Best Gaming Headset for Big Heads: Compared & Reviewed

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Finding a gaming headset that can perfectly fit the size of your head can be quite a challenging experience, especially if you are on the bigger end of the scale.

To help you find the best gaming headset for a big head, we conducted extensive market research and considered the following on each headset:

  • Size
  • Sound Quality
  • Microphone Quality
  • Noise-Cancellation
  • Connectivity
  • Comfort
  • Build Quality

During our research, we came up with quite an extensive list of great contenders for the top spots. Once we had that list, we then narrowed down our selection to the eight top headsets for big heads.

If you’re looking for a headset without a built-in mic, we recommend the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headset. For a wireless option with a microphone, our pick is the ASTRO A50 headset.

Let’s take a look at our top picks in more detail.

Why You Can Trust This Review

Before recommending any headsets for big heads, we first had to understand the market and the problems gamers faced. Using our findings, we went out and conducted extensive market research by considering each headsets’ size, sound quality, microphone quality, noise-cancellation features (if any), connectivity, comfort, and build quality.

In the end, we had a very extensive list of decent contenders for the final eight spots. Our next challenge was to narrow down our list and pick out the top eight headsets that fit our requirements based on the initial community research.

By fully understanding the consumer’s pain points and conducting our research in accordance with that, only then could we could recommend you practical solutions with utmost confidence.

How We Picked

When picking the headsets for our final selection, we considered their:


As this product guide and review is focused on headsets for big heads, for a particular headset to be considered, we look at how far the headset can expand to suit a range of different head sizes – including those on the larger end of the spectrum.

We considered all of those that could accommodate individuals with heads larger than average.

Sound Quality

When it comes to a gaming headset, sound quality is probably the most important factor when it comes to performance. As a gamer, you don’t want to purchase a headset that doesn’t have good sound quality. Poor sounding speakers will not only make your game sound worse in general, but you will often not catch all those positional cues that your enemies nearby leave behind.

To overcome this obstacle, we ensured that every headset we recommend features high sound quality speakers.

Microphone Quality

Unless you are already using an external microphone for your gaming sessions, another important feature of any headset that you want to consider would be the microphone. In-game communications are vital to your in-game performance when you play online with a bunch of your friends. Just like you’d like to hear them perfectly without any strange noises coming through the microphone, they want to have the very same experience coming from your end.

To ensure a flawless level of communication, at least from your end, all of the headsets that we have recommended below feature a microphone of a high-quality.


When gaming, every single noise is important information that you can use to achieve your in-game objectives. This is where noise-canceling headphones come in very handy as they shut off any external noise from getting to your ears.

As noise-canceling headphones can be quite expensive, we have only included a selected few so that people who don’t wish to invest in a noise-canceling headset don’t have to spend extra money on this pricy technology.


There are two options for you to pick from – wired vs. wireless. Despite the debate of which is better, both kinds have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While the wired headset is indeed faster and more responsive, wireless headsets aren’t too far behind. In fact, you will barely notice a difference.

While we’d like to leave the choice of which headset you go for up to yourself, we had to be fair and include several headsets that featured both wired and wireless connectivity.


We are all guilty of playing games a little too much sometimes. A little too much can come in the form of an extra 30 minutes or 5 hours straight on the weekend. For those thinking that these are rookie numbers, the comfort of the headset definitely applies to you, and it’s something you should take very seriously unless you want your ears to hurt after each gaming session.

During our research, we excluded any headsets that didn’t feature any comfortable and long-lasting ear padding. Though such can be quite comfortable at the beginning, shortly after, they can cause quite severe pain around your ears.

Build Quality

Headsets can be quite expensive, especially if you go for the higher-end ones. The build quality of just about any headset is of huge importance as it can pretty much directly impact the longevity of the product. If it feels cheap or is made out of plastic, then a drop on the floor can easily scratch or break the headset.

To ensure maximum value for money, we ensured that all of our recommendations feature a decent build quality that can withstand daily use and minor accidents.

Best Wired Gaming Headset for Big Heads

After concluding our extensive research, we came to the conclusion that in our opinion, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is the best wired gaming headset for big heads.

The best price at the time of writing was $179.00.

Visually speaking, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO looks clean and trendy. Our personal favorite aspect of this headset is the grilles-like covers on the side of each of the speakers. It really makes the headset stand out from the crowd and can nicely complement your overall setup when idle on your gaming headset stand.

Construction-wise, the DT 990 PRO is made out of stainless steel, which contributes greatly to the headset’s durability and longevity. From a comfort standpoint, each earpiece is equipped with soft velour ear pads while the adjustable padded headband firmly grips the headset around your head.

One of the most notable features of this headset is that if any part breaks, it can easily be replaced. So rather than having to throw out the entire headset in the unlikely scenario that something breaks, you can easily replace the part for cheap.

As this headset is wired, you will need to make use of the 3M straight cable to establish a connection. One advantage of this headset is that you don’t need to buy the recommended Antlion Noise-Cancelling Microphone for this headset if you already have a standalone microphone, providing for a cleaner look.

If the limited edition black exterior doesn’t quite rock your boat, you can find this exact model in Gray.

You can currently find this gaming headset on sites like Amazon and the official Beyerdynamic website.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset for Big Heads

In our opinion, the ASTRO Gaming A50 is not only the best wireless gaming headset for big heads but is also the best overall gaming headset that we came across during our market research.

The best price at the time of writing was $299.99.

Straight out of the box, the first thing we noticed about the A50 is its sleek and modern-looking design in smooth black. To supplement the looks, the solid construction and premium build design further improve the longevity of this headset.

