The 9 Best Stealth Games on Switch

Best stealth games on Switch
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There is something about the appeal of sneaking behind at enemies and taking them down unnoticed and stealth games bring that satisfaction to you.

The stealth genre has its own identity that players would easily recognize because of its staple gameplay mechanics and combat systems. Additionally, games that embrace the genre bring a brand-new atmosphere towards stealth elements.

The genre’s main attraction is the ability of players where they utilize their surroundings, whether to distract or lure enemies away from them. In addition, it also highlights laborious gameplay in which you need to plan your next move without being seen.

This list contains the best and most entertaining stealth games on Switch.

Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator is an excellent introduction for players getting into some suspenseful gameplay. The game is a stealth simulator that emulates the ins and outs of what a cat burglar is.

The game contains a smooth rendering quality that handles the Nintendo Switch very well. Not to mention, the structures of objects around the game have a subtle yet simple look for a realistic approach. 

The game truly dishes out the fun of stealth gameplay as it embraces the first-person perspective so you can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Additionally, Thief Simulator offers multiple gameplay segments that are satisfying as ever.

The game lets you barge into houses around the neighborhood. But of course, Thief Simulator’s center of attraction is the stealth and recon mechanic in which players get to analyze residents’ movement patterns and routines.

Furthermore, there are other segments that you can experience in your criminal career. For example, you can lockpick doors and safes, as well as hijack cars using your hi-tech gears for stealing.

That said, Thief Simulator will take you to an exciting and tense experience in gaming, and this game belongs among the best stealth games on Switch.

Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner is a game that captivates the charm of a casual stealth experience in the quirky way possible. It is a top-down indie stealth game that displays smooth yet simple graphics that blends well with its funky soundtrack.

You play as the one-person ultimate clean-up crew of a murder scene. In addition, Serial Cleaner also gives that 70s action movie vibe which is a fun way to uplift players with the simplicity of this game.

The game showcases a straightforward stealth gameplay mechanic that lets you sneak and hide around while surrounded by enemies in the area. However, there are also tense moments that capture a true stealth fashion.

Serial Cleaner’s core gameplay loop allows players to clean up the scene by picking up dead bodies and tidying the place up without being noticed. But of course, you also need to avoid obstacles such as NPCs scattered around the area.

What makes the game so much fun is you can use the environment to avoid blowing up your cover. For instance, you can use boxes and closets to hide if you get caught by guards near you.

That said, Serial Cleaner managed to bring the signature flavor of a stealth genre. This game is considered one of the best stealth games on Switch that you can experience right now.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game will let you play as the most brilliant goose in the world. The game is a mish-mash of puzzle and stealth, showcasing a cartoonish visual design to bring players into a different side of the stealth genre.

UGG is perfect for casual players looking outside the traditional stealthy gameplay approach. It brings players to their quirky side as the game highlights a hilarious atmosphere because of the goose’s mischievous acts.

The game is relatively straightforward, as its main gameplay loop allows players to solve a few puzzles to finish objectives. For example, you need to finish a list of things to advance to the following location.

The stealth mechanics are the center of attraction, which players will do most of the time in this game. In addition, you can’t go wrong in this game, as the game allows you to retry tasks wherever you get caught or mess things up.

However, if you’re stuck doing the same thing repeatedly, you can always reset the area. In addition, it will help you identify which objects are worth picking up to complete tasks on your to-do list.

Overall, UGG is an excellent addition if you’re in the mood for some vibrant stealth gameplay.


Liberated is a game that displays an edgy yet mesmerizing stealth gaming experience in the palm of your hands. It is a side-scrolling stealth game that showcases a graphic novel visual design that gives players a noir vibe.

The game is visually beautiful, as it utilizes the paneling of a traditional comic book well. Making the players immerse themselves with the game’s plot with smooth transitions to understand what is happening in one scene. 

Liberated is a straightforward and typical stealth game in the first place. However, what makes this game playable is its substance. Players can quickly get right into it because of the gameplay and style. 

Furthermore, the game embraced a traditional stealth mechanic with a different approach. Moreover, it also showcases a slight decision-making mechanic in which you can select actions that affect the overall outcome of scenarios.

Also, simple quick-time events are designed in significant sequences in the game. For instance, a button will pop up each time you encounter a passenger at the station, pushing them so you can reach the next station.

That said, Liberated is a delight for visually starved players and stealth fans.

The Swindle

Another one to make on this list is this incredible game called The Swindle. The Swindle is a 2D platformer stealth game that displays a steampunk aesthetic, complete with a tense soundtrack. 

