How to Complete the MIA Rescue Mission in Rainbow Six Extraction

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This guide will discuss everything from operator availability to how to complete the MIA Rescue mission in Rainbow Six Extraction. Mastering this gameplay mechanic means you can play your favorite characters more often.

Rainbow Six is a tactical shooter and offers a unique gameplay experience that limits the operator’s availability. The game takes into account the results of the previous missions in determining which operators are “mission ready”.

Limiting the availability of operators means you cannot play as just one character over and over.

This gameplay mechanic forces you to cycle between several operators when playing. It also encourages players to be more tactical in how they play the game.

This is an interesting feature of the Rainbow Six franchise that has existed since the first Rainbow Six game. The first Rainbow Six game had a perma-death mode in the single-player campaign where operators killed during missions were unplayable in succeeding missions of the story mode.

The gameplay mechanic will help you familiarize yourself with several operators, especially in harder difficulty maps as you rarely come out unscathed.

Operator Availability

How to complete the MIA Rescue mission in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has an operator status built into the gameplay. Damage that you sustain during a mission will affect the operator’s status and availability for the next incursion into the hot zone.

An operator can have an operational, injured, inactive, or MIA status. Characters who are “mission ready” have full health.

Injured operators will not have full health when used immediately in the next incursion. They will need some time to recover from their injuries. The current HP is indicated in the character selection screen.

Extracting from a mission with below 40HP left will render the operator inactive. You will not be able to use an inactive character until he/she has recovered enough HP.

Completing missions and earning XP using other operatives will gradually heal the injured and incapacitated back to full health.

Operators with the MIA status will also not be playable.

What Is an MIA?

Missing in Action or MIA in R6 Extraction means an operator failed to exit the mission.

This can happen when your entire team is wiped out during the mission or if you are not in the airlock or extraction area when the timer expires.

When the mission timer of 15 minutes runs out, your entire team will also become MIA.

The last and most common reason for an MIA is that you could not be retrieved by your teammates when you get knocked out (KO’d). We will discuss this in greater detail in the next section.

An operator with the MIA status will not be playable until you complete the MIA Rescue mission or enough time passes by in-game.

Negative progression when an operator is MIA.

The XP earned by the MIA operator will not count towards milestone progression until rescued. There is a set number of allowed rescue mission attempts after which, the XP of the character is lost.

Operators at level 10 do not lose character progression.

How Do Operators Become MIA?

When you go into a mission and you sustain enough damage that your HP goes down to zero, you will be in the “Down But Not Out” (DBNO) state. While downed, you can be revived by teammates or do a self-revive if you are equipped with a Self-Revive Kit.

If you cannot be revived by a teammate (or yourself) or go down again a second time after the revive, your operator will then be Knocked Out.

When this happens, you will see the animation of being covered in the yellow Statis Foam which protects downed operators from being infected by the aliens.

When there is a KO’d operator in the hot zone, the objective “No One Left Behind” will automatically be added to the mission objectives. This means that aside from the option to complete the current objective, the remaining operators need to retrieve the KO’d teammate and carry him/her to the extraction pod for exfil.

MIA in Rainbow Six Extraction means either your team failed to retrieve you before leaving the hot zone or your whole team got wiped out by the alien enemies.

How to Complete the MIA Rescue Mission

When you or your teammates have an operator that goes MIA, the next time you play on that map, there will be a mission called MIA Rescue.

During the rescue mission, the team will be attempting to retrieve the fallen operator from the Archaean Tree. It is a complex tug of war between your team and the tree.

Let me walk you through the process.

The first part of the mission is to locate the Archaean Tree. It is always inside of a building and can be detected by recon abilities such as Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor or a recon drone.

The second part of the mission is the “tug-of-war” between the team and the Tree. One member of the team will try to pry the fallen operator from the tree while the others shoot at the anchor points.

These anchor points are the circular things connected to the tree via a root system. Shooting at the anchor points while they are open will weaken the Tree’s hold on the operator. Shoot the anchor points enough times and the operator will be freed from the tree.

The last part of the mission is to carry the MIA to the extraction pod for retrieval by REACT personnel.

Tips for a Successful MIA Rescue Mission

Shooting the Anchor Points

Anchor points feed nutrients to the Archaean Tree via the root system. They can be disabled by shooting at the anchor points only when they are open.

If the anchor point has already closed, you can still shoot at the nutrients being transported to the tree which is the bulge that is moving. It will have the same effect as shooting the anchor point.

Clear Out All the Enemies in the Sub-Zone

Before attempting to pry the MIA operator from the Tree, it would be a sensible decision to clear out all the enemies from the sub-zone. Any Archaean or nests in the area will be alerted when you start removing the operator from the tree.

Any enemies in the area will converge on the Tree to protect it and nests will constantly spawn new enemies. So, it would be wise to eliminate threats before proceeding with the actual rescue.

Having no enemies present will allow your team to focus on shooting the anchor points to free your operator. Attacks from Archaeans will prolong the process of freeing the operative from the tree and possibly cause the mission to fail.

Have a Squad Member With a Recon Ability

Pulse or Lion have recon abilities that can detect the Archaean Tree.

Pulse can detect stationary objects such as nests. Lion on the other hand can detect moving enemies. You want to use their abilities to identify threats in the sub-zone that can impede the rescue mission.

If no operator with a recon ability is available, you can equip a recon drone as your REACT gear to scout for enemies. As previously mentioned, clear out all hostiles before starting the actual rescue.

Our guide to the best operators in R6 Extraction can help you decide on your team composition when attempting the MIA Rescue.

Attempt the Mission at a Lower Difficulty

When playing with squadmates or solo, you can set the mission difficulty of the map. Setting it to a lower difficulty will make it easier to complete the rescue mission.

This is not possible in Quick Play as that mode defaults to the pre-set difficulty. So, it is best to run it with your squad or solo and not with random players in the lobby.

A solo MIA Rescue mission at Moderate Threat Level difficulty is very easy to complete. You can alternate between shooting anchor points and prying the operative from the tree.

Skip to the MIA Rescue

One strategy in order to ensure the success of your rescue mission is having all your operators at full HP during the attempt.

If the rescue mission is in the second or third sub-zone, you can proceed to the airlock of the current area to skip the objective. I usually skip Sabotage, Decontamination, and Serial Scan objectives as these will guarantee that you will be in an extended firefight.

There you have it, a complete guide to the MIA Rescue mission. I hope this makes rescue attempts easier for you and your squad.


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