Why Does Fortnite Keep Crashing?

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There are just some games that eventually become cultural phenomenons. Fortnite is one of them, with hundreds of millions of players and iconic in-game content of bright graphics and fun dancing.

If you’re part of the cultural phenomenon that is Fortnite but there’s just one hitch to your playing which is constant game crashes, then you have come to the right article.

Despite being a wildly popular game, some players have reported occasional occurrences of the Fortnite crashing. For a game that can’t be paused and saved, it would be an extremely annoying predicament and we completely understand your frustrations.

In this article, we’ve gathered some prevailing issues posted by players themselves why Fortnite keeps crashing. Additionally, we’ve included troubleshooting methods that we have found to be effective.

Does Your PC Meet the Minimum System Requirements?

Even though Fornite is an esports title, one look at its minimum system requirements and we can honestly say that they’re pretty steep if you only have an entry-level or old PC.

Obviously, the best practice is to check the system requirements before downloading and playing the game but if you’ve already started and, initially, there weren’t any hitches; then you might want to re-check your specs.

Additionally, maybe you’re meeting the requirements after all but some game updates have set you back.

Check your PC parts because some of them may need upgrading.

Minimum PC Requirements for Fortnite

CPU: Intel Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, AMD R9 280, any GPU that supports Dx11


Storage: At least 30 GB of free space

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 64-Bit

Are Your Graphic Drivers Properly Installed?

For avid, PC gamers, it’s extremely important that you update your graphic drivers consistently. GPU developers always give their products specific updates that can help a lot of games in many ways.

When your GPU drivers aren’t properly updated, your graphics card could have a tendency to overperform and could result in overheating or overclocking. There may also be issues of optimization that would come out.

Apart from having updated drivers, some players are recommending that the graphic drivers you should install should be the downloadable one from the brand’s website instead of the installer that comes with the package. This way, you’re sure that the software you’re downloading is the updated one.

Are You Clearing Out Certain Background Apps?

When running RAM apps or games that consume a lot of RAM, it’s important to do allocate more RAM to Fortnite to really help your PC run the game efficiently.

There may also be certain background apps that have a bad interaction with the game and could be causing Fortnite to keep crashing.

One player posted on a popular forum how they were able to identify background apps that has been messing with Fortnite and this might work for you.

First, go to your Task Manager and navigate the Processes tab. Look for the following background applications: Java Update Checker, Java Update Scheduler, and Microsoft Office Click-to-Run (SxS). Right click on these apps and click on “End Task” to ensure that they’re no longer running in the background.

Have You Capped Your FPS?

For people with powerful PCs, the experience must be great, right?

You can enjoy crisp graphics, fast processing times, and your setup probably looks good too. However, powerful PCs also have their fair share of disadvantages especially when the user doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Are you possibly overclocking your system? Are you not putting a cap on your in-game framerate?

If you are inadvertently or purposely doing these things, then it’s time to set things straight.

Depending on what monitor, CPU, and GPU you have, set a cap for your Fortnite’s fps. If Vsync is off, 60 fps should be your max. If you have a 60 Hz monitor, you could go as far as 120 fps. If your monitor is 144 Hz, then limit your fps to 140.

Also, always check your CPU temperatures and usage.

Are You Using DirectX 12?

Some players have pointed out how the game becomes unstable after Windows updates. Also, according to the Fortnite Trello board, Directx 12 has been listed as unreliable.

For now, switch back to Directx 11 if you’re currently using Directx 12.

To do this, open the Epic Games launcher. Go to Settings and then Fortnite. Look for the box “Additional Command Line Arguments” and check that box. Input “d3d11”, close the launcher, and re-launch Fortnite.

Doing this could help with some common issues like Fortnite crashing after startup.

You could also try the performance mode of Dx11 if you can’t be bothered to upgrade.

Is There a Problem With Epic Games’ Anti-Cheat?

Gaming platforms like Steam and, in this case, Epic Games have built-in Easy anti-cheat systems to help regulate their games and ensure everyone is playing in a level field.

Sometimes, the anti-cheat system could get wonky and would display errors while you’re in-game. When this happens, there would be a tendency for Fortnite crashing.

Some reasons why the anti-cheat software experiences errors include missing or game files that haven’t been properly integrated, improper installation, and anti-virus software and other programs that are directly messing with the Easy anti-cheat.

To fix Epic Games’ Easy anti-cheat, you have to first look for the Epic Games folder in your C drive. Look for the Fortnite folder then go to the “Fortnite Game”. Click on the following consecutively: binaries, win64, and EasyAntiCheat. Afterwards, click on the “EasyAntiCheat_Setup” and then repair.

Before launching the game, restart the Epic Games client first.


Fortnite itself does not seem to be displaying any optimization issues on its own. Rather, it occasionally experiences some interactions that negatively affect the game. This could be from something as mundane as Epic Games’ launcher or anti-cheat system, or something more serious like your graphics cards or overclocking and temperature issues.

The good news is that this is quite rare and if you’re one of the unfortunate few who experience this, you can easily solve the issues you’re facing.


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