How to Stomp in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

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One of the most important things to do in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is to plan your moves carefully in a battle. When you fire a weapon in Sparks of Hope you can’t move around the map until your next turn, so it’s important to choose your moment wisely.

There are some great moves available in the game to help with your mobility and range, though. Being able to perform a Stomp in Sparks of Hope is a great way to gain an advantage over an enemy and make the most out of a Team Jump, too.

Put simply, a Stomp is an aerial move that causes damage. While you’re airborne during a Team Jump, you can Stomp down when you are above an enemy.

It’s not immediately obvious how to Stomp, though. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to Stomp in Sparks of Hope, with some information on which Heroes can stomp and how to perform the move effectively when you’re in a battle.

Who Can Stomp in Sparks of Hope?

Firstly, it’s important to note that not every Hero can perform a Stomp. While every Hero can Team Jump in Sparks of Hope, Stomps are not available for every character.

In fact, only one character can Stomp. Mario is the only character in the game who has the Stomp ability in his skill tree.

If you don’t have the Stomp ability unlocked yet, open up the Hero menu by hitting the Y button and tab over to the Heroes section.

Select Mario, then head to the movement skill tree.

Stomp is the second icon from the bottom, with an icon that looks like a big arrow pointing downwards. It’s worth getting, especially if Mario is usually on your team.

How to Stomp Effectively in Sparks of Hope

To perform a Stomp in a battle, you’ll need to be airborne first. Take a look at your nearby foes, and pick your location. Take Mario over to a nearby Hero, and Team Jump from there.

While you’re in the air, travel over to the nearest enemy. Use the shadow below your Hero (it’s circular) to line up where you’re going to land, and make sure that you’re directly above the character you want to stomp on.

When you’ve lined it up properly, the prompt to Stomp will appear. Hit the A button and Mario will Stomp on the enemy below him.

Make sure that you’ve checked for nearby cover and other foes when you want to Stomp so that you don’t get stuck out in the open.

There’s an extra ability in Mario’s skill tree that allows him to continue Gliding after Stomping. This is a worthwhile pick if you find yourself Stomping in battles often.

There’s an option to add an extra Stomp, too. You can find this option right at the top of the movement skill tree.

Making the most out of moves like Stomps is a great way to get an advantage over an enemy or to gain the upper hand in a particularly tricky battle. If you’re really struggling with a particular battle, though, why not look at changing the difficulty level in Sparks of Hope? You can set a custom difficulty level to fit your preferences.

How to Perform a Healing Jump

While Mario is the only character who can Stomp in Sparks of Hope, there are other great movement-based moves that other Heroes can perform.

One of the most interesting ones Is Rabbid Peach’s Healing Jump. This move ties into regular Team Jumps, and is very easy to pull off in a battle. You can find the ability in the movement skill tree as shown below.

Healing Jumps heal allies for 5% when Rabbid Peach lands near them. Simply Team Jump like normal, and make sure that you land next to your allies in order to pull this move off successfully. It’s a great way to keep your Heroes topped up during a tricky battle.


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