The Best Gaming Couch 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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While you can certainly game on a regular sofa or a chair, your experience will not come anywhere close enough as if you were to sit and game on a couch that’s better designed for gaming.

From an added level of comfort to features such as USB chargers, leg rests, reclining seats, snack storage space, and cup holders, there are many benefits to owning a gaming couch.

We took on the challenge to find the best gaming couch that’s out there.

The process was quite simple:

First, we went out and researched the needs of the community when it comes to couches for gaming. The results suggested that such a couch should primarily be comfortable and ergonomically designed, whilst cup holders, snack storage space, USB ports and other features were nice-to-have bonuses.

We came up with 5 points of criteria to help establish our shortlist of couches and then we compared and reviewed to narrow down our number one picks.

The results led us to this final list of 8 of the best gaming couches you can get this year, at multiple pricepoints to perfectly suit those looking for a budget pick or a premium selection.

Why You Can Trust This Review

Before we wrote up this guide, we conducted hours of research to understand the needs and pain points of the consumers when it comes to gaming couches.

We then came up with a 5-point criteria that we used when picking the products you’ll see today.

All of the product selections we made were based on this criteria (detailed below) and we have no sponsorship deals with any of the brands or manufacturers mentioned outside of industry-standard affiliate deals. This means we’re able to recommend any product we wish and earn an income without any additional cost to you as a reader.

How We Picked

Here is the criteria that we established in order to narrow down our final inclusions for this best gaming couch review:


We recognized that for the large majority of our audience, price would be one of the biggest factors when it comes to whether or not you decide to invest your money in a gaming sofa.

Because of that, we have ensured to provide you with an extensive list of gaming couches from a vast range of price brackets so that you can pick the one that matches both your budget and gaming needs.

We also heavily considered the actual value-for-money that we believe you get from each of the couches. Thus, we have left aside any couches that we believed to be overly expensive for what they offered.


After conducting our research, we figured that the design of a couch would not only directly impact how comfortable it will be and what features it is likely to possess but also how it will visually stand within your home.

Thus, we have ensured to provide you with a vast range of couch designs so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs and taste.


The material that couches are made out of is not only going to affect your comfort while gaming but can also be a pretty good indicator as to whether or not the couch will last for years ahead without suffering damage from wear and tear.

Because of that, you’ll come across sofas that are made out of either leather or highly-durable fabric so that you can be sure that your purchase will last for years and will not lose its shine any time soon.


How you feel sitting down and gaming for hours on end is the most important factor we considered.

Because of that, we have ensured that every single couch within our final selection is super comfortable and ergonomic to help you make the most out of your gaming sessions.


What is a gaming couch without features ranging from ergonomically-adjustable settings to storage space for your drinks and snacks? Otherwise, it would just be a boring normal couch that every household has in their living room.

We ensured that the products included in this guide feature either an ergonomic design or a dedicated place for your drinks and snacks for easy access while gaming.

Best 3-Seater Couch for Gaming

Seatcraft Solstice Leather Home Theatre Seating

After the most comfortable, game-suited 3-seater gaming couch? In our honest opinion, the single best product for your needs is the Solstice Leather Gaming Couch by Seatcraft.

The best price at the time of writing was $2198.99.


This particular gaming couch is 98.5 inches in length, 43 inches in height, and approximately 39 inches in depth. As the product is rather bulky, we would recommend it to you if you have a relatively large room as otherwise, it may simply be too much/you won’t be able to enjoy the couches’ features to the fullest without making the space look crammed.

The couch itself is made out of Leather 7000, which is the finest leather that you can pick for a gaming couch. This type of leather is exclusive as it is hand-picked from the top 30% of all cowhides, which are used for products to ensure a premium look, texture, and feeling.

Besides looking awesome, this type of leather is also very durable, meaning that even after years of use, you will hardly notice any wear and tear.


There are two main ergonomic components that this gaming couch features. You can not only adjust your headrest with ease to reduce your neck and shoulder pain but can also take advantage of the leg rests, which can be popped out on demand for the ultimate comfort.

One feature that this gaming couch doesn’t have compared to the 2-seater, which we will explore directly below, is that the backrest cannot recline backwards, making this couch is not so suitable for naps.


