Best Tips and Tricks For Phasmophobia – Advanced Guide

This mega guide will aim towards teaching you the advanced mechanics you need to know to be more efficient in investigating what type of ghost you are dealing with. There will also be an advanced cheat sheet for you to look up so you do not have to flip pages through the journal to be faster.

Phasmophobia Journal Cheat Sheet

Ghost TypeEvidence #1Evidence #2Evidence #3Other Things That Can Confirm the Ghost Type
SpiritSpirit BoxFingerprintsGhost Writing
WraithFingerprintsFreezing TemperaturesSpirit BoxTravels through walls
PhantomEMF Level 5Ghost OrbFreezing Temperatures
PoltergeistSpirit BoxFingerprintsGhost OrbMoves multiple items or opens and closes multiple doors at the same time
BansheeEMF Level 5FingerprintsFreezing Temperatures
JinnSpirit BoxGhost OrbEMF Level 5
MareSpirit BoxGhost OrbFreezing Temperatures
RevenantEMF Level 5FingerprintsGhost Writing
ShadeEMF Level 5Ghost OrbGhost Writing
DemonSpirit BoxGhost WritingFreezing TemperaturesAsking a question that is answered by the Ouija Board will not lower the player’s sanity which can be checked in the van on multiplayer while it is happening
YureiGhost OrbGhost WritingFreezing Temperatures
OniEMF Level 5Spirit BoxGhost Writing

Your main objective every game should be identifying what kind of ghost type you are dealing with. You should rarely focus on optional objectives in the early game and you should think about it after you have your setup ready anyway.

This will be your all-in-one journal for gathering evidences including things you can look out for to quickly confirm which ghost type you are dealing with because some of them have key giveaways where they can be immediately identified even without the evidences listed.

If you have at least two evidences, you should write them down and deduce the things you need to investigate on. If you already confirmed that it is spirit box and EMF level 5, your only choices are Oni and Jinn. So you will only need to check for ghost writing and ghost orb to confirm instead of everything else.

All the Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Calling the ghost’s name

The ghost’s name can be found written on the whiteboard at the start. Calling out the ghost will anger it and raise its activity level. This is a great way to induce the ghost into communicating with you on the spirit box. Try calling out its name before asking a question on the spirit box and it might take a few tries to confirm it.

You can also call out the ghost’s name if you want to anger it and let it start the “hunting” phase. Make sure you know where the location of the ghost is and where to run. You can lure the ghost to a crucifix and stop the hunt immediately. This is also a common optional objective.

If you have no reason at all to call the ghost’s name, avoid using it all times. If the ghost you are dealing with is a demon, it can start hunting early even if you still have a decent amount of sanity.

Spirit box in the early stages

Most players are afraid of communicating with the ghost but it is not that dangerous as you might think. The spirit box only confirms that the ghost is near your current vicinity and the ghost can even respond if the two rooms you are in are close to each other.

It is perfectly safe to communicate to the ghost with your sanity still high. You can leave the spirit box on the floor and still speak to it. The spirit box also does not work if the lights are on and you are trying to communicate through it. Make sure to turn off the lights before talking to the ghost.

Use the smudge sticks to help get more evidence

To use the smudge sticks, you need to have a lit-up lighter or candle in your inventory and a smudge stick on hand. Press “F” to light the smudge stick and enter the ghost’s location and throw it inside. This will prevent the ghost from entering the hunt phase for 90 seconds (180 seconds if it is a Spirit). You can also use the smudge stick when the ghost starts hunting and it will cause the ghost to stop for 6 seconds before returning to hunt again.

If you still want to see more evidences in the room and the ghost just keeps hunting when you go near it, use a smudge stick and throw it into the ghost’s location. You can check for ghost writing and freezing temperature since both of these sometimes get missed a lot because you need to increase activity for it to show up especially the freezing temperature.

In most cases, freezing temperatures can be seen immediately but you can never rule it out early if the ghost’s location is just hovering around 1 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Avoid using local voice chat on hunts

The ghost somehow listens to your local voice chat while playing. During hunts, just remain silent at all times. It tends to chase noises and it also depends on the type of ghost. If this is a banshee, it will not matter at all since the banshee already has a set target to kill.

Unique video camera spots

You can put the video camera on shelves and other high places so you can get a better view even without the use of a tripod. There is also a trick where you can use the tripod outside the house and aim it towards the window. As long as it is the ghost’s room, it will be the safest way to set up the video camera.

Using the lights

When you start exploring areas like the high school or the asylum, you need to be efficient on which light switches to turn on. Even if you are brave, you should open lights when exploring because it reduces your sanity drain. You just need to remember to switch it off if you are finished investigating that particular room.

Sound sensors on large maps

This is the best way to track a ghost’s location in a large haunted map like the high school or asylum. You need to use sound sensors and have it cover a large area of the map. Once you have the sound sensors, ask for the ghost to give you a sign and have someone monitor the van for sounds.

The sound sensors will appear on the map inside the van. You will be able to see its whole coverage and having multiple sensors will help you look for the ghost in larger areas by tracking them in the van through sound.

Ouija Board for hunting the ghost

The Ouija Board can help you locate the ghost’s exact location just by asking it. As long as you are efficient with your questions like asking “Where are you?”, you can pinpoint where the exact location of the ghost is, assuming that it responds. You can learn more about the Ouija Board here.

Crucifix usage

To use the crucifix, you need to throw it on the floor or it will not work. Once it is on the floor, it will have a 3-meter radius where it will prevent the ghost from hunting or stop the ghost on its hunting phase. The crucifix has only two uses and once it stops the ghost from hunting twice, it will be used up and be rendered useless.

Throw all your equipment at the entrance

To be more efficient, you can save time from going back and forth from the van and the building by throwing everything near the entrance at the start. This will save you time for the setup phase on intermediate and amateur difficulty. In professional difficulty, it will save you time in general. You will not lose all of these equipment as long as you do not die.

Utilize all the cameras

You can check the cameras early in the game to check for ghost orbs. Since ghost orbs can already be seen from start to finish, you can try to check for it immediately. For places such as the high school or asylum, you can check for ghost orbs with all the cameras available. Once you see the ghost orb, that is already a fast confirmed evidence and you can check around that area because the ghost will most likely be there.

Fingerprint checking

Fingerprints will not show on the light switches if it just flickers. It will also not show up on the fuse box if the ghost decides to turn it off. Footprints will not count as a fingerprint evidence. Fingerprints can show on closets and windows.

Always bring a photo camera

This is mainly for gaining more money than finding evidence. Take pictures of all the interactions the ghost is doing. This includes fingerprints, voodoo dolls, EMF Level 5, bones, dirty water and the ghost itself. This will help you maintain your money if you get unlucky and die with all your equipment.

Listen to the short heavy footsteps

Every now and then, you will hear short heavy footsteps. This will most likely be the ghost being active and moving. With a keen sense of hearing, you can notice which direction it is coming from and the ghost’s location is most likely near you already.


You can check out more tips on the checklist you need to complete before leaving. Remember to play your own style and how you want to investigate. These are just all the information you might have missed to help you become a better ghost hunter.