How to Parkour in Hyperscape

The most unique thing about Hyperscape is the free rein on mobility as it gives a much faster pace in the gameplay. You are able to parkour your way through buildings and obstacles while trying to kill or escape foes. This article will talk about strategies you can use when parkouring in Hyperscape.

Parkouring in Hyperscape

What makes parkouring in Hyperscape possible is the combination of the speed of the character, the ability to double jump and how there is no fall damage in the game. The way the map is designed like a metropolis also makes it more easier to parkour across hundreds of buildings and rooftops.

Players will usually avoid open areas like roads that split the areas. This is because they will easily get spotted enemies and can get easily be sandwiched when there are multiple squads near your team. Snipers can also take you out with a single shot if you are not careful.

It is best to parkour your way through buildings and rooftops when traversing through the map and avoiding the part of the city that is being deleted.

Benefits of Parkour

While the game is very loud and parkouring in Hyperscape will completely give away your position through your footsteps, there are still numerous benefits you can have by parkouring. The main benefit is obviously avoiding line of sight from enemies. Making sharp turns and going up and down floors will give enemies a hard time securing kills and even make themselves vulnerable to flanks from your teammates or another squad.

Combine it with the use of hacks such as Mines and you might be able to get yourself a kill by luring an enemy to it. When you get low during a fight and your enemy still has a decent amount of HP, the only way to get an advantage will be parkouring out and try to regain your health to re-engage. You can also use the Ball hack while parkouring if you think the enemy is catching up.

If you are the one chasing someone escaping with low HP, the D-Tap will be amazing at picking off enemies trying to parkour through the city who are trying to regain health. It is a common strategy to have multiple D-Taps as secondary weapon in a squad where they can immediately dispose of enemies who get to low HP.

Getting the high ground is always a priority so you can gauge where the squads are and adjust accordingly. Parkouring is one way to get high ground as fast as possible and in a much more discrete way than using a Slam hack.

Parkour Tips and Tricks

Pick up additional hacks that could help your parkouring abilities such as Teleport, Slam and Invisibility. You can also use the Heal hack in a small building room and parkour your way around it if you are getting chased. There are windows in almost every floor where you can just go up through the stairs and jump down a floor through the window and heal again.

You can also use your double jump to reach higher platforms than usual by looking up and moving forward after jumping. You can practice this in the lobby room when climbing the Orange Tower.

When parkouring in buildings, windows and doors are usually blocked by a breakable orange wall. When trying to escape from enemies, you can fake out the enemies by breaking these walls and not going through them and switch directions.

These are loud and can be disrupt the players trying to listen to your footsteps. Follow this up with some loud grenade launchers like the Salvo EPL which has a delayed explosion and can disrupt their audio even more.

Mixing the use of jump pads and sliding can help throw off the enemies even more. There is no fall damage and even mixing hacks like Teleport and Slam can throw them off completely if they do not have the right hacks.


Parkour is easy but hard to master and you will get better in time when you get used to the pace of the game as well as the map. It can be annoying to chase around players who just keep running when they get low and sometimes you need to get better at moving around to secure these kinds of kills.


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