Why Does Minecraft Keep Crashing?

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Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game. There is no doubt about it. From children to adult players, almost everybody has definitely heard of or played Minecraft.

At first glance it would seem like Minecraft has a simple game design that wouldn’t be a problem for most PCs and devices.

However, some players have been posting on online boards, asking why Minecraft keeps crashing. This has been going on ever since its release. The good thing is that the issues always seem specific which also means that the solutions are easily identifiable.

In this article, we have scoured the internet for the best solutions concerning your Minecraft crashing issues.

Does Your PC Have the Minimum Requirements for Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredibly deceptive game. If you think this sandbox block-building game can run on the simplest computers, think again.

Let’s just say, if you create a gaming PC with Minecraft as your reference game, you can probably run most esports titles with it. So, check your system, and if it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, then you’re probably better off playing the game on a mobile device.

Minimum System Requirements for Minecraft

CPU: Intel Core i3-3210, AMD A8-7600

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000, AMD Radeon R5 Series, Nvidia GeForce 400 series, AMD Radeon HD 7000 series


Storage: At least 1 GB of free space

Operating System: Windows 7

Is Discord Running in the Background?

Discord has a lot of Minecraft servers that are probably essential to your gaming. You might also be a part of a Minecraft community in the popular communication platform that has long been identified with video gaming.

There are a lot of helpful communities in Discord and it is also a seamless way for you to communicate with your friends while all of you are playing games.

With that said, if you are using the Java Minecraft version, there are some incompatible apps with the game. Unfortunately, this includes Discord.

You have to completely close Discord before you run Minecraft. A sure way to do this is by closing the app through the Task Manager if you don’t want to risk Minecraft crashing after startup.

Are You Playing on Full Screen?

Sometimes, the random details on the side, or seeing the Windows taskbar can be a distraction while playing. There are a lot of players who prefer playing on full screen and you might be one of them.

Yes, playing on full screen has been identified as one of the causes of Minecraft crashing.

Obviously, the easiest way to solve the issue is by simply disabling full-screen mode. Don’t worry, though. There is another way where you don’t have to sacrifice your visual sanity.

Usually, when the display is the issue, it all points towards the graphics card.

If you have an Nvidia card, go to the Nvidia control panel then go to the Adjust Desktop Size and Position. Uncheck the “Override the Scaling Mode Set by Games and Programs”.

Is Your Java Updated?

There are a lot of Minecraft editions and you might be playing one of the most popular ones, which is the Minecraft Java. It is widely available on major operating systems through the Minecraft Java Launcher. It also happens to be the original Minecraft that Mojang Studios created.

Obviously, the Java edition needs JavaScript to run, but the version of Java that you have on your computer must be supported by your OS, which could either be 32-Bit or 64-Bit. (Though, 32-Bit operating systems are rare nowadays)

Apart from the OS support, depending on the type of Minecraft Java version that you have (of which there are 18), you should also have the correct or updated version of JavaScript.

For example, if you have Minecraft Java Edition 1.17 and higher, the minimum JavaScript must be Java 16.

Upgrading your JavaScript is pretty easy. Just go to the JDK website and click on the GA releases for the latest version download.

Is Your RAM for Minecraft Optimized?

Despite its relative simplicity, Minecraft takes up a lot of RAM in order to run. Since it is a sandbox game, there are times when you will have a lot of units.

Now, we know the minimum RAM requirement for the game is 2 GB, but obviously it’s just a minimum requirement to run the game; not run the game well.

If you only have 2 GB RAM, you may want to consider adding more.

If you already have pretty good RAM, somewhere between 4 GB to 8 GB, but you’re still experiencing RAM fluctuations, you definitely have to do RAM allocating techniques for Minecraft servers.

Apart from allocating RAM, you may also want to check your PSU. If your RAM isn’t carrying the load of the game and it’s being loaded to the GPU, then there is a chance that the supply voltage might dip.

It’s pretty obvious if this is the issue because apart from Minecraft crashing, you might get blue screens or odd noises inside your casing.

If this is happening, get a new power supply to prevent Minecraft from crashing.

Additionally if you are keeping multiple chunks loaded or have too many entities on screen, consider removing them.

Entities, such as a flock of chickens, can simply be killed. Chunks can be unloaded by changing your FOV settings or removing items that are keeping them loaded.

Are Your Graphics Card Drivers Updated?

Apart from the fullscreen issue, having GPU drivers that aren’t updated has also been identified by Mojang Studios themselves as a culprit.

If you are getting the specific message below when Minecraft crashes, then it is highly likely that the issue is your graphics card driver.

Always update your graphics card drivers, no matter what the brand of your GPU is. It’s actually pretty easy. It also helps with other games.

For Nvidia GPUs, simply go to the control panel of Nvidia and you will see a big update button at the upper right-hand corner of the window. If your drivers need updating, it will be in green.

Are You Using Mods?

After using Minecraft mods for a long time, you’re probably wondering why it could now be the cause of your issues.

The reason is simple, really. Minecraft always has new patches released to update the game and also address bugs. Sometimes, mods can be negatively affected by these updates.

The first way to address this is by uninstalling the mods and updating them. Mods release new patches and versions all the time to remain compatible.

If updating the mod doesn’t help, then it may be better to stick to vanilla Minecraft.

The second way is if there is a specific key that makes the game crash, then you should change your game controls. You probably have a feature for that specific key and it is now causing Minecraft to crash after startup. Remove that key mod.


Minecraft has some pretty specific requirements that you won’t really find in other games (i.e. updated JavaScript). If Minecraft keeps crashing for you, you don’t have to worry because it can be easy to identify.

Also, don’t ever underestimate the capacity of Minecraft to take up a lot of resources on your PC.


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