How to Win Survival Stages in Fall Guys

There are only a few survival stages in Fall Guys but they are crucial to win because most of these stages are played with a few people remaining in the game. The best way to win is to learn how not to panic when things get a little crazy. This guide will help you get more wins in survival stages by discussing each stage

How to Win Roll Out

The Roll Out stage is comprised of five different rotating rings with unique obstacles for each one. The floors on each rings will have different speeds as well. Always go for the slowest moving floor to avoid switch floors too much. Jumping will be dangerous with a crowd and you can easily get pushed off by players if you do it constantly because there will be some holes on the floor that can eliminate you.

There is no such thing as ‘griefing’ in survival stages because players will most likely want to eliminate as much players as they so that they can qualify more quickly. This stage will keep on going if not enough players have been eliminated yet. Try to keep your balance and only choose to alternate between two floors. It is possible to jump and dive towards walls that can catch you and you can recover from it.

How to Win Block Party

The Block Party is a slightly different stage from Roll Out because all you need to do is survive until the timer runs out or enough people are eliminated. This means that there is a possibility of no one getting eliminated from the stage. The Block Party is played on one platform and there will be blocks rotating through the floor that will push you off the platform.

These blocks vary in shapes and sizes. Some blocks have a shorter side where players will have to jump over. The strategy here is to avoid the crowd especially while jumping. Always try to stay in the middle so you have more time to react to what is coming. Make use of the dive feature in this stage because it can prevent you from being rag-dolled to a wall causing you to fall and get eliminated.

How to Win Perfect Match

Perfect Match is the most unique stage in Fall Guys and is even categorized as a ‘Logic’ stage. The goal of the stage is to survive by choosing the right fruit to step on. Fruits will flash on specific floors every few seconds and you will have to keep track of them in your head.

There will be three levels where you would have to guess which floor to step on. The first level will be easy as there will only be two fruits to memorize. The number of different kinds of fruits increase by two every level. The final level will be having six different fruits which should be insanely hard to keep track in such a short time. The fruits are apples, bananas, grapes, cherries, oranges and watermelons.

The second level should be manageable and you can easily follow the crowd if you lose track of where the fruit would be. For the final level, you should try your best in memorizing at least four to five fruits.

A great strategy to improve your memory is to pick a floor tile, preferably a corner, and make sure the fruit you start memorizing have different fruits adjacent to it. Always go in order when memorizing so you continue to remember the ones you have memorized. With more experience, you should be able to finish this stage perfectly every single time.

Once you are better at the game, here is a strategy where you can trick people who always try to follow the crowd. Try positioning yourself near the middle but also near a few corners. As soon as the monitor flashes a fruit that you have to go to, pick a wrong one first by jumping to the nearest corner.

Watch how players react to others who immediately move after the fruit is flashed on the monitor. After doing the fake out, proceed quickly to the correct fruit that you have memorized and see if you are able to trick them.

The reasoning behind the idea on staying in the middle and jumping to a corner is because most players will have a view that shows the edges of the floor from where they are positioned. You will be the first thing they will see if their goal is only to copy other players.

Fall Guys Survival Stages Tips and Tricks

  • Eliminating others can help you qualify quicker in survival stages
  • Never panic and avoid jumping with other players because getting bumped while in midair will knock you to the floor and it takes some time to get up
  • Follow the crowd only if you have no choice left in the Perfect Match


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