How to Find the Megalodon Easter Egg in Rainbow Six Extraction

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Rainbow Six Extraction is a game that should be taken seriously. It is very intense when it comes to strategy in both single-player and multiplayer modes. And if you look at the game communities for this game, you will see a lot of complaints from hardcore fans about random players not playing the game the way they think it should be played.

Despite that, developers have made the game for everyone to enjoy thanks to the quirky Easter eggs that you will come across somewhere in Liberty Island that will give you a chuckle.

This quick guide will teach you where and how to find the Megalodon Easter egg in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Who or What Is a Megalodon?

The Megalodon, or “Meg” for short, is an extinct prehistoric shark that is the size of a school bus. And as an apex predator, it fed on everything from large fish to small whales.

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It was made popular in the movie “The Meg” starring Jason Statham.

How to Find the Megalodon Easter Egg

You can find the Megalodon easter egg on Liberty Island of New York.

When playing co-op or solo on Liberty Island, you will come across the Museum sub-zone. And the easiest way to find “Meg” is by heading to the extraction zone.

If it’s the first sub-zone then just look to your right as the mission starts. If it is the second or third sub-zone, you will have to walk to the extraction zone.

How to find the Megalodon Easter egg in Rainbow Six Extraction

From the extraction zone, there is a railing that overlooks the New York skyline. You will find a man performing a salute from the small boat right across.

Try shooting at the man and “Meg” will jump out of the water and swallow the man and boat. It’s a very short and quick Easter egg and will only last a few frames.

It’s a 2D animation so do not expect some extraordinary rendering. It is an Easter egg after all.

I found this by accident while peering over the railings. I found the man on the boat and tried to take a shot at him as I finally had one of the best weapons in R6 and wanted to test it out. I was surprised by what happened next.  

It was so quick that I did not know what went on until I tried it again in another run with my R6 operator. This time I ran it solo so I could replicate the results.

Now, I try to show this to everyone that I get to play with when playing on the Liberty Island map. It is something that breaks the serious and tense atmosphere of the game. Who would have thought an apex predator (aside from the aliens) exists in-game.


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