How to Find The Perfect Hyper Scape Sensitivity: Aim Like a Pro

Ubisoft’s Hyper scape is a futuristic battle royale game where squads battle in a low-gravity metropolis of a dystopian city to capture a golden crown. The game implements many futuristic weapons and hacks to enable players to experience combat as it might be in the 2050’s. 

With a major focus on vertical motion dynamics, the game involves gun battles at high altitudes with players bouncing around from skyscraper rooftops. Since there is such a heavy focus on evasive movement and high-speed opponent chases and getaways, beginners might find it daunting to land shots and secure kills. 

Of course, practice will do players a world of good and improve gameplay. But the age old question for gamers is – what can I do to improve my game overnight? We all chase quick fixes. But is there a small tweak you can make that’ll make big changes in your gameplay? Thankfully, the answer is yes. 

PC gamers rely solely on their mouse to aim and fire. This is a tool that is crucial  but often overlooked. Moving the crosshair to the precise location you are aiming for is integral to good FPS gameplay. You should be comfortable and familiar with how much moving your mouse corresponds to crosshair movement on screen. This is known as mouse sensitivity and might be the biggest setting change you make to improve gameplay. 

Calculating eDpi: 

Most gaming professionals nowadays release their in-game settings so that amateur players can try and mimic their gameplay and hopefully find accurate and comfortable gameplay. To match the sensitivity settings, you need to know how much the eDpi of your setup for a game is. 

The formula is : Dpi * in game sensitivity

Every mouse has Dpi settings. It refers to dots per inch and it is the ratio to which the cursor/crosshair moves on screen with every inch the mouse moves on the mousepad. Most gaming mouses have several Dpi settings. They range from 400 – over 4000. But we suggest you keep it low. As large Dpi values hamper gameplay. 

Most players like Shroud, Hiko, Brax and Ninja have either 400 or 800 as their Dpi setting. This goes to show that high Dpi specs are not necessary. But eDpi is crucial to gameplay settings. It gives you the amount a crosshair will move in game with each inch you move the mouse. 

Find a comfortable eDpi to perform better and rake in kills. 

Use a Sensitivity Converter

A sensitivity converter enables you to use a in-game mouse sensitivity from one game and transfer it to another. This is vital because most games have different numerical values for the same sensitivity setting. For example, a 0.4 sensitivity in valorant is similar to a 7 sensitivity in Hyper Scape. 

Most users on r/hyperscape have found that hyperscape uses the same sensitivity values as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege Six. SO, if you play Siege, use this as a reference when you start a hyper scape game. You can also visit this website where you can convert eDpi’s from a variety of games to hyperscape. 

Test, Test, Test

Use the practice arena and test out your current sensitivity for all the weapons. Tweak it a little until you find one that is familiar or comfortable. Also, you will find targets that you can aim at. So try moving from one target to another to check if the crosshair lands where you want it to. If you overshoot the target, reduce your sensitivity and vice versa. 

Also, the 360 degree test is highly effective in finding a comfortable and accepted gaming standard for fps games. To perform the test, pick up a weapon and aim at a target. Then move your mouse the entire length of your mousepad in one direction. If you find your crosshair rotating around more than 360 degrees past your initial target, your settings are too high. Most professional gamers keep it around a 180-230 degree mark.

Since most engagements are over a mid to long range in Hyper scape, we feel it is better to have lower sensitivity values. This is because the more far away the target, the tougher it to aim with high sensitivities. 

Also, the best practice is match practice. So, get your squad together and try a crown rush game. Test out weapons like the Ripper or Hexfire. These are the most common and powerful weapons in the game. If you are comfortable using them, auto aim weapons like the D-tap will be a breeze to use. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Focus on eDpi as it is far more important than your Dpi value.
  • Use the practice arena to figure out your comfort level with your current settings 
  • If you play RS6, you can use these settings in Hyper Scape. 
  • Perform the 360 degree test. It gives you a rough idea on if your settings are high or low. 
  • Play a few games to get a feel for the weapons. The weapon system is unique and takes time to get used to.
  •  We  suggest a low eDpi setting as most combat is at mid to long range.
  • Use an online converter tool to find accurate values from your other speciality games 


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