The Best Computer Tool Kit in 2022: Our Top 8 Picks

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Whether you are looking to build your own gaming PC for the very first time or are looking for an active solution for the many maintenance and repair tasks that you regularly undertake, having a single tool kit that can handle it all proves not only cost-efficient but can also save you a significant amount of time.

We challenged ourselves to find the absolute best computer tool kit on the market, using in-depth research and testing to finalize our picks.

The selection process was fairly straightforward. First, we determined the pain points of a typical customer by analyzing online questions and communities like Reddit. What are people looking for in a tool kit?

After this initial research, using our findings, we then analyzed every tool kit against a 3-point set of criteria to filter and determine the best qualifying products.

We found that the average tool kit set featured between 50 and 150 different pieces ranging from tweezers to screwdrivers and bits and offered compatibility across a number of devices and electronics ranging from tablets and laptops to watches, glasses, and toys.

The most comprehensive PC tool kit we found was the oGoDeal Precision Set. If value-for-money is what you’re after, go for this Kaisi Screwdriver Set.

Let’s jump into our selections and explore our top picks in more detail.

Why You Can Trust This Review

Before we could go ahead and research products that we could make part of our final selection, we first had to understand what the consumers wanted.

To do that, we researched websites and threads to understand the needs and pain points of the customers. In accordance with our findings, we made 3 point criteria, which we then used to judge tool kits that we came across by to see whether or not they qualify and deserve a spot within this review.

Our goal with this guide and review is to conduct all of the research for you and present you with our findings to make your job easier when picking the best computer tool kit set for your needs.

How We Picked

We made our final selection based on 3 point criteria, which we created as a result of community-driven feedback and research. The 3 aspects that we considered were the price, complexity, and compatibility of the tool kit sets.

Read further if you want to find out more about each of the points within our criteria in order to gain a better understanding of how and why we picked the products that we are reviewing today.


Regardless of the product, the price will have a big effect on whether people decide to invest their money into something.

So, what we have gone ahead and done is included a vast range of tool kits that vary greatly in price without sacrificing the most important thing, value for money.

Within our final selection, you will find products that are worth both $20 and $70. While we can’t say that one is better than the other as they would offer different things, we can assure you that they are worth their price point.

Tool Kit Complexity

Our research showed that consumers would rather invest their money in a tool kit that is capable of providing a solution for a range of different products than be limited to a specific device or product.

Because of that, we have ensured to only include toolsets that offered a rather impressive number of pieces, which all had their usability. That way, a single investment in a comprehensive toolbox can solve all of your problems should you need to repair your PC, tablet, DSLR camera, glasses, controller, or virtually anything that uses screws as a method of fastening.


Upon finalizing our research, we came to the conclusion that people who were shopping for a computer tool kit expected their purchase to be compatible across a vast number of products and not be specifically for their computer or for their console.

So, whether you want to build your own IKEA desk in the future or take your DSLR camera apart, the products within our final selection are suited for just that; to be compatible with anything and everything from computers and tablets to glasses and jewelry.

Most Comprehensive Tool Kit

Whether you are looking to start up a small repair shop or are simply looking to purchase a tool kit that has everything you could ever need to open and repair a range of devices and items, then the oGoDeal Precision Screwdriver Set is the perfect kit for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $29.99.

What’s Included?

Within this set, you will find 155 different pieces, which are all compatible with a particular product, device, or item on the market today. Within the package, you will find 101 precision screwdriver bits, 17 prying and opening tools, and 37 other pry tools pieces.

If you want to find out all of the individual pieces included within this package, you can check out the product description on the retailer’s listing here.


In terms of compatibility, the oGoDeal is the most compatible tool kit amongst all other selections on our list. Featuring 155 different pieces, naturally, you could imagine that this set is compatible with a range of different devices.

This kit is compatible with a range of iPhones, iPads, laptops, tablets, PCs, game consoles like PS4/PS5, Xbox 360/One/Series X/S, MacBook, DSLR cameras, watches, glasses, toys, jewelry, and drones.

Whether you need to take apart your power supply or safely take off your old CPU and replace it with a shiny new one, this toolkit set can truly do it all.

Keep in mind that the list from above is just a broad example and the kits compatibility isn’t limited to the above devices and items.

