How to Get the Sunrise Key in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is a game that’s full of secrets. There are secret items, secret characters, secret locations, and even secret skill trees. It’s a game that rewards curious players, and I’ve been having a heap of fun uncovering surprises as I play.

Usually, games leave secret locations and hidden bosses to the later stages, in order to attract the more experienced players. Sparks of Hope makes secret locations available right from the get go, though. The first zone in the game, Beacon Beach, has a secret zone that you can access with the right key.

In this guide, I’ll be taking a look at how to get the Sunrise Key in Sparks of Hope, what happens in the Beacon Beach secret zone, and the reward that you can get from beating this particular secret zone with your team.

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How to Get the Sunrise Key in Sparks of Hope

The Sunrise Key unlocks a secret area in Beacon Beach. This secret zone is the home of one of the most interesting Sparks in the game, named Screech. To get to this zone and unlock it, you’re going to need to have 7 Planet Coins.

Planet Coins are one of the key types of currencies in this game. In order to get Planet Coins in Sparks of Hope, you’ll need to complete side quests, complete puzzles, and keep an eye out for treasures as you’re adventuring through the world.

Once you have 7 Planet Coins, head to your nearest Salesbot vendor.

You’ll be able to purchase the Sunrise Key from any of the Salesbot vendors, and it will appear in your regular inventory.

Where to Use the Sunrise Key

Once you’ve purchased the Sunrise Key, the secret zone in Beacon Beach will unlock in your game and you’ll be able to see the yellow icon on the map, as shown in the screenshot below.

Attach a pin to this location, and head on over.

It’s on the lower level near the water, so you’ll need to jump down from the village area. There will be a colorful door which you will be able to interact with and use the key on. This will take you into Beacon Beach’s secret area.

Here, you’ll find a vibrant, blocky level with lots of decently high level foes.

Your aim is to get past them (or defeat them, depending on whether you feel like being stealthy or not) and reach the Spark at the top of the level. It is possible to sneak or run past the enemies, but you can take them on in a battle if needed, too. If they’re too tricky for you to take down, consider checking out the different difficulty levels in Sparks of Hope.

There is a gate in front of the Spark that you’ll need to unlock. One level down from the gate, you’ll find a triangle shaped key that you can insert into a nearby black and green pod. This will unlock the gate.

Once you have unlocked the gate, you can climb the ladder and meet the Spark at the top of the tower, who is named Screech. Screech is an exceptional Spark to have on your team, as their ability ‘Whoopsgottago’ repels enemies from your position during a battle.

As with other Sparks, Screech has more abilities that you can unlock. Make sure to check out how to upgrade your Sparks in Sparks of Hope in order to make the most out of the newest member of your team.


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