Meet the Big Yeetus: a giant hammer decorated with a big yellow star, glowing with intent, its purpose unclear whether it’s there to help you or to just act as a big distraction. The Big Yeetus does not appear all the time, but when it does, it poses a question to the players all seeking glory: “Is it worth the trouble?”

In this guide, we’ll delve into which stages have this interesting addition and justify whether the pros outweigh the cons.


The only Big Yeetus that we can classify as a truly evil one; it can be found after the beginning propeller rods, right in the middle of the ramp with the conveyor belt.

Not much to say about this Big Yeetus except to avoid it like the plague as being hit with it launches you to the side and stumbles you, costing you some precious time moving through the stage.

Dizzy Heights

Dizzy Heights has its Big Yeetus situated on the top of the ramp before the jump to the rotating discs near the end of the stage.

A rather easy Big Yeetus to use, you could either approach it from the left or right sides of it or just time your approach and approach it underneath. Its placement is rather close to the ground so jumping isn’t exactly necessary, however, it is highly recommended as jumping on its path launches you a lot further than just walking under or onto its path.

Always use this Big Yeetus as it is easy enough to take advantage of and the window for error is rather small.

See Saw

The Big Yeetus in See Saw appears right in the middle of the fork before the first set of the final set of see-saws. Using it requires a bit of skill. It’s situated near the edge of the platform which makes approaching it from the front impossible. Instead you need to approach it from either the left or right side and jump into its way to successfully use it.

If done correctly, this Big Yeetus can fling you forward quite a bit, skipping the sprint to the see-saws and landing you on the second set of see-saws. Remember that you have a bit of control when you’re in the air, so steer yourself accordingly before you land!

Be warned however, this Big Yeetus is situational as using it puts you into a fumbled state, which would result into your character endlessly fumbling if he lands on a tilted seesaw.

Door Dash

Quite possibly the easiest Big Yeetus to use; it is situated in the middle of the final sprint to the finish line, right after the fall from the final set of doors.

Due to the rather fast-paced nature of this stage, it is almost always advisable to take advantage of the Big Yeetus. The quickest and riskiest way you can use this Big Yeetus is to go directly under it. This does require timing as it can crush you and stop you dead in your tracks if you’re not careful.

Another way to use it is to approach it from the sides. This method is much easier, but it takes a bit longer since you’re approaching it from an angle.

Take note though that the Big Yeetus in this stage is placed close to the ground, so jumping is not really required. You just have to time yourself being in front of the hammer and watch yourself soar to the finish line!

Fall Mountain

The only final stage to receive a randomized chance on the Big Yeetus. It’s located in the middle of the fork before the sprint to the crown, below the conveyor belt.

This Big Yeetus might look like it would launch you straight to the crown, however, the best it can do is to land you at the top of the last ramp. The most effective way to use it is to approach it from the front and jump towards it for maximum height and distance. It’s important to remember that you can slightly maneuver your character while he’s in the air, so pick left or right and position yourself closest to the crown for a quick finish.

Due to the general difficulty of its placement, this Big Yeetus should only be used when you’re trailing behind the pack and have nothing left to lose; it’s too big a risk to use when you’re in the front of the pack as you might you it incorrectly and just launch towards the conveyor belt instead of the platforms.


Apart from one obviously harmful Big Yeetus set as an obstacle, the rest are useful to either further your lead or bring you towards the front of the pack.

That said, it’s always important to assess the situation whether it’s worth taking the risks in using the Big Yeetus of each stage or if it’s much safer and faster to just use the normal path.


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