This 3-seater couch is jam-packed with awesome features that we absolutely loved. In our honest opinion, this is not only the best 3-seater but also the best game-suited couch that we have come across as a result of our in-depth research.

Some of the most notable features that this gaming couch possesses are the USB charging stations for your mobile phone or tablet, included tray table, in-arm storage, which can be used for snacks, ambient base lighting, and LED lighted cup holders.

If you’re interested in purchasing this particular gaming couch, you can only find it on the manufacturer’s website.

Best 2-Seater Couch for Gaming

Seatcraft Omega Home Gaming Couch

Are you looking for the best 2-seater gaming couch? After concluding our research, we concluded that there isn’t a better 2-seater than the Seatcraft Omega thanks to its ergonomics, vast range of features, and comfort.

The best price at the time of writing was $2079.99.


To make this gaming couch part of your home, you will definitely need some space if you want to freely take full advantage of all ergonomic features.

This gaming couch measures at 73″ (W) x 37″ (D) x 43″ (H) x 65″ (D) fully reclined. To take advantage of the full recline, you will need to allow another 6″ from the wall.

Made out of breathable leather gel, this gaming couch is significantly more durable when it comes to wear and tear than most artificial leathers.

Besides, even if you spill anything on the couch, there is nothing for you to worry about as the leather won’t soak anything.


When ergonomics are concerned, this gaming couch can recline to allow you to lay more comfortably. On top of that, you can also enjoy a footrest for the ultimate comfort.


As we mentioned above, this gaming couch certainly doesn’t lack features. The most notable feature is the USB charging station. So, if you are a mobile or a tablet gamer, you can game for hours on end without worrying that you may eventually run out of battery.

Moreover, with this gaming couch, you can also enjoy in-arm storage, LED lighted cup holders, ambient base lighting, and an included table tray per person.

Similarly to the product above, the Seatcraft Omega Home Gaming Couch can only be found on the Seat Craft website.

Best 1-Seater Couch for Gaming

If you plan on solo gaming, then there is simply no need for you to invest large sums of money in a 2 or 3-seater gaming couch. Rather, you would be much better off with the FLOGUOR 360-Degree Swivel Foldable Floor Gaming Couch.

The best price at the time of writing was $129.99.


Measuring at 16.9″ (L) x 21.7″ (W) x 31.5″ (H) and weighing at 23.1lbs, this foldable gaming seat can be your perfect gaming partner if you have a smaller room or are looking for something that is easy to move around and put away.

Having been made out of durable fabric, foam, and steel, you can rest assured that the wear and tear will be minimal over the years. If you aren’t a huge fan of the grey, you can also find this product in blue and brown.


As for ergonomics, this gaming couch certainly doesn’t lack flexibility. Whether you are looking to game, watch TV, or simply take a nap, you can use any of the 6 backrest adjustable settings to better fit your needs.

This chaise couch also uses a Japanese KoYo-LG base mechanism, which allows it to swivel at 360 degrees in any direction for better viewing angle.


When it comes to features such as USB ports, cup holders, or trays, unfortunately, this gaming seat doesn’t offer any of that. However, since you will be very close to the floor, you could use that as a place to put all of your drinks and snacks, while always being careful not to spill anything by rotating around.

If any of the above sounds like something you’re looking for, then besides Amazon, you can find this 1-seater couch for gaming on the Best Choice Products website.

Who Are Gaming Couches For?

While gaming chairs and regular sofas are great, couches for gaming bring a whole new experience to the scene that will truly take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Depending on your gaming setup, using just any old couch or sofa for your gaming nights might place a constant strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. Staying in an unnatural position will likely become problematic over time, and lower your enjoyment of games and overall gaming performance.

Besides, if you have a dedicated gaming room, you probably haven’t even considered where your friends and family will sit. When you have your friends over to play games, you would want to have an equal playing field so that nobody can complain that they were playing at a disadvantage.

Simply because there are so many video game couches to choose from, you can certainly find a couch that will also work for non-gaming purposes as well. Laying back and relaxing will be just as good when watching a movie, or listening to music.

So, if you either hurt anywhere in your body after a gaming session, or simply want more comfortable space for your friends when they come over, a gaming couch will prove very beneficial.

