The 8 Best Extended Mouse Pads in 2022 Reviewed

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Extended mousepads are exactly the same as their non-extended counterparts, except they are just bigger in length and width. One of the main advantages of getting an extended mouse pad is so that you can have both your mouse and keyboard on the same surface.

By placing your gaming keyboard on a mouse pad, it will become a lot more stable and prone to slipping, while your mouse will have a lot more surface space to move around on. This would be especially useful for those of you that play on low sensitivity.

To help you find the best extended mouse pad for your gaming setup, we took on the challenge to do all of the research and testing for you, then present our findings to you.

Our favorite extended mousepad is the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Mousepad with RGB lighting to really make that setup pop. If you’re looking for something simple, affordable and effective, our top budget pick was the Hsmienk Large Stitched Edge Mouse Pad.

The selection process was pretty straightforward.

First, we conducted community research to find out the needs and pain points of gamers that are currently using extended mousepads. We then used criteria to find the best extended mouse pads that you’ll read about below.

We found that the average extended mouse pad features a non-slip rubber base, is made of durable and high-grade material for pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking, and is between 30″ to 35″ in length and 11″ to 15.4″ in width.

With all that in mind, let’s take a deeper look at our findings. By the end, you will have found the extended mouse pad for you.

Why You Can Trust This Review

The goal of this guide and review is to provide you with our 100% honest and fully transparent recommendations when it comes to the best extended mouse pads on the market today.

To be able to present you with a list of confident recommendations, we conducted a 2-stage research process. This involved gathering information about the needs and pain points of the consumer, which we then used to create relevant criteria that we later utilized to find the best qualifying products.

We then tested products to find our favorite extended mousepads.

How We Picked

We knew that picking the best gaming mouse pads amongst hundreds of great options wasn’t going to be an easy job. So, we discussed the different ways of approaching this guide and review to provide you with the best products alongside our unbiased review.

We came to the conclusion that in order to be able to pick the best products, we first had to find out what the consumers cared about when it came to mouse pads. In accordance with our findings, we then created 5-point criteria, which you can read more about below to find out exactly how we picked the products that you will see today.


As gamers, we understand the importance of the design of just about any product or accessory that is part of your gaming setup. As the extended mouse pad is going to be quite a big part of it, having a visually appealing pad can make a lot of difference.

Now, when it comes to design, everyone has a different taste. While some would rather pick a pad that is super simplistic, others might be more impressed by pads that have more color to them or even RGB lights.

Thus, we have ensured to include a wide range of mouse pads to ensure that there is something great for everyone.


As we are looking at extended mouse pads, one of the most important aspects of our criteria was to ensure that the mousepads that we will recommend you are indeed extended and are bigger than their standard counterparts.

One way to do that is to check whether or not a mouse pad can fit both a full-sized keyboard and a mouse, while allowing plenty of space for the mouse to move around.

From our research, we came to the conclusion that there are 2 types of extended mouse pads; short and long in terms of width. The difference was around 4″, which isn’t a lot, but if you want to use a keyboard wrist rest, you will need a larger mouse pad.

Thus, we have ensured to include a fair number of short and long width extended mouse pads so that there is something for everyone.


The material that a mouse pad is made out of has a huge influence on how good the mouse pad actually is. It can affect anything from your in-game precision to the stability of your keyboard on the pad (or the pad itself) and how it stands on your desk as a whole.

Thus, we have ensured to only include the best extended mouse pads that are made out of high-grade material both on the surface, and at the base.


After conducting some research on the importance of the thickness of the pad, we concluded that it isn’t all that important, and it would be completely up to you to decide on how thick of a pad you need.

Thus, we have ensured to make a broad selection and include both thin and thick extended mouse pads that you can pick from for your setup.


Both sides of your extended mouse pad are important. If the bottom side is slippery and unstable, that will annul everything you wanted to achieve with the pad. On the flip side, if the surface area of the pad allows your keyboard to slip around, that wouldn’t be an ideal scenario either, as it can greatly hamper your in-game performance.

Thus, we have ensured to carefully analyze the materials that the pads are made out of, to guarantee that they provide a stable surface for both your mouse and keyboard before we made them part of our final selection.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick

If you are on the lookout for the most affordable and simplistic extended mouse pad for your gaming setup, our most confident recommendation would be the Hsmienk Large Stitched Edge Mouse Pad.

