Hyperscape Echo System vs Warzone Gulag: How They Compare

Hyperscape, Ubisoft’s battle royale game is exciting and fun to play. With a focus on futuristic warfare, the game takes players through skyscrapers and jump pads, propelling them to new heights in FPS combat. 

The main objective of the game is to find, take and hold the golden crown for 45 seconds. The catch is that if you are holding the crown, opponents know exactly where you are and the floodgates open as opponents jump and fly towards you. Hold the crown for 45 seconds against this onslaught and you take home the win. 

The main issue that players face in team battle-royale games is dying early. Especially in a movement heavy game with a futuristic weapon system like Hyperscape, you might find yourself on the losing side early on. 

The initial frenzy to fuse weapons together might cause players to over commit and find themselves amidst a sky-high battle atop huge buildings. There is little chance for escape. These thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled encounters have huge payouts but could lead to early deaths. But, Ubisoft has you covered.

The all new Echo system is a great addition to the game to counter this problem. Apex Legends and Fortnite have a respawn feature. COD took this a step further and introduced the Gulag, which took the gaming world by storm. Next in line of awesome post-death game additions is the Echo, which might be even better than the Gulag.  

What Is the Hyperscape Echo System? 

Hyperscape, much like other battle royale’s, has introduced this feature to counter player frustration during squad battles. Watching your teammates progress without you is no fun and the Echo system gives you a chance to fight again. Another chance to team up and kill opponents in the quest for the golden crown. 

Being a futuristic game set in 2054, Hyperscape has a memory Echo. When you are killed, you become a hologram. You can run around the game as a translucent version of your avatar and talk to your teammates and spot enemies. But everytime you die, you lose all your weapons and cannot attack opponents as an echo

Once you die, you need to find a restore point closest to a teammate. When you reach a restore point, your memory is uploaded, allowing a teammate to come and revive you. But remember, once you are revived, you lose all weapons you had. So choose a restore point far away from enemies. We suggest you scout the surroundings a bit and warn your teammates of any potential battles before they revive you so they can cover you while you forage again.

Hyperscape Echo System vs COD Warzone Gulag

In COD, you are sent to the gulag where you wait for a 1vs 1 battle. If you win this, you are restored back into the game. This mode is very popular and allows for a little mini-game type combat scenario where you duel another recently eliminated opponent. 

This has gained a lot of fame on internet game forums and become a meme due to the popularity of the COD franchise. But there are limitations to this revival mode. 

The gulag happens below the play area of the game and is active only for a limited number of revivals. Players who are alive can influence the gulag fights by throwing rocks but it is often a risky move as opponents can capitalize on this distraction. 

Also, you are given random weapons in the gulag – usually an automatic rifle (after the latest update).If you are an M4A1 user and are handed an AK-47 or a RAM-7, you have to adapt your gameplay to the new weapon very quickly. This adjustment often costs your life as the opponent pounces on the split second advantage. The gulag map is very limited and forces immediate engagement, making this a high stakes battle

Whereas in Hyperscape, when you are killed and become an Echo, you have the mobility advantage of staying in the field of play. This makes you a silent participant in the game, giving you an advantage of scouting out enemy hideouts for your team and then choosing a restore point close to your rushing team, giving them time to revive you and the advantage of having you back in the team. 

Even though you spawn back weaponless, the stashes are abundant in the game and usually, you can arm yourself with a full loadout and hacks within a minute. Then, using the intel you gathered as an echo, you can lead your team to the opponent, giving you the element of surprise in forthcoming engagements. 

This makes the echo system more involved and engaging addition. The fact that you are still in the game, watching all the action unfold keeps you in the in-game happenings, unlike the gulag. There, you have no idea of any engagements and enemy positions and are revived blindly, which is often a huge disadvantage. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Dying in Hyperscpae does not mean you are out of the game
  • You become an Echo who can run through the game looking for revival points 
  • Scout enemy locations as an echo and intimate teammates 
  • Can strategize the outcome of the game even when you are an echo 
  • You wait for a teammate to revive you and can rejoin the game
  • Does not take cost you credits or in-game currency like in Apex legends
  • Creates a fair starting off point for players killed in battle 
  • Parallel to the futuristic nature of the game 


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