What’s the Best AR in Hyper Scape? Ripper vs Hexfire

Battle Royale games usually become a battle of weapons. When players scrounge the map for weapons, they make snap decisions on their loadout and this decides the outcome of battles, the style of play and engagement range with the enemy. 

Most players in FPS games go with a rifle with a heavy damage short-range weapon. Rifles are extremely robust and adaptable weapons that are effective in a range of situations. They deal heavy damage, have predictable recoil patterns and can take out enemies from surprisingly far away distances. This makes them the most popular weapon choice for gamers. 

Ubisoft’s Hyperscape is a futuristic take on the game mode and combines extreme lateral movements with a range of different weapons. The game environment and weapon functions make the game extremely fun to play. If you are looking for the best rifle to fill your primary weapon slot, look no further. We will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of The Ripper and Hexfire to help you get those kills and snatch the golden crown. 

Ripper vs Hexfire

These two weapons closely resemble the form and function of traditional weapons from other FPS games. Since the launch, these two weapons have become the most popular amongst players. 

The Ripper: 

The only true assault rifle in the game, the Ripper is an extremely versatile weapon that is sure to get you plenty of kills. Armed with a futuristic take on traditional AR weapons, the Ripper is great for those who spray and tap alike. The weapon is lethal in mid to long range duels which is very important in the game. Since there is such a heavy reliance on movement in the game, most gun fights happen at a distance. 

The gun, at its base state has a 23 bullet magazine and deals 11 HP damage to the body and 16 HP from a headshot. The fusion system in the game means this can be upgraded 4 times. The first three upgrades give the weapon a magazine capacity boost. The fourth and final fusion gives the weapon a 36 bullet magazine and a 16/18 damage to the body and head respectively. 

The weapon is most similar to the Phantom in Valorant of the 301 Carbine in Apex Legends. With a moderate fire-rate and controllable recoil, it serves as a highly tactical AR that is adaptable to a variety of strategies. This weapon will be preferred by the best fraggers in the game who already love playing traditional AR roles in games like Fortinite or Apex Legends. 

The Hexfire: 

This weapon is the more non-traditional assault rifle option in the game. The gun looks and fires like a gatling gun. But the futuristic nature of the game means it is not as clunky or inaccurate. The gun fires in a very accurate straight line at targets that are close by and is rather efficient at dealing damage at short range. But the bullets tend to deviate when aiming at targets far away. 

Being a gatling gun, this weapon has a tremendous fire rate. You can overwhelm opponents with a wave of metallic projectiles. You don’t have to be very accurate at close range as you can land plenty of shots while strafe firing or spraying. The gun has a low damage dealt per bullet but the fire rate more than makes up for it. Each bullet causes 5 HP damage and it takes 24 bullets to kill an opponent. 

The gun has a magazine capacity of 180 which increases with each fusion and gives you a whopping 270 bullets after the fourth upgrade. This reduces the need to reload and a mag-dump is practically impossible. 

How to Decide Between The Two

The two guns perform very differently in the game. This makes them both very popular for different types of players. So, your choice in the end will depend on your gameplay. 

Most newbies will prefer the Hexfire because of its extreme popularity. In fact, Ubisoft recently nerfed the weapon. This is because of user reports of it being overpowered. Most players could deal significant damage without having to reload and chase fleeing enemies down with a stream of bullets with no heed paid to landing accurate headshots. 

The Ripper on the other hand is a solid AR that performs efficiently across a variety of scenarios. Surrounded by opponents? Holding down the crown? Camping in a high foot traffic zone or jumping around rooftops looking for lurkers? The Ripper is highly efficient in all these scenarios. The gun is the most accurate weapon in the game. Most experienced FPS players will gravitate towards this weapon because of its versatility and high damage per bullet. 

The beauty of the Ripper is that when combined with an auto-aim weapon like the D-tap, it becomes a lethal combination. The weapon forces you to strategize and not burst into buildings opening fire at anything that moves. In the end, it helps you improve your game. 

The Hexfire is extremely fun to use and guarantees kills. For the more amateur thrill seekers looking to explore a new type of battle royale game, we suggest you try out the Hexfire. It is a guaranteed fun weapon and gives you a fighting chance even against highly experienced players. 


-Ripper is a traditional rifle similar to rifles in other battle royale games

-The Hexfire is great to cause heavy damage in close range or chase down wounded opponents.

-The game allows for a variety of gameplay strategies and both weapons are excellent and popular choices

-Beginners will favor the Hexfire due to it ease of use

-The Ripper allows for tactical play and combined with other weapons, gives you a great loadout 

-Consistent headshots with a fully fusioned Ripper is a sure way to land kills

-Try out both weapons and see which one suits your game play style


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