The best price at the time of writing was $13.98.

The Hsmienk Large Stitched Edge Mouse Pad measures at 31.5″ (L) x 15.6″ (W) x 0.12″ (H), which makes it one of the largest of the best gaming mouse pads on our list. With ample space, you can have a full-sized keyboard and a wrist rest while still being able to allocate a great deal of space for the free movement of your mouse.

The pad is made out of high elasticity natural rubber with a waterproof coating to effectively prevent any damage or odor build-up from any accidental spillages. The coating also makes the pad super easy to clean or dust off from any particles.

On the flip side, the base of the pad is made out of anti-slip rubber for allowing the pad to firmly grip to the surface of your desk and prevent any slipping. Furthermore, all edges of the pad are nylon snitched in order to make the pad more durable and long-lasting.

If you’re a fan of this budget-friendly mouse pad, you can buy it from Amazon and Newegg.

Best Overall

If you are looking for the best extended mouse pad, after concluding our extensive research, we came to the conclusion that there is nothing better than the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma.

The best price at the time of writing was $39.99.

The Goliathus by Razer follows a very simplistic and minimalistic RGB-enabled design, which is one of the reasons why we believe that this extended mouse pad is the best amongst all.

The pad itself measures 11.58″ (W) x 36.25″ (L) x 0.12″ (H), which makes it relatively smaller as compared to some of our other recommendations, which are around 4″ wider.

This, however, isn’t a downside as the pad can be ideal for a smaller desk, while comfortably being able to fit a full-sized keyboard and allow plenty of space for the free movement of your mouse.

The surface of the mouse pad is made out of a soft, micro-textured cloth for more tactile feedback, allowing you to be a lot more precise in-game. On the opposite side, you will find the non-slip rubber base, which is made out of natural-foam rubber for keeping the Goliathus mat in place.

One of the most notable features, which Razer are renowned for is the integrated Razer Chroma RGB lights, which you can find across the edges of the pad. The Razer Chroma supports over 16.8 million colors, which allows you to personalize the pad to your exact liking.

If you have other RGB-enabled accessories, you can fully sync the pad with those. The RGB mouse pad can be synced with all Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and other gear from over 30 Razer partners.

If you’re interested in this gaming mouse pad, you can find it on sites such as Amazon, Microsoft, and the official Razer website.

Runner Up

If you don’t really buy into having an RGB-enabled extended mouse pad and are more after simplicity, then the Logitech G840 is the perfect non-RGB alternative to our best overall pick.

The best price at the time of writing was $49.99.

The reason we chose the G840 by Logitech and made it part of our final selection is because of its supreme quality, and super minimalistic design. If you don’t care about RGB lights, and want pure performance, then this is the mouse pad for you.

The G840 measures at 0.11″ (H) x 35.43″ (L) x 15.74″ (W), which makes it one of the largest extended mouse pads on our list. Using this mouse pad, you will have a lot of space for your keyboard, mouse wrist rest, and virtually anything else that you may need to support your in-game performance.

Visually, the entirety of the mat is in black with blue lining around the edges of the mat with the logo in light grey at the bottom right. Generally speaking, it is the most simple and minimalistic high-end extended pad from our selection.

The performance-tuned surface provides for peak accuracy and pixel tracking precision, even if you are on a high DPI or swing the mouse a lot. Logitech have made the surface to provide just the right amount of friction for delivering you with the right amount of feedback required to “feel” the movement of the mouse.

If you are a low DPI gamer, you’d be happy to hear about the rubber base, which is responsible for keeping the entire surface in place, which will prevent any of the cloth from bunching up when you flick or move the mouse quickly.

The Logitech G840 XL can be found on sites such as Amazon and Microcenter.

Other Great Extended Mouse Pads

Didn’t quite find the mouse pad that you were looking for from our above recommendations? Below, you will find 5 other great products that will easily find their place in your gaming setup.

VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

No products found.

The No products found. is another super simplistic, durable, and very affordable product that we came across and just had to include as part of our final selection. It is a great bargain, especially for those that aren’t looking for RGB lights or any integrated features.

The best price at the time of writing was $16.99.

