How to Track Invisible Players in Hyperscape

Players who use the Invisibility hack when they are losing a battle can be irritating. It might even be cowardly for some but there are ways you can track these players using the Invisibility hack and deal with them masterfully. This article will aim to teach you how to track invisible players in Hyperscape.

Tracking Players Using the Invisibility Hack

There are only a few ways you can track players that have used an Invisibility hack. The first one is by trying to listen to an audio cue. You will be able to hear the faint sound of air when the invisible enemy is within your area. The radius is around 10 meters so they have to be really close when the audio plays.

This can be effective in small rooms inside buildings who are pretending to escape but instead are just hiding in a corner after using the Invisibility hack. Using the Komodo grenade launcher will be also a great tool in dealing with invisible players. Unlike the Salvo EPL, the Komodo explodes on impact.

This is a great strategy to pinpoint where the invisible enemy is going. Keep track of where he disappeared and follow a path where he might go. Use the Komodo to check if the enemy went in a certain direction by shooting the ground. If you miss, you can safely assume that he went to another direction and start from there.

You will rarely see players use the Invisibility hack offensively so most of the time you will be tracking them down when they are low and the Komodo will be the best way to deal with them. Skybreaker can also work but you have to be smart in choosing where to shoot because you will only have 1 shot to secure the kill. It does pack a bigger punch and a bigger radius as its main advantage.

You can also use the Reveal hack but is not recommended when facing a whole squad. This is because that the Reveal hack works by revealing the direction where the nearest enemy is. It will slow you down when you use it and if the enemy’s teammates are also near, it might reveal them instead.

How to Prevent Being Tracked

To use the Invisibility hack effectively, you should try using it right after you do some sharp maneuvering to keep enemies guessing. You should also time the invisibility when there are multiple directions you can go to and not just a long road with no buildings to enter. It will be easy to trace the enemy when there are only a few directions to go to.

Invisibility might be hard to use when trying to escape enemies in a building. Most of the time, the breakable walls on the windows are not all smashed and it will be hard to parkour your way to safety while invisible.

While it was mentioned before that invisible players emits an air-like sound when there are enemies within 10 meters, you have to avoid getting within that range with enemy players at all times. That means strategies like hiding in corners in small enclosed rooms will not be as effective for experienced players.

Hiding underneath staircases is also a bad strategy to use especially in the late game when most of the players are experienced already. A great strategy to sort of prevent being tracked is sticking to a teammate after using invisibility. This gives you the opportunity to switch the target to your teammate and set up a crossfire or a 2 on 1 situation.

You can even set up a few mines to get an advantage while running around invisible and forcing the enemy to chase you to it. The Mine hack hits for quite a significant damage and will put the enemy reeling if you are being chased while invisible.

Using the Invisibility hack while there are multiple gunfights going on can be another great strategy. You can always enter a fight when you think you will have the advantage after watching 2 other squads go at it. Entering a fight as 3rd party is always about choosing when is the right time to engage because you might find yourself getting sandwiched by both of them.

Try to notice all the hacks and weapons being used by the enemy squads and wait until they are mostly used up or they are extremely low on health. Being invisible with so much noise going on will make it harder for players to notice your presence while invisible. You can even wait until you can sneak up on them while they are looting.


Tracking invisible players can be annoying as it forces players to play more defensively and just counter what enemies throw at you. There are more ways to use the Invisibility hack and it all depends on what type of playstyle your squad wants to play. If the team likes to play more aggressively, you can always use the Invisibility hack as an offensive tool to sneak up on players.


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