Hyper Scape Hack Abilities Overview

Hyper scape – Ubisoft’s battle royale offering is a fast-paced, intense and futuristic first person shooter which offers players an immersive experience of movement combined with combat. This game offers high vertical mobility and great weapons set in cities of the future. 

The game implements interesting elements to spice up the traditional aim down the barrel and fire setup of FPS battle royales. The weapons offered range from long-range grenade launchers to auto aiming pistols that pile on the damage. Along with this, the Echo system offers players who have died in combat to come back as a hologram and scout opponents, gather intel and get a teammate to revive them. 

Much like other battle royale games, this game offers players abilities or ‘hacks’ that help you take your FPS experience to the next level. These in-game hacks help you conquer the linear terrain and out maneuver and outsmart opponents. 

These hacks enable you to move through and dissect the combat landscape better than just traditional aiming skills that standard shooters require. By learning how these hacks work, players can improve their combat and evasion skills almost instantly. This gives you a much higher chance of finding, taking and holding the crown. 

How Many Hack Abilities Are There?

There are nine hack abilities in the game, each designed to shorten your learning curve and assist both attacking and defending in the game. The nine hacks can be divided into attacking and defensive hacks. 

Attacking hacks –

The Slam:

The slam is a hack designed to maximize the impact of vertical movement in the game. You will often find yourself high on rooftops looking down on combat below you. What better way to enter the combat zone but by diving in and smashing into the ground like a Marvel superhero, dealing effective damage to nearby enemies.  


Much like a futuristics grenade, this hack gives you an explosive that zeroes in on nearby enemies and takes off considerable HP from unsuspecting enemies. You can even place them in high traffic points and when an opponent wanders over, boom goes the mine. 


This is very straightforward way to burst through a short distance. This hack gives you the element of surprise during attack and defence. We have earmarked it an attacking ability because the teleportation distance is rather short, which does not give you much distance when getting shot at. But while attacking, most weapons are much more effective close-up and also makes it easier to land headshots. So, use the teleport to close in the distance to a fleeing opponent to finish him off and enjoy the loot. 


Another straightforward hack that tells you where nearby enemies are positioned. Thinking of storming a building? Looking for the opponent with the crown or just trying to better that K/D ratio? This hack is your go-to. Use it to find out the lurkers and take them out with  the element of surprise on your side. 

Defensive Hacks-


This hack allows you to throw down a beacon that allows you and your teammates to regenerate some HP during an intense battle with an opposing squad. Protecting the crown holder? Throw down a heal and stay in the radius to limit the damage and secure the win. This ability gives you a fighting chance when outnumbered. 


Use this hack to gain invisibility for a short duration. This ability is best used when you are cornered and need to get away from a dangerous situation because you cannot attack when invisible. You cannot use the invisibility to launch an attack, but use it defensively to rotate or get away from sticky situations.  


Much like the Fortnite wall, the wall in Hyper scape serves a defensive purpose. This hack enables users to stack up walls and get up on vantage points to snipe or just block out enemy fire for a duration until you regroup. It can also give you good jiggle peek points. The walls are not permanent but they are pretty robust and can give you enough time to reload or heal before you re-engage. 


The game has no shields or armour throughout. But this hack makes you invincible for a short duration. This hack is very useful when you are holding the crown or your teammate has it. It can make you immune to enemy fire, giving you a chance to land some serious damage.  


This hack is extremely fun to use. Imagine you are under heavy fire and you just turn into a strong steel bouncing ball and hop away! This ability is pretty long lasting and you can use it to scout, rotate, move around quickly or distract opponents. The possibilities are endless and it is extremely intuitive to use. 

How Do Hack Abilities Work

Every player has two hack slots at the beginning of the game. Like any battle royale, you look for hacks to fill these slots. The game has a fusion system to upgrade weapons and it is the same for hacks too. When you first pick them up, they are in the base stage. Find more of the same hack and you can upgrade. 

There are four fusion stages available and you can upgrade your hack abilities 4 times. With each upgrade, the cooldown period decreases. This means that you can use the hacks more often and they last longer. This makes it crucial for you to try and get them to the gold or final fusion state. 

This gives you immense flexibility and combat upgrades to really improve your game. Remember, the hack abilities are crucial to the gameplay and the faster you familiarize yourself with them the better you will perform. 


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