How to Climb the Orange Tower in Hyperscape

The orange tower is the tall structure you can see in the middle when you are in the lobby and waiting for the game to start. You will often see players jump around and parkour around the lobby and some of them will attempt to parkour their way up this tower. This is article will guide you on how to climb the lobby tower in Hyperscape.

Can Anyone Climb the Tower?

Yes. Anyone can climb the tower because it is all down to mechanical skill and nothing else. Some might feel like the players have some sort of jump enhancing skins or equipment but the game does not have any cosmetics that alter the character’s stats.

What Do Players Do Wrong?

Most players will just jump around and look at players climb while they keep sliding down the ledge when they try it. Some people might even try to do player boosts with their teammates or find some invisible or hidden ledge they can land on.

Some might even try to build more momentum by circling the whole lobby parkouring and then jumping for nothing. Players might even try sliding since other FPS games give certain boosts when doing jumps after a slide. None of these matter when you are trying to increase your jump to reach the lobby tower.

Players also do not know that if you jump without moving, you can jump higher than usual. Naturally, players will hold the forward button when trying to jump and reach a place in front of them. This is not the way you do it because you will not be able to reach the ledge by doing that.

Climbing the Lobby Tower

To climb the lobby tower, you will need to position yourself almost at the edge of the platform when beginning to jump. After that, move forward slightly when you do your first jump and make sure you reach the platform horizontally with the first jump.

Now, you have to reach the platform above you. When you do your second jump, make sure you are not pressing any movement keys and you will jump higher than usual. This will let you reach the mantle and eventually get up the platform to reach the top of the lobby tower.


The trick is quite simple and you can easily show it off to your friends where you can reach the lobby tower and see them struggling to do it. This trick also works while you play the game and is definitely an advantage when you find yourself parkouring across buildings and rooftops.

When you get used to the movement in Hyperscape, you will learn to reach more areas by jumping higher. But who knows, you might even need this kind of jump when you see a loot box that could be holding some shiny level 4 hack or weapon but you could not reach the box with just a normal jump. It is nice to get creative sometimes and just knowing that you can jump higher when you do not move laterally will be a great advantage.


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