What’s the Best Pistol in Hyper Scape? D-Tap vs Riot One

Hyperscape is the battle royale game launched by Ubisoft. Set in the conceptualized metropolises of the 2050s, the game offers players a combat experience like never before. With futuristic weapons, hacks and dynamic multi-axis movement, gamers will have a blast flying around skyscrapers and shooting enemies. 

Because the game is set in the future, the weapon function, design and abilities are all completely new. Hyperscape does not follow the traditional weapon designs of other battle royale or FPS games. The game gives users an opportunity to play with and experience futuristic weapons in a battle royale format. 

There are no guns that are similar to the CS:GO M4 rifle or the AK-47 and the shotguns and grenade launchers function very differently to what a gamer’s traditional idea of these weapons might be. But the internet has been set alight by the potential of the pistols in this game. 

Pistols are time-tested weapons and most games have pistols that are less powerful than rifles but carry a lot of versatility. These sidearm weapons with lower fire rates offer you more time to aim and fire rather than spray at the enemy. Hyperscape is no different, you get to holster two weapons, and one is a sidearm. Being a compulsory pick, the game offers players two very different pistols to choose from.

D-Tap vs Riot One

D-Tap and Riot One are the two pistols in the game. At the very least, they are the only two that share similarities in design to the conventional pistols we see now. These two guns are very different in their function, style and how players use them in-game. Here, we will look at the damage differences the two pistols offer, when and how you can use them and what style of play suits each. 

The game has a fusion system to upgrade weapons you pick up. Though magazine sixes and damage change with higher fusion levels, the functionality of the two weapons does vary. And this is where the two weapons differ the most. 

The most striking feature of the Riot One is the revolver like fire rate and damage it causes. Much like a Desert Eagle in other games, it is the powerful pistol option and it is capable of more damage than the in-game rifle. One more interesting point about the Riot One is that you can Aim Down Sights (ADS) with it. Unlike most other FPS games where you have to hip fire with pistols, the Riot One offers increased accuracy in the game because of the heavy lateral movements and hard-to-hit nature of targets.  

D-Tap is the second pistol which performs more like a USP in CS:GO. It has a faster fire rate than the Riot One and also has an auto-aim feature. Around the crosshair, there is a large target square. If an enemy is present in this target square, the bullet curves into them. This feature is considered by many as overpowered but it is in-tandem with the futuristic nature of the game where a homing bullet could be a possibility. 

Damage and Clip Size Difference Between the D-Tap and Riot One

The two pistols are very varied in their mag size and damage. The D-Tap has a base magazine size of 15 bullets when you pick it up dealing 5 damage to the opponent. With the three subsequent fusions, the damage remains the same but the final fusion gives it an increase to 6 HP damage dealt. The clip size rises progressively to 17, 18, 20 and 23 with each upgrade. 

The Riot One is the high damage pistol. When bullets hit the body, the Riot One deals a 26 HP damage, increasing to 29, 31, 34, and 38 with subsequent fusions. Head damage dealt increases from 39 to 43, 46, 51 and 57 with fusions. The clip size remains at 6 throughout because of the revolver-like design. 

Many internet forums for Hyperscape have discussions on it being over powered because of the sheer damage it deals per bullet compared to other guns. But, with the fast, erratic player movement, it is not easy to land clean shots for a beginner. After a period of adjustment to the in-game movements, the Riot One becomes very effective. 

Tips and Takeaways:

  • The Riot One plays like a revolver with high damage and low clip size. 
  • The D-Tap has an auto aim feature which means you can land consistently on an opponent in sight 
  • The D-Tap is a good closing weapon when you defend the crown
  • The Riot One is an enforcer type weapon to get early kills
  • Riot One has ADS which is far superior to hip firing 
  • D-Tap is a good beginner weapon to use while learning game basics 
  • Upgrade Riot One to get maximum damage


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