The game is a good mix of spectacle platforming with a heavy emphasis on stealth gameplay mechanics. The Swindle’s main loop allows players to infiltrate the area and steal money from the guarded vaults. 

Moreover, there are levels of intricacies present in the game, where certain stages differ from simple to complex level designs at most. Therefore, expect each level will become challenging and tenser than the last.

However, planning is the best course of action for executing your heist silky smooth. For example, observing the area will grant you information about the area’s safe and risky pathways that can help you with your exit plan.

On top of that, getting the right upgrades is crucial in playing The Swindle. For instance, purchasing the computer hacking upgrade allows you to hack a computer that contains a big pile of cash.

All in all, if you are up for a challenging stealth experience, then The Swindle is the game for you.

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered

If you love some old-school ninja action, then Mark of the Ninja: Remastered is the game for you. It is an action platformer stealth game that is the remastered version of its original 2012 release.

Mark of the Ninja showcases a cartoonish visual design that reminds you of classic animated series such as Samurai Jack and The Batman because of its art style and premise. Not to mention, the game provides decent voice acting and a thrilling soundtrack.

MotN gameplay mechanic has a nice mixture of platforming and stealth elements in one package. In addition, the game also added minimal beat-em-up mechanics, which are only triggered in specific scenarios.

The game shines the most in the part where players use their creative minds to use the surroundings. For instance, you can use objects as an instrument of assassination or distraction by throwing darts at gongs or cutting chandeliers.

Also, the platforming segments in the game are a bit complex yet fun to experience as you can latch unto ledges and crawl through vents. Not to mention, there are traps that seem somehow impossible to overcome, so this game certainly brings a challenge.

Party Hard 2

The indie scene has given players a brand-new perspective on gaming, and Party Hard 2 is one example of that. The game is top-down, task-heavy stealth creates a neo-noir vibe because of its pixelized aesthetic and synthesized soundtrack.

Party Hard 2 tackles enforcing the law in your own hands to keep the streets safe and clean. You play as a masked vigilante as he infiltrates shady nightclubs to eradicate junkies and criminals.

Gameplay-wise, the game is challenging, as it adapts stealth mechanics splashed with strategy elements altogether. In addition, just like any traditional approach to stealth, you can utilize your environment to hide shreds of evidence and create a distraction.

Furthermore, another feature added to the game is you can craft and concoct chemicals for immobilizing targets. Some items can attract party goers to attract their attention away from you.

The game also provides a simple game progression. However, the objectives are designed in a checkbox format that demands completion for you to advance to the following location.

Overall, Party Hard 2 is a violent yet exciting indie game full of tense moments in every run.

Aragami: Shadow Edition

There is something about the appeal of a good stealth action with ninjas, and Aragami: Shadows Edition delivered it well. It is a third-person action stealth game that showcases a simple yet elegant art style and soundtrack that matches the game’s premise.

The Shadow Edition serves as the game’s definitive edition, which includes a collection of extra content. Also, this edition offers the Nightfall expansion pack and a cross-platform co-op mode that you must experience. 

The game embraced traditional stealth mechanics that are well suited to the game’s ambiance. Also, the stages in the game are designed in a maze-like structure, making it slightly trickier for players.

You can also acquire several skills that are essential to your stealthy performance. For example, skills such as the Shadow Vanish can consume dead bodies using the protagonist’s shadow magic.

Moreover, to unlock more skills in the game, you need to collect scrolls as the currency for purchasing abilities. Acquiring scrolls can be done in exploration and backtracking on the previous area.

Aragami is an example of a great stealth action gaming experience that is considered to be one of the best Switch stealth games.

Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection

If we’re talking about stealth games in general, then Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection is the one who can break the ice for that. It is an open-world action-adventure game known for its stealth mechanics and non-linear gameplay.

The Rebel Collection contains two great Assassin’s Creed games, the Black Flag and Rogue, which showcase great swashbuckling adventure and pirate action. The game also offers each game’s DLC, making it the best pirate-centered game on the platform.

Furthermore, both are slightly demanding in graphics, showing a smoothly, almost-realistic approach. However, the Nintendo switch’s hardware can handle it well as it will give smooth performance each time you play.

Moreover, the game’s main attraction is its stealth elements and a tremendous amount of platforming that complements the gameplay. On top of that, the game allows you to perform fantastic parkour moves for which the game is famous.

Aside from that, the combat system is one of the game’s best features, as you can engage in a duel if you get caught by enemies. For example, you can perform slash and counter-attacks that are satisfying enough to perform.

All in all, Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection is the ultimate stealth experience for your stealth gaming journey.


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