Runner-Up Pick

Are you after a decent couch for gaming nights but don’t really fancy spending thousands of dollars on a single piece of furniture? Then you’d be pleased to hear that we are going to present you with the Modern Faux Leather Convertible Gaming Couch.

The best price at the time of writing was $194.99.


This full-on futon features a very modern, sleek, and futuristic look that can easily be used both for gaming nights as well as casual daily use.

Measuring at 30.5″ (L) x 65.25″ (W) x 31″ (H) and weighing at 61.73lbs, this gaming couch combines PU leather and metal to bring a comfortable sitting area for gaming.

This particular design is made for 2 people if you decide to bring down the cupholder wrist rest, however, this couch can easily become a comfortable sitting area for up to three people with a total weight of 500lbs.


When ergonomics are concerned, this couch features a reclining backrest with three adjustable positions for sitting up straight, sitting at 75 degrees, and lying flat, which can also make this piece of fine furniture become a comfortable place for a nap or a sleepover after a prolonged gaming session.


As this couch is within a pretty affordable price bracket, you cannot expect a whole lot of features that some of the gaming couches from above have to offer.

On the bright side, with this couch, you can enjoy a dedicated tray that can be popped down from the middle of the unit, which features 2 cup holders, and plenty of space for all of your snacks.

Yes, there might not be a USB port or leg rests, but for that price, this product, in our opinion, is totally worth every cent.

If you’re interested in the modern faux leather convertible gaming couch, you can find it on Amazon.

Other Great Gaming Couches

Didn’t quite find what you were looking for from our above selection? Take a look at 4 other great gaming couches that would make an awesome addition to your gaming station.

Modern Faux Leather Convertible Gaming Couch

If you are after a rather compact gaming couch that doesn’t look too bulky or takes too much space in your room, then the Modern Faux Leather Convertible Gaming Couch might be perfect for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $274.99.


Aesthetically, this is by far our most favorite couch. It is not only sleek, modern, and simple as it follows more of a Scandinavian look but is also very comfortable to game on.

The couch itself measures 75.5″ (L) x 28.25″ (W) x 33″ (H) and weighs just under 100lbs; 95.8lbs to be exact, which means that it is relatively easy to find its place in a room and move around should you need to make use of its ergonomics in a tighter space.

Ideally, this couch is for 2 people if you want to have your own personal space, however, you can easily fit 3 or even 4 people on it up to 550lbs.


One of the most awesome features is that this couch can split recline, which means that one half can go fully down, while the other half can remain up.

As you could already guess, this couch can also be transformed into a double bed, making it perfect for relaxing and chilling out after a long gaming session.


As for any added features such as USB ports or LED lights, this gaming couch doesn’t come with any. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though if you are after a modern piece of furniture that can easily find its place within your home.

If you’d like to use this gaming couch for your gaming sessions, you can get it either from Amazon or from the Best Choice Products website.

FLOGUOR Floor Chaise Gaming Couch

If you aren’t a fan of the typical gaming couches, and want to be closer to the floor so that you can also rest your feet, then the FLOGUOR Floor Chaise Gaming Couch is the perfect pick for your needs.

The best price at the time of writing was $149.99.


Weighing at just 19.6lbs and measuring at only 27.2 x 22.6 x 15.7 inches, this solo gaming couch is the perfect gaming partner for anyone who is looking for both simplicity and comfort without spending hundreds of dollars.

The product itself is a fine combination of sponge and soft surface fabric, which naturally indicates that it will be pretty comfortable.


When ergonomics are concerned, the Japanese KoYo mechanism allows this couch to adjust to multiple positions from 90 degrees to fully flat. Because of that, you can either use the product like a couch or a bed to sleep on.

Besides that, you can also extend the seat so that you can provide further comfort to your feet as well.


Unfortunately, this particular gaming couch doesn’t have any modern features like USB ports, lights or even the simplest, cup holders. However, on the bright side, it is very portable and easy to move around thanks to it’s soft and light-weight design.

If you like this model and want to buy it, then it’s worth noting that it’s only available on Amazon.

DHP Emily Futon

The DHP Emily Futon is a fantastic gaming couch for anyone that is after pure simplicity, compactness, and comfort while enjoying games with friends and family to the fullest.

The best price at the time of writing was $219.00.