If this tool kit is what you’ve been looking for, you can buy it from Amazon.

Best Value For Money PC Tool Kit

Looking for the most affordable computer tool kit on the market today? Discover the Kaisi Precision Screwdriver Set. It has everything you could possibly need for general repair and maintenance, and you can make it part of your toolbox without shelling out a chunk of money.

The best price at the time of writing was $16.99.

What’s Included?

Within this 70 in 1 multi-functional screwdriver set, you will find 70 magnetic stainless steel screwdriver bits ranging from Phillips, Flathead, and Nut Driver to Hex, Pentalobe, Tri-wing, Anti-Phillips, and more.

Besides those, you will also find a few pry tools like triangle plastic picks, fiber nylon spudger, ultra-thin steel spudger, and blue plastic spudger as well as straight tweezers, anti-static wrist strap to protect your devices from short-circuiting, and a screwdriver adapter.

As much as we would love to list every single piece that comes within this package, we cannot as that would take you too long to read. If you want to make this toolset part of your tools collection, feel free to check out the complete list within the product description on the retailer’s website here.


As far as compatibility is concerned, this 70 in 1 stainless steel set by Kaisi is great for opening up and repairing a range of devices and gadgets ranging from computers, consoles, mobile phones, and tablets to DSLR cameras, drones, watches, and glasses.

The items listed above are just a small example. With this tool kit, you can practically open up and repair anything that uses any of the screwdriver bits included within this set.

If you’re interested in this toolkit, you can buy it from websites such as Amazon and Storkz.

Runner Up

Without a doubt, one of the best tool kits that we came across from our in-depth research is the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. Made out of S2 Steel and Anodized Aluminum, rest assured that everything within this set can easily last for decades or even a lifetime under normal use.

The best price at the time of writing was $69.99.

What’s Included?

Within this iFixit set, you will find a total of 87 different pieces that compile to create such a comprehensive tool kit, which can be used to help you take apart and fix a range of electronics.

Within the package, you will find a 64-bit driver kit, an anti-static wrist strap, a small suction cup, 3x iFixit opening tool and 6x opening picks, nylon tipped reverse tweezers, angled ESD tweezers, blunt ESD tweezers, spudger, halberd spudger, metal spudger, jimmy, magnetic pad, and a tool roll.

Some of the head styles within this tool set include Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe, JIS, Hex, Tri-Point, Nut Driver, Square, Gamebit, Spanner, Triangle, Standoff, Oval, and SIM Eject.

For a full breakdown of what is included within this 87-piece set, check out the product description on the retailers’ website, which you can find here.


In terms of compatibility, the Pro Tech Toolkit by iFixit is dedicated to maintaining, repairing, and opening up electronics in the likes of smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, DSLR cameras, laptops, and more.

If you know what type of screwdriver bits you need for your particular needs, feel free to check out the full list of screwdriver bits that come with this set on the retailers’ website, which you can find here.

If any of the above sounds like something you’re looking for, you can find this toolkit on Amazon and on the official ifixit website.

Other Great Computer Tool Kits

Didn’t quite find the toolset that you need from our above recommendations? Don’t worry, as below, you can find 5 other great toolsets.

140 in 1 Computer Repair Kit

If you are looking for an affordable, jam-packed tool set, then the 140 in 1 Computer Repair Kit by SHOWPIN is the perfect choice for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $21.99.

What’s Included?

Within this 140-piece kit, you will find a total of 120 high-tier bits which range from security hex to tri-wing to tri-angle and more. Besides those, you will also find a precision torx screwdriver, anti-static tweezer, screen opening tools like a suction cup as well as pry tools.

For the full list, visit the retailers listing and check whether they have everything you need. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below, and the team at DiamondLobby will check for you.

A great bonus is that the bit of this precision repair tool is magnetic, which means that it can very easily suck up a small screw and keep it in place. This means that you no longer need to spend hours playing around with tiny screws that won’t stay in place.

If white isn’t your go-to color, you can also find this exact product in blue.


When compatibility is concerned, this set of tools can help you take apart, maintain or repair anything from computers, printers, monitors, laptops, and gaming consoles to mobile phones, drones, glasses, and watches.

