How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

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Rainbow Six Extraction has a unique gameplay mechanic for managing the health of your operators. Healing your opponents and making sure they remain in optimal health is important for the overall success of each mission.

This guide will teach you how to heal operators in Rainbow Six Extraction and make them available as often as possible.

Understanding this mechanic will help you maximize the usability of your characters in the game and let you level them up quicker.

But before we proceed to the healing part, let me explain first how health works in R6 Extraction.

How Health Works in R6 Extraction

When you select a character in the R6 operator list menu, you will see that a character has a base HP. A fully operational character has a base health of 100.

When they deploy to a mission, they will use the base health indicated in the operator selection screen. It is indicated with a white bar with a number on the screen during the mission on the bottom left of the screen.

During the mission, when a character takes on a health kit or healing from characters like Doc, these appear as a blue bar. There is also a blue number to indicate the additional health received.

The blue health is temporary and will last only for the mission.

When a character takes damage in combat, the damage taken will first deplete the blue bar (if available) then the base white health bar afterwards. The damage to the white bar will have a lasting effect.

It is important to note that you cannot heal the base health of operators during a mission. This even includes when consuming medkits or being healed by teammates.

Being healed during a game will only add the temporary blue health on top of your depleted base health.

Depleting the base health to zero will knock out your operator and you will need to perform the rescue mission. Our guide on how to complete the MIA Rescue will help you in case an operator goes down.  

As a character exits the mission, the base health (the white bar) will be carried over and used as the base health for your operator in the next mission if you select them again.

How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

The operator will heal or recover the base health over time. This can be done by simply playing as a different operator in your next incursion. Restoring the HP is based on your performance in the next mission.

At the end of each mission, the roster health will be shown. How much XP you earned during the mission will determine how much health your operators who are not in use will recover.

The health recovery can be anywhere from 5 to 50 health points depending on the XP earned. The higher the XP gains, the more health will be restored.

Having a good mission run is important when you have operators that need to recover. The health recovery will apply to all operators that are not in full health.

Tips for Managing the Health of Your Operators

Use Medkits When Possible

During missions, it is important to use medkits even when the base HP is at 100. It will add to the blue temporary HP as an added layer of protection. The max health of an operator is at 200 HP.

Do search the mission area for all medkits before heading to the airlock for the next objective. But please share the medkits with your teammates.

Have a Roster of Operators

It is also good to have a solid rotation of operators you can use during missions. Cycle through your roster and choose a different one (preferably with full health) in every mission.

This way, you get to heal the other operators who are not in use and maintain mission readiness.

Play Slow

R6 Extraction is a tactical shooter and is meant to be played at a slower pace compared to Call of Duty: Warzone for example. Remember that any damage sustained can carry over to the next playthrough.

Be cautious in your approach and bear in mind that any action you have in the current mission can affect the future availability of your operators. Having a good loadout that mitigates damage is also ideal.

Get as Much XP in the Missions as Possible

As previously mentioned, the better you perform, the more health is recovered by injured operators. Do well in your next missions to see your operator recover faster. Completing the 3 objectives will get you around 40HP.

Our operator leveling guide will help you earn as much XP as you can during missions so you can get to recover as much HP as possible for your injured operators.


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