Visually, we love the aesthetics of this gaming couch. It is simple, clean, and modern looking. Because of that, it can easily be made part of pretty much any room.

Measuring at 70.5″ (L) x 30.5″ (W) x 15″ (H), this couch can easily accommodate up to three people at a maximum weight of 350lbs, and sleep two when the backrest is positioned flat.

If the velvet material in navy blue doesn’t quite rock your boat, you can also find this couch in black, burgundy, vanilla, and a few other colors.


As far as ergonomics are concerned, this gaming couch offers plenty of backrest adjustability settings for the optimal level of comfort. Besides, the split-back design provides multiple positions, including those for lounging and sleeping, should you decide to make this piece of furniture one for multipurpose use.


There are no tech gadgets like motor-powered recliners or footrest. There are no food trays, USB ports, or cup holders. This is quite simply a couch designed purely for allowing you to remain comfortable while enjoying video games with your friends and family.

If you’re a fan of this futon, you can get it either from Amazon, or from the DHP furniture website and Cymax.

Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

If you are a solo player, another great alternative to your standard couch or gaming chair is the Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair.

The best price at the time of writing was $134.96.


Visually, this product very much looks like a gaming chair, however, it is much more than that. Measuring at just 22.5″ x 22″ x 30″, and supporting weight of up to 300lbs, this couch is the perfect addition to any gamers’ setup that is looking for comfort, portability, and compactness.

This particular model is in black and red. However, there are multiple other combinations that you can preview on the retailer’s website.

The only real issue is that you will naturally be sitting at a very low point, so you will almost be looking upwards to the TV, which may not be ideal for your neck and your vision.

Thus, we recommend that you either get a gaming monitor sitting on the floor or a large enough TV for an optimal viewing angle.


In terms of ergonomics, this product features multiple reclining options to suit the needs of pretty much every gamer for a better viewing angle. Besides reclining ergonomics, this comfortable couch can also swivel 360 degrees in either direction so that you can enjoy all-around mobility.

Weighing at just 19.8 pounds and having the ability to fold, this couch is also very portable, meaning that you can store it away with ease after you are done gaming.


Unfortunately, this couch doesn’t feature any great tech gadgets like USB ports and power-recliners; however, since you will be practically sitting on the floor, you can simply leave your drinks and snacks within a hands reach.

Despite that, if you like this chair and want to use it for gaming, you can only find it on Amazon.

Picking the Right Gaming Couch for Your Needs

If you have reached this far within this guide, you probably still haven’t quite made up your mind in terms of which couch to go for.

So, to give you a hand and help you choose, we will provide you with a few scenarios and the gaming sofa that would suit that particular scenario, and hopefully, you will be able to relate to at least one of them.

Scenario 1: Let’s say that you have a few friends over in your gaming room on a regular basis, and want to have an uninterrupted, comfortable, and super enjoyable gaming experience for hours at a time.

In this situation, provided you have sufficient space in your gaming room, we would recommend you our 3-seater pick, the Solstice Leather Gaming Couch by Seatcraft.

Scenario 2: Let’s imagine that you really like playing with a particular person or even your significant other on the weekend, and want to really have the best gaming experience possible. You are very much after an ergonomic couch that reclines, has a footrest, USB ports, trays, snack storage areas, and a cup holder.

In this case, we’d recommend you to get our 2-seater pick, the Seatcraft Omega Home Gaming Couch.

Scenario 3: You are looking for a comfortable piece of furniture for your own gaming needs that you can use on a regular basis while playing with your friends online. You don’t want to spend a whole lot of money as you don’t really care about anything besides comfort, durability, and some ergonomics.

In that case, we’d recommend you the FLOGUOR 360-Degree Swivel Foldable Floor Gaming Couch.

Final Thoughts

Proper couches with all the gadgets and features that you could possibly need as a gamer will cost you upwards of a thousand dollars.

More standard couches without that much functionality in ergonomics and technology can be picked up for just a few hundred dollars.

You can really pick up something comfortable and ergonomic like the FLOGUOR 360-Degree Swivel Foldable Floor Gaming Couch for just over 100 dollars.

Typically, the more you pay for a gaming couch, the more gadgets and features you will get. Besides, the quality of the material that it’s made out of is also much more durable and long-lasting.