How to Leave in Phasmophobia

Leaving the game in Phasmophobia can be confusing to some because of how you can skip the tutorials. It is simple enough to do but this guide will add a few things to remember when trying to leave in Phasmophobia.

What Does Leaving Do?

In short, leaving in Phasmophobia will leave the current game and bring you back to the lobby or garage. The objective of the game is to discover what type of ghost you are dealing with and you will have more optional objectives to do. If you have completed all of them, there is no reason to risk losing your equipment by going back inside the haunted place.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with completing any of your objectives, then it’s worth checking out our best tips and tricks in Phasmophobia.

When to Leave the Current Game

Before leaving, here is a short checklist of what you should know before leaving the current game.


When you start a game, you can see a whiteboard next to you while in the van. These are the optional objectives you can accomplish so you can get more money in the game. It will also show what kind of ghost you are dealing with and what name you should communicate to. You should read all of these before entering the house and also take note if the ghost responds to everyone or to people who are alone.

Writing on your journal

After going to the house and finding pieces of evidence with your equipment, simply press “J” to open the journal. You can read about all the ghost types in the journal and their strengths and weaknesses. Every time you find the following pieces of evidence, make sure to write them in your journal as soon as possible.

  1. Ghost Orb
  2. Spirit Box
  3. EMF Level 5
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Freezing Temperature
  6. Ghost Writing

Make sure you make a guess if you have missing pieces of evidence so you can have a shot at finishing the first optional objective when leaving. You will need all the money you can get when you level up and advance to much bigger haunted places and higher difficulties. Read more about the journal in this Phasmophobia guide.

How to leave

To leave the game, just go back to the van and close the trunk by pressing the right-click button. You do not have to get all your equipment back from the house because they will all return back to you when you leave. The only way you can lose your equipment is by dying.


Try to gauge when you want to leave since dying in this game will make you lose the equipment that you added for the specific job. If it is too much to complete just one objective or you already have low sanity, it is best to just make a guess with all the pieces of evidence you have and just leave.