This Guy is Selling His Retro Gaming Collection for $150k!

A guy on ebay is selling his entire collections of over 3000 games, plus loads of consoles, gaming accessories and gaming chairs for $150,000!!!

Now this dude must be selling for one of two reasons:

1. He needs the money for something sensible like a house deposit or starting up a business.
2. His wife has told him that either the gaming den goes or she does.

The collection spans from Nintendo NES to Sega Genesis classic gaming titles, and is an absolute marvel!

Oh boy, if only I had that kind of money to spend, I’d move my kids out of the house, have them live with their grandparents, so I can set up the mother of all retro gaming dens!

Anyway, why not check out the goods in the below collection of photos from the ebay listing.

1. I would not leave this room for at least a month!

2. I completely forgot the NEC ever existed!!!

3. Sega Genesis games in their hundreds!

4. Is the Sonic The Hedgehog toy part of the deal?



7. This guy must have serious OCD to be able to keep all these gaming accessories in their boxes and in mint condition!

8. Just a few Nintendo games

9. Nintendo Heaven


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