The VicTsing mouse pad measures 31.5″ (L) x 15.75 (W) x 0.12 (H), which allows for more than enough space than you would need, even if you play on low DPI and require a significant amount of space to accommodate your mouse movements.

The surface of the pad is engineered with superfine fiber braided material for a smooth surface that allows more precise mouse movements. Furthermore, the fiber braided material is optimized for fast movement while maintaining an excellent level of speed and control during your gaming sessions.

The non-slip rubber base allows the pad to safely grip to your desk, regardless of whether it is made out of glass, wood, or metal. On top of that, the rubber base on the top of the pad can safely secure your mouse and keyboard from any unnecessary sliding or moving during intense gaming moments.

The water-resistant coating can effectively prevent any accidental damage to the pad from any spilled liquid, eliminating any possibilities for the pad from getting sticky or producing an unpleasant odor over time.

Besides, the fine stitching on the outside ensures that the mouse pad remains in its original shape even after years of active usage.

Cooler Master MP510

The MP510 is the best extended mouse pad that Cooler Master has released to date. It is sturdy, durable, simple, and most importantly, ultra-comfortable and stable.

The best price at the time of writing was $31.99.

Measuring at 35.43″ (L) x 15.74″ (W) x 0.11″ (H), the MP510 boasts in size. It is big enough for you to comfortably place a full-sized keyboard, keyboard wrist rest, and a mouse while allowing a lot of free space for extensive mouse movements.

Visually, the pad itself is very simplistic. It is made out of black fabric throughout, with the only exception of the Cooler Master logo that you can find on the top right, which also glows in the dark.

The pad’s corduroy fabric surface is optimized with performance in mind for highly accurate and frictionless smooth control. The surface is finely coated to become waterproof and prevent any fluids from absorbing into the mouse pad. This will prolong its lifetime and prevent the pad from releasing unpleasant odors.

Another awesome feature is the anti-fray stitching, which extends the life of your pad by preventing it from peeling around the edges or deforming as a whole over time.

If you’re a fan of the Cooler Master MP510 mouse pad, you can buy it from Amazon the official Cooler Master website.

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

After an RGB-enabled mouse pad while on a budget? You’d be pleased to hear more about the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, which is one of our top favorites.

The best price at the time of writing was $21.99.

The Blade Hawks pad measures 31.5″ (L) x 12″ (W) x 0.2″ (H). It is perfect for someone who is looking for a thicker pad, as this pad is almost twice as thick as any other pad in our selection.

The surface of the pad is made out of micro-textured cloth and rubber, which allows for precise mouse control and smooth, frictionless movement. The micro-textured cloth is also relatively waterproof, which prevents any sort of liquids from integrating deeply into the pad. Rather, upon spillage, the pad will form droplets, which will slide down.

On the bottom, you will find the anti-slip rubber base, which was designed to provide a stronger grip for keeping the mat steady no matter how aggressive your gameplay sessions may get.

One of the most notable features is the RGB lights, which come in 7 static and 3 dynamic modes. This will allow you plenty of flexibility to find the mode that best works for your setup.

If you’re interested in this Blade Hawks RGB mousepad, you can find it on Amazon, Newegg, and Walmart.


If mouse precision and great in-game performance is what you are after, then the ASUS ROG Sheath is the best extended gaming mouse pad for your gaming setup.

The best price at the time of writing was $29.99.

This XL-sized extended mouse pad by ASUS ROG measures 35.4″ (L) x 17.3″ (W) x 0.11″ (H), which allows ample space for the free movement of your mouse and keyboard. There is even space for a keyboard wrist rest, should you be using one to combat wrist problems.

Visually, the ASUS ROG Sheath features a very aesthetically pleasing design in black, with the ASUS logo finely engraved into the pad in red. If you were to ask me, this mouse pad would sit very nicely on just about any desk, especially those with a black surface.

The mouse pads’ intricately woven surface guarantees for an ultra-smooth mouse movement with pixel-precise tracking regardless of how fast your DPI settings are.

Beneath the pad, you will find the textured, non-slip rubber, which allows the mousepad to firmly anchor itself to your desk, which will prevent it from gradually slipping away or moving along your desk over time.

Temperature is a well-known enemy to a lot of products and devices that we own. This ROG Sheath pad, however, can withstand temperatures of as low as 22°F to as high as 140°F without any notable changes to the structure or quality.

