How to Write in Your Journal in Phasmophobia

The journal is your best friend when investigating haunted places. The journal gives you all the information you need and it is where you make the guess on what type of ghost you are dealing with in Phasmophobia.

In this short read, we’ll show you how to write and use your journal in Phasmophobia.

How to Open the Journal

To open the journal, you can press “J” to open it and you can do it anytime during the mission.

Why You Need to Write on It

Technically, you are not writing on the journal but you are just choosing between the evidences you have found and it helps you deduce what type of ghost you are dealing with. After finding out where the ghost is located with your equipment, you can try to set up more equipment in the room to deduce what kind of ghost type it is.

Every time you successfully lure the ghost into contacting you through the equipment, write it immediately on the journal on the last page so you will not forget. Try to go as fast as you can before your sanity drops and gather as much evidence you can.

Capturing Photos With the Camera

Sometimes, you can have the optional objectives involving the photo camera. But what players fail to realize is that you can get extra money or experience points when taking photos even if they are not your objectives. For example, you can take a picture of a dirty sink and gain money from it even if it is not one of your optional objectives at the start of the job.

Here are things you can take a photo of to make extra money and experience points.


Fingerprints are not always there and depend on the ghost type you are dealing with. The ghosts have to interact with light switches and doors so you can check if there are fingerprints on them. Not only is it evidence but also it can be extra money if you take a picture of the fingerprints.

EMF Level 5

When you are holding the EMF Reader, it will detect ghosts if they are close by. Most of the ghosts will not reach the EMF level 5 but if they do, take a photo of the EMF Reader if you can because it will earn you money.

Dirty Sink

This can be quite hard to find because the dirty sink or water will only show when the ghost has made interactions with the team. At around activity level 8 and above, where the presence of the ghost is high, that is the only time they can turn the water into dirty water.

They have to go near the sink before it gets dirty so it can be dangerous to lure ghosts to finish this objective or take this photo.

Anything the ghost does to initiate contact

The ghost will occasionally throw objects around and you can take a photo of it. The ghost can also turn on radios, cellphones, and telephones to scare the visitors and you can also take a photo of it.

The ghost itself

The ghost itself is the hardest one to take a photo of. They show themselves for mere seconds and if you are not brave enough to look at them, you will not be able to take the photo. The shadow of the ghost can also count as a photo and you may be able to see it especially on amateur or intermediate difficulty when the ghost cannot go hunting yet.

You can check the timer on the van which is located on top of the computer. If it runs out, it means that the ghost can start hunting. On professional difficulty, there will be no timer so the ghost can start hunting at the start of the job.

Bones and voodoo dolls

There will be bones and voodoo dolls scattered throughout the haunted place. They can spawn on places far from the ghost’s actual location so try to explore every inch of the map.


The journal is the key to finishing objectives as it holds all the information and the game requires players to use it so that the game can check the player’s answers if they are right. You can also check the photos you have taken if they can earn you money or experience points at the end of the job.

They will be highlighted with a tag on top of the photo if it is going to count as you can see in the images above. Overall, the game is all about scares and you can leave anytime with a random guess in the journal if you cannot handle it anymore.

And if you want to learn more about the game and enjoy it to the fullest, don’t forget to check out our Phasmophobia advanced tips and tricks.


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