The listed above are just a mere example of what this toolset is capable of. If you aren’t quite sure whether this product can solve your problem, feel free to check out the retailer’s product description in order to see the full breakdown of all the pieces that are included.

To buy this computer toolkit, you can go to websites such as Amazon and in most cases, you’ll get it on the next day.

Computer and Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit

Looking for a durable, affordable, and effective go-to solution for all of your computer repair needs? Discover this Computer and Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit by WIREHARD, which is one of our favorites for the top position.

The best price at the time of writing was $15.99.

What’s Included?

Within the kit, you will find 56 magnetic bits, an aluminum driver with the concept of press and adjust, an extension rod with a magnetic ending, a flexible magnetic shaft, 1 standard 0.25-inch connector adapter, a flexible triangle opener, and more.

Some of the head types include Hex, Torx, Torx Security, Flathead, Phillips, Pentalobe, Tri-point, and more. All of these heavy-duty steel tools are packed nicely into a compact 12.8-ounce kit box and are made to last for a lifetime under normal use.


As far as compatibility is concerned, you can use any of the 56 bits for a number of maintenance and repair tasks across a range of different products varying from tablets, laptops, monitors, and PCs to portable devices and items like PSPs, DSLR cameras, hard drives, glasses, and watches.

In case you are wondering whether particular pieces are part of this kit, you can manually check the product description on the retailers’ listing, which you can find here.

If this computer kit is what you’re after, you can get it either from Amazon or Walmart.

Precision Screwdriver Set

Looking to invest a little bit more money into a tool kit set that is durable and would last you a lifetime? In that case, we’d recommend you to check out this Precision Screwdriver Set by ORIA.

The best price at the time of writing was $29.99.

What’s Included?

This precision screwdriver setup comes with 60 varieties of magnetic driver bits for different applications ranging from computer repair to smartphone servicing. The tools within this set are made out of pure chrome-vanadium steel, maximizing durability to provide years of reliable service. The screwdriver has a comfortable non-slip grip for added stability.

Aside from vital tools like ESD tweezers and a cleaning cloth, the ORIA 86 in 1 set also comes with an anti-static wrist strap. This allows you to work safely with electronic components, especially if your work area involves a carpet.

The kit comes organized in a compartmented nylon bag to keep things neat and tidy, as well as adding portability to your arsenal.


When it comes to compatibility, you can use this tool set for safely servicing anything from your PC, smart phone and tablet to your glasses, watch, camera, and even random projects around your home.

If you are looking to service something specific and couldn’t quite find the tools that you were looking for from above, be sure to check the full description of this set on the retailers website, which you can find here.

If you want to buy this toolset by Oria, you can find it on websites such as Amazon and Aliexpress.

XOOL Precision Screwdriver Set

This Precision Screwdriver Set by XOOL is another very comprehensive and compatible toolset that could be the go-to solution for a range of requirements for any electronic device ranging from mobile phones and tablets to gaming consoles.

The best price at the time of writing was $24.99.

What’s Included?

This tools kit features a wide array of driver bits, which amount to 120 pieces. These range from Philips, Flathead, Torx, and more, allowing you to work with better flexibility without the need for multiple tools at once.

This XOOL toolset has two extension pieces for the screwdriver to allow you to reach into your computer’s chassis with ease. One solid shaft for deep but accessible points and a flexible shaft to reach more obstructed areas.

If you’re worried about corrupting data on your storage devices, the kit has a magnetizer/demagnetizer to rid your tools of potentially harmful magnetism, while the tweezer is immune to electrostatic discharge.

All of these come in an organized bag for that added portability should you need to repair an electronic device elsewhere.


As far as compatibility, you can use this toolset for maintenance and repair of any electronic device ranging from your PC, smartphone, and tablet to your glasses, watch, and camera.

In case you couldn’t find what you were looking for but like this kit and want to see all of the individual pieces included, then you can check the retailers’ complete product description here.

This XOOL tookit can be found both on Amazon and Drone Central.

Fellowes Computer Tool Kit

And finally, we would like to present you with the Fellowes Computer Tool Kit; a 100-piece PC repair set for almost every purpose and need for computers and beyond.

The best price at the time of writing was $74.10.

What’s Included?