If the standard edition doesn’t quite rock your boat, you can also find the Sheath in 3 other designs, Sheath Black Edition, Sheath Electro Punk, and Sheath Pink Edition.

You can also find this mousepad on the official ASUS website, Walmart, and Newegg.

Corsair MM300

And last but not least, we’d like to present you the Corsair MM300. A fantastic extended mouse pad that will seriously enhance your in-game performance thanks to its superior control and optimization for laser and optical gaming mice.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.99.

We love the design of the MM300 that Corsair have decided to go for with this mouse pad. It features three key colors, white, grey, and black.

Throughout the surface of the mouse pad, you will see black around the edges with white pretty much across the entire pad in a very scratch-like design to imitate wear and tear, while near the bottom, you will find the Corsair logo.

The MM300 hosts a comfortable and long-lasting cloth surface, which is reinforced by stitched edges to avoid fraying. The textile-weave is designed with reflexes in mind, allowing for pixel-precise tracking. Beneath the pad, you will find an anti-skid rubber base, which helps secure the mouse pad in place.

One of the biggest advantages of this mouse pad is that it is very thin, only 1/10th of an inch. Despite this, it still allows for a decent dip for added accuracy when playing shooter games like Warzone and Fortnite.

If you’re a fan of this Corsair mousepad, then you can find it on Amazon and the official Corsair website.

What to Look For

If you are not aware of what to look for in an extended mouse pad, in this section, we will go over four core areas that would have the biggest impact on your in-game performance., These include the stability, reflectiveness, thickness, and softness of the mouse pad.


Both the surface and the base of the mouse pad are super important. If the bottom side is slippery and unstable, that will annul everything you wanted to achieve with the pad. It should stand readily in place and only move when you detach it upwards.

On the flip side, if the surface isn’t made out of stable material, you will find that your keyboard will slip a lot, especially during intense gaming sessions.

Always take into consideration how your pad will react depends on the surface of your desk. Typically speaking, most gaming desks will go nicely with rubbery or plastic pads.


You shouldn’t really worry a lot about the reflectiveness of your mouse pad. From the pad’s look alone, you can determine if it’s reflective or not and how well it will react with your mouse.

The less glossy your pad is, the more responsive your gaming mouse will be, and the better in-game performance you can expect to achieve.

In some cases, you might want the surface to be brighter or glossier. There are games out there where reaction time is more important than precision, and here you might want your mouse to jump on the slightest push.

Otherwise, it would be best if you always stuck with matte surfaces. While rubber is a good material when it comes to cleaning the pad, there should be at least some fabric covering that will prevent the material from shining up over time.


The thickness of the pad is almost entirely up to you. If you are someone who barely touches their mouse and keyboard when playing, you don’t really need a thick pad. And, the difference won’t make any changes to your results or experience.

On the flip side, you can benefit more from a thicker mouse pad if you are more of an aggressive player. In any case, a thicker mouse pad can be more comfortable to play on.


A soft mouse pad might seem like the better option at first, but there is a limit on how far you should go. The surface shouldn’t be hard, and there should be a bit of a dip, but not too much.

Ideally, you want your mouse to press into the pad not more than 1/20th of an inch.

Having this amount of dip will increase your accuracy as you will need slightly more sideways force to move the mouse. Combined with good material, this will allow you to use every single dot available, which will greatly improve your aim and pixel tracking abilities.

If there is less, it might make your mouse fly over the pad and lose some of the benefits of having a pad in the first place. At some point, it might be no different from simply having a matte desk.

But, if your pad is too soft and dips over 1/10th of an inch or more, you might find it hard to move it at some point. Ironically, the more stressful the situation, the more you will push, the harder it will be to move the mouse.

Final Thoughts

You should avoid mouse pads that are too thick and way too soft if you want to perform to the highest level as your mouse will dip into the pad far too much and make it harder to control/flick.

The more expensive mousepads in our selection feature a more premium build, which directly translates into better in-game performance.

If you want RGB lights on your extended mouse pad, you should be prepared to pay around $10 more on average as compared to a similar quality pad without RGB lights.

Regardless of which mouse pad you choose, you should know that having and using a mousepad is better than not using one at all.