How to Heal in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

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One of the best things about Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the variety of moves and Techniques that the Heroes have.

Knowing how to heal in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is essential if you’re playing through the game, especially if you’re playing it on a higher difficulty level. There are multiple ways to heal in the game, but they’re not all immediately obvious.

Some of them are tied to Sparks that you’ll need to unlock in the later game, too. This article does cover Sparks in the later sections, but I’ve kept it as spoiler-free as possible for those who haven’t hit the final stages of the game yet.

To help you keep your Heroes alive, I’ve put together this Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope healing guide, including ways to heal inside of battles and outside of battles.

Here’s how to heal in Sparks of Hope. Did I miss any of your favorite techniques? Feel free to let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

How to Heal Outside of Battles

If you’re looking to heal your team in Sparks of Hope, there’s plenty of quick and easy ways to do so. However, there’s only one way that you can do it when you’re not in a battle. Unfortunately, you can’t use healing items or Techniques outside of a battle.

Press the down button on your Switch D-Pad in order to access the healing function. Here, you’ll be able to heal your entire team for a small amount of coins.

This function is also available right before you head into a battle, and it’s worth doing if you know that you’re about to go into a pretty tricky battle or side quest.

If you’re struggling to afford these healing sessions between battles, there’s a few easy ways to get more coins in Sparks of Hope. Keep an eye out for interactive items that drop coins throughout the world, like trees or breakable rocks, and make sure to check out any side quests or coin challenges that you come across.

How to Heal in Battles

There’s a few great ways to keep your team in good condition when you’re in the middle of a battle in Sparks of Hope. I’d recommend using a mixture of different techniques, to make the most out of your Heroes and their abilities.

If you’re really struggling with a particular battle or section of the game, why not take a look at changing the difficulty level in Sparks of Hope? There are plenty of ways to alter the game to suit your preferences, and you can even build your own custom difficulty level.

I’d also suggest checking out the HP Chill Out ability, which you can find in every Hero health skill tree. This ability dictates how much health a Hero recovers after every battle.

There are also the Extra Health and Health Sponge abilities, which add on to a Hero’s max health and boost how much healing a Hero can receive respectively.

Use Rabbid Peach’s Abilities

The only designated healing character in the game at the time of writing is Rabbid Peach. Rabbid Peach is a combat healer, and she’s got some wonderful abilities that you can use during battles to keep your Heroes in top condition.


Rabbid Peach has a main healing Technique, known simply as Heal. This is a widespread heal that can benefit both her and the other Heroes on the battlefield. It does have a limited range at first, but there are a number of ways that you can upgrade this Technique in the skill tree.

I’d personally recommend checking out the final upgrade in the skill tree that looks at emergency heals for Heroes under 30% HP. This can be a lifesaver.

Healing Jump

Being able to Team Jump in Sparks of Hope is one thing, but did you know that Rabbid Peach can heal while doing this? Healing Jump is one of the moves that you can find in her movement skill tree, and I’d highly recommend getting it as soon as possible.

There are two sections for the Healing Jump in the movement skill tree. There’s the initial Healing Jump, and then a Healing Jump boost which adds more power to it.

Life Trade

Rabbid Peach has a healing ability associated with one of her combat abilities. If you check out the final option in her weapon skill tree, you’ll find an ability called Life Trade.

Put simply, Life Trade heals Rabbid Peach for 20% when she defeats an enemy with her Triple-Troll attack. This is her regular combat move, so it’s a handy skill to have.

Use a Mushroom

One of the most important items to find in Sparks of Hope is Super Mushrooms.

Super Mushrooms restore 30% health to a Hero during battle. They’re very handy items to have on you, and you can get them by either shopping at a Salesbot vendor stall or stumbling across them in the main worlds.

Use Healing Spark Abilities

This section will be more relevant for those in the later stages of the game, as the Sparks listed here are not available immediately.

While most Sparks in the game have abilities that either boost Hero power, protect Heroes, or deal damage to enemies, there are some that have purely healing abilities. They’re not as common, but if you can get them, they’re absolutely worth having.

Make sure that you upgrade your Sparks wherever possible, to maximize their power.

Regenesis Spark

Regenesis is a Spark that you can find in the second section of the game, Pristine Peaks. In order to have this Spark join your team, you’ll need to complete the main story quest Cold Mouth of the Mountain and then complete the side quest Hide N’ Squeak.

Regenesis has a main ability known simply as Regen. This will heal Heroes for two turns in a row, for 20% of their total health.

There’s also a passive healing ability to be aware of here, known as Healing Booster. This passive ability simply boosts Hero max HP. This is a super useful ability to have, especially for the main campaign battles and trickier side quests.

Pulser Spark

Pulser is a healing Spark that you can get from the main story, in the Terra Flora zone.

Pulser has a main ability known as Revive, which brings fallen Heroes back to life with 30% of their health. The Hero that has Pulser equipped during battle will also receive a boost to any healing that they receive during said battle.

Upgrading Pulser will increase the amount of health that Heroes come back to life with, and will increase the amount of boosted healing that the Hero with Pulser receives.

Vampastra Spark

Vampastra is a Spark that you can get from the Palette Prime zone. To get this Spark, you’ll need to complete the Bury the Hatchet side quest.

Vampastra isn’t technically a healing Spark, but there is a powerful life-steal ability that you can get from having this Spark on your team.

Vampastra’s main ability is Vamp Attack, which means that each weapons-based attack deals 120% damage to enemies and restores 30% health to the Hero with Vampastra equipped.


Gargantu-Fan is a Spark that you can get via the main story in the Barrendale Mesa zone.

This Spark’s main ability is not relevant to healing, but it has a strong passive ability that acts as a healing booster.

Squashette Master

Squashette Master is a Spark with a great passive healing ability that you can get from clearing the secret zone in Barrendale Mesa.

Squashette Master’s main ability is not a healing move, but it has a powerful healing amplifier as a passive ability.


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