Best Mods for Deep Rock Galactic

Image credit: Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic is loads of fun, especially with friends. This indie game’s winding subterranean networks and addictive co-op action make it one of the best games set underground. Still, as awesome as it is to go spelunking into procedurally generated caverns with your crew of hardy space dwarves, it can be made even better with mods.

As with many of the best indie games, Deep Rock Galactic features robust support for community mods. So, if there’s something you think needs fixing, tweaking, or removing, there’s a good chance someone’s already done it for you.

This list of the best mods for Deep Rock Galactic contains 11 community-favorite mods that hardcore gamers swear by. Some of the mods here offer simple quality-of-life tweaks to make spotting vital resources easier or track damage output for better builds. Others are major features add-ons so game-changing you’ll never want to go back to vanilla.

What’s the Difference Between Approved and Verified Mods in DRG?

Before we get to the list, we’re going to need to explain the difference between “Approved” and “Verified” mods in Deep Rock Galactic.

All Deep Rock Galactic mods are hosted on There, you’ll find all the mods on this list and hundreds more. Most mods on have the “Approved” or “Verified” tag. Only verified mods are allowed on unmodded servers. You must disable any non-verified (including “Approved”) mods in the Mod Hub to join an unmodded game.

For your convenience, we’ve gone ahead and added a tag beneath each item on this list indicating whether it’s an Approved or Verified mod.

Now that you know the difference between Approved and Verified mods, we can get into the full mod list.

Display Events


Every Deep Rock Galactic run ends with the same question: “Did we forget something?” The Display Events mod lets you know what events, minerals, and monsters are still available in a level.

It’s fully customizable, too. You can select what events or items you want to track and even adjust the size, position, and opacity of the icons to personal preference.

Live Mission Stat Tracker


The Live Mission Stat Tracker mod adds an objective tracker to the bottom of your HUD that shows your current mission progress. As you work towards completing your main objective, you’ll see the numbers beside the icons tick down in real time.

The unobtrusive indicator bar appears at the bottom-center of your screen. Since your eyes are already focused on the crosshair, a quick glance is all you need to know your current mission progress.

Weapon Heat Crosshair


One of the coolest yet frustrating features in Deep Rock Galactic is weapon overheating. It adds some light tactical nuance atop the gunplay, putting a damper on trigger-happy bullet sprayers. After all, when you’re surrounded on all sides by toxic bugs, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than the sound of your gunner’s minigun coming to a hissing halt.

The Weapon Heat Crosshair mod adds a tasteful heat circle around your crosshair. The circle fills as your weapon heats up, giving you a clear indication of when your gun is about to fail.

Ammo Resupply Indicator


In shooters, you tend to want to keep your ammo topped up at all times, especially in the heat of battle. In DRG, you only get so many ammo resupplies, so knowing when to use them is key to any successful run.

An ammo resupply refills up to half your max ammo capacity. That means you should avoid using resupplies when you have more than 50% ammo left.

The Ammo Resupply Indicator mod simply changes the color of the ammo counter when you’re at less than half of max ammo capacity. It’s a simple but elegant way to ensure you never waste another resupply.

Damage Text


The Damage Text mod adds floating text that lets you know how much damage your weapons deal. That’s handy information if you like tinkering with builds and maximizing damage output.

Besides being useful for min-maxing loadouts, the effect also looks pretty darn cool. The floating damage pop-ups give DRG traditional dungeon crawler vibes akin to Diablo or some other classic RPG.

The Damage Text mod has Verified status and can be used on official servers.

Health and Shield Numbers


The default HUD in DRG is oddly reluctant to give players exact health and shield figures. Sure, the current health and shield bars do an adequate job of letting you know how close you are to kicking the bucket, but sometimes you want exact figures.

The Health and Shield Numbers mod simply adds the an indicator that lets you know the exact number of health and shield you have left.

Brighter Objects


Every DRG player has experienced those runs where you spend forever searching for that one resource you need to finally complete your mission. The frustration doubles when you finally spot the Nitra you’ve been looking for, only to find out it was actually Red Sugar.

The Brighter Objects mod does exactly what its name says it does: make resources brighter. Having this mod installed and equipped will save time usually wasted digging through the dark and being baited by similar-looking minerals.

Cosmetic Restriction Remover


There’s a huge selection of paintjobs in Deep Rock Galactic, but the game limits where and when you can use them. The Cosmetic Restriction Remover mod removes these restrictions, allowing you to apply all paintjobs and frameworks to all weapons and armors. In short: you can rock your Fourth Relic colors on your Neon Band.

Remove All Particles But WeaponsNTools


This mod’s name pretty much lays out exactly what it does for you. It removes all particles from the game except for those produced by weapons and tools.

Despite its simple visual style, the complex cavern networks and screen-filling swarms mean Deep Rock Galactic can be real resource hog. The Remove All Particles But WeaponsNTools mod lets you disable particles, resulting in improved frame rates and a smoother overall experience.

Better Spectator


When you’re disabled or dead, DRG kicks you to a spectator camera that lets you watch your teammates while you wait for someone to resuscitate you or the round to end. The Better Spectator mod gives you more freedom and control over the spec camera, which is especially great for streamers concerned for the viewer experience when they’re out for the count.

With the Better Spectator mod installed and activated, you can freely switch between squad mates, Bosco, Doretta, BET-C, and Molly. You also have the option to rotate and zoom around the targeted character.

Disruptive Audio Removal Pack Plus


There’s always something going wrong in Deep Rock Galactic. In fact, that’s a big reason why we love it so much. We just wish the game wasn’t so keen on spending every second reminding us to repair something, or pick something up, or that something’s on the way.

Disruptive Audio Removal Pack Plus removes all the repetitive sound cues that DRG veterans are certain to have grown tired of. After dozens of hours of playtime, the last thing you want to hear is BET-C’s annoying beacon beeping signaling for you to repair it for the thousandth time.

The list of removed sound effects and voice lines is too long to detail here. Just know that if there’s a sound you never want to hear again, there’s a good chance this mod takes care of it for you.