Within this 100-piece toolset for advanced PC repair and maintenance, you will find a 3-way path flexible ratchet driver, a 6-piece precision screwdriver kit, 2 AA batteries alongside a flashlight, a brush, a precision pen knife, diagonal cutting pliers and wire stripper, chip extractor, long nose pliers, crimp and strip wire stripper, spare parts, and a container as well as tens of bits for almost every purpose.

The listed above are just a few of the items included in this set. For the full list, please take a look at the product description on the retailers’ website which you can find here.

All tools are demagnetized to prevent equipment damage and stored in a black vinyl zippered case, which measures 13.63″ (L) x 9.25″ (W) x 1.88″ (H) with a total weight of 3.57 lbs, which makes this set super portable and easy to carry with you on the go.

In case you don’t want to shell that amount of money, you can also go for the less comprehensive 55-piece set, which is approximately $20 cheaper.


In terms of compatibility, this toolset is specifically made for the maintenance and repairs of computers, laptops, monitors, and other such electronics. It features pretty much everything you could possibly need to open up, repair, and maintain such devices.

If you are wondering whether this toolset is compatible with what you need it for, please feel free to either check the retailers’ description or leave a comment at the bottom and we will check for you.

If this Fellowes 100-piece computer toolset is what you’re after, you can find it both on Amazon and on the Connection website.

Who This Is For

Not quite sure whether or not you should invest your money in a computer toolset? Don’t worry as we will break this part up into pieces so you can get a clear image of whether or not you can benefit from such a toolset.

First of all, are you looking to build your own PC? Or perhaps build multiple PCs and sell them for profit? Maybe you want to open up a local repair shop for all kinds of devices and items, or maybe you want to own a go-to toolbox, which possesses all screwdriver bits that you could need for any servicing task?

Regardless of what your reasoning may be, owning a tool kit from our selection will prove beneficial regardless of what your needs are, even if you go for the most affordable pick.

Just imagine for a second that you want to take apart your PC and change up some parts. Without the right screwdriver bits, that wouldn’t be possible. Now imagine that your doorknob becomes loose. You will either need to hire someone to fix it for you or you need to go out of your way to spend money on the specific screwdriver bit for the job.

Regardless of your needs, at some point in life, you will require a tool kit to get a job around the house or your computer done. So, to answer the question as to who this is for, we believe that everyone should own at least one tool kit set at home. It can easily last a lifetime and can be the go-to solution for many issues that arise not only for your devices but also around the house.

Picking the Right Tool Kit for Your Needs

If you have reached this section of our guide, you are probably still not quite sure which toolset is right for your needs. As our goal today is to help you find the toolbox that best suits your needs, we will give you a helping hand in making the right decision.

We will do that by presenting you with a few scenarios and the toolsets that we believe are best for that particular scenario. Hopefully, by the end, you will have found the kit set for you.

Scenario 1: You plan on opening up an electronics repair shop and are looking for a comprehensive repair kit without spending too much money upfront.

In this case, we would highly recommend you our most comprehensive pick, the 155-piece oGoDeal Precision Screwdriver Set.

Scenario 2: You are looking for a repair kit that features most screwdrivers, bits, and accessories that will be compatible with the most common types of electronics around your home, like tablets, laptops, PCs, and controllers. You also don’t want to shell out a lot of money, so the cheaper you can get your repair kit, the better.

In this scenario, we would recommend you our budget-friendly pick, the 70-piece Kaisi Precision Screwdriver Set.

Scenario 3: You are after a repair kit that solely focuses on delivering a solution for any kind of PC maintenance and repair that you could possibly come across.

In such case, our best recommendation would be the 100-piece Computer Tool Kit by Fellowes.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing individual screwdrivers or bits as well as accessories individually on demand is in times more expensive as if you were to purchase a single tool kit set like the products that we have reviewed within this guide.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a comprehensive tool kit and make it part of your inventory for decades in the future.

Most of the products within our selection above are compatible with a very vast range of products, items, devices varying from electronics to watches, drones, and toys. Thus, a simple investment in a toolset like the ones from above can solve many problems that pop up in the future when it comes to your electronics, as well as random faults around your home such as that of loose handles, taking apart parts of your vehicle and more.

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