How to Use the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia

The Ouija Board is a randomly spawned equipment or item you can use in Phasmophobia. This article will talk about the questions you can ask and strategies you can use when you find the Ouija Board.

Spawn Locations

The Ouija Board rarely spawns in a game. You can find it anywhere in the haunted location if it spawns but it is not guaranteed. It is also not guaranteed that the ghost will be in the exact same room you found the Ouija Board in and it has no direct relation to the ghost’s location. The spawn location for the Ouija Board is also random in any map or job difficulty so make sure to check every room thoroughly for it.

Using the Ouija Board

Here is a small list of Ouija Board questions to ask. To use the Ouija Board you must first left-click it before asking any questions. Most of the time, it will just flicker and this will still drain your sanity by a huge amount so you have to be extremely efficient with this. You can use it anywhere as long as it answers you specifically.

There have been times where only one specific player can ask the Ouija Board questions and completely ignore the others when they use it.

To be efficient, make sure your question can help you identify the ghost faster. So the best way is to ask for the exact location of the ghost. As you can see from the two videos here, I always use “Where are you?” or “Where are you located?” so that the team can have a confirmation on which exact room the ghost is staying in.

The answer will always be a specific room and in this case, it was in the Boys Bedroom on the 2nd floor. The ghost will most likely hunt after using the Ouija Board multiple times and it is often a good sign to deduce that it will not be a Demon. Try not to use the Ouija Board where there is nowhere else to run because the ghost can possibly manifest near you.

This is a double-edged sword because while you are losing sanity, you are learning exactly where the ghost is located. In the video above, it flickered too many times so my sanity got drained immediately.

The successful attempt at using the Ouija Board almost instantly made the ghost angry and it went on a hunting phase. This was still extremely early in the game but since it was on professional difficulty, it can go on a hunt at any time especially if someone has low sanity.

In this case, be efficient with what you are going to bring. Quickly identify all the evidence and I suggest going with the thermometer and a spirit box first. While your sanity is up, you can ask questions freely and do not be afraid of the ghost just yet.

You should have someone else do it if you have a certain player with low sanity because of using the Ouija Board. If you have less equipment and do not have the tools to quickly identify the ghost’s location, the Ouija Board is extremely useful.

Ouija Board Questions To Ask

  • Who did you kill?
  • Who is your victim?
  • What is the name of the person you killed?
  • Who did you kill?
  • How old are you?
  • How long have you been dead?
  • When did you die?
  • How many are in this room?
  • Are you alone?
  • Are we alone?
  • Are you close?
  • Are you here?
  • Who is here?
  • Who is in this room?
  • Where are you located?
  • Where are you?
  • Where is your room?
  • What is your room?
  • Are there any spirits?
  • Are you near?
  • Are you around?

If all this sounds a little confusing, then it’s also a good idea to check out our advanced Phasmophobia guide to really get a grip of the game.


In my opinion, this is only useful if you find the Ouija Board on a big map like the Asylum. This is an extremely rare case because of the number of rooms you have to clear out to find this which is not guaranteed. Finding the Ouija Board does not mean that you have to use it before you depart from the mission it so it depends on the current progress of your investigation.