The A50 delivers an immersive audio and sound experience that delivers unmatched sound clarity. Thanks to the Dolby audio, you can enjoy a cinematic and high-resolution gaming audio experience.

For further control of the headsets’ audio settings, you can make use of the Astro command center software, where you can adapt the audio settings of your headset to your personal liking.

One pretty cool feature of this headset is the flip-to-mute microphone, which essentially mutes the microphone as soon as you lift it up to your headband.

In regards to compatibility, this headset is suitable for both PC and Xbox gamers. If you are a PlayStation console gamer, then make sure to get the PlayStation-Compatible ASTRO Gaming A50 headset.

Though wireless, using the integrated Bluetooth technology of the headset, you can seamlessly establish a wireless connection between the headset and your system and game for over 15 hours before you need to recharge the battery.

The ASTRO Gaming A50 headset can be found on both Amazon and the official Astro Gaming website.

Best Budget Gaming Headset for Big Heads

If you are on a budget and are looking to grab a decent gaming headset for your big head without spending a whole lot of money, then the Corsair HS60 PRO is a very decent choice.

The best price at the time of writing was $55.67.

Despite its low price point, from a design standpoint, Corsair has done a fantastic job with the HS60 PRO. It is sleek, simple, and very clean-looking. One could argue that this headset could even compete with some of its higher-end competitors – visually at least.

The HS60 PRO features a lightweight and durable construction supplemented with aluminum yokes, while the entire exterior is wrapped up in smooth black for a nice and complete finish.

Regarding performance, the HS60 PRO hosts high-grade custom 50mm neodymium audio drivers, which are responsible for delivering superb sound quality, which allows you to pick up all the surrounding intel that most headphones miss out on.

The fully detachable noise-canceling unidirectional microphone is great for establishing crystal-clear communication with your team with exceptional voice clarity.

One of the most notable features of this headset is its flexibility regarding system compatibility. Whether you are a PC gamer or an Xbox Series X gamer, you can make use of this headset without any issues. Aside from that, it is also suitable for all other mainstream platforms like Nintendo Switch.

As far as comfort is concerned, this headset hosts a set of adjustable ear cups fitted with plush memory foam, which will be very easy on your ears, even during long gaming sessions.

If you want to make use of the Corsair HS60 PRO, you can buy this headset from the Corsair website and Amazon.

Runner Up

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is undoubtedly one of our top picks when it comes to headsets for bigger heads. From design to performance, it really has it all.

The best price at the time of writing was $176.79.

Made out of titanium, the BlackShark V2 PRO by Razer is really a headset to have. It is not only durable thanks to its solid construction but is also very comfortable thanks to the oval, cooling gel-infused ear cushions that prevent overheating or the build-up of pressure. Besides that, it also looks amazing.

Though this headset is wireless, you can make use of it for over 20 hours with a single charge. This is one of the best headsets for big heads on the market in terms of its battery life.

Thanks to the THX 7.1 Surround Sound, this headset can provide you with industry-leading audio quality for higher and more real-to-life in-game immersion.

To further improve the sound quality, the BlackShark V2 Pro makes use of triforce titanium 50mm high-end sound drivers, which can individually fine-tune highs, mids, and lows.

Besides all those fancy terms, this headset is great for hearing those silent footsteps and getting all the enemy positional cues with crystal-clear clarity to improve your in-game performance.

As for the microphone, this headset features a detachable Razer Hyperclear Cardioid Microphone tuned for picking up your voice with clarity while eliminating any external sound from getting picked up.

When it comes to compatibility, the BlackShark V2 PRO is primarily made for PC gamers though you can use it on various mainstream console platforms.

The BlackShark V2 PRO can be bought from sites like Amazon and the official Razer website.

Other Great Gaming Headsets

In case you didn’t find the headset you were looking for, below we have four other great alternatives.

HyperX Cloud Orbit S

The HyperX Cloud Orbit S is another performance-enhanced gaming headset that can easily fit anyone regardless of the size of your head thanks to its super adjustable headband.

The best price at the time of writing was $194.99.

As a pretty big fan of HyperX headphones, from a visual standpoint, I have nothing but great things to say about the Cloud Orbit S. This over-the-ear headset features a high-quality and durable build wrapped up in black throughout. When you get a hold of the headset, you will instantly feel its high-quality design.

In regards to performance, this wired headset for big heads features a detachable noise-cancellation microphone with a pop filter for eliminating any random sounds and noises for crystal-clear communication.

One of the most notable features of his headset is the Audeze planar magnetic drivers, which use ultra-thin speaker diaphragms and powerful magnets. In combination with the super-fast frequency response, the headset minimizes distortion and takes audio immersion and clarity to a whole new level.

All those performance-enhancing features would be incomplete with supreme comfort. Luckily, HyperX have done their due diligence with the Cloud Orbit S model, which features earpads made out of memory foam and premium leatherette.

The great thing about these HyperX headphones is that they are compatible with nearly every mainstream platform and system, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PS, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and more.

If the above sounds like what you’ve been looking for, you can get this headset from the official HyperX website and Amazon.

Corsair Void RGB Elite

If you are someone who wants a little bit more of a headset when it comes to design, then the Corsair Void RGB Elite is a great mid-range choice for a gaming headset.

The best price at the time of writing was $77.48.

Visually, the Corsair Void RGB Elite is unlike any other headset on our list of headsets for big heads. One particularly noticeable design feature is that the headband isn’t attached at the top of the speakers but from behind, which is what makes these headphones unique.

The entire exterior of the headset is wrapped up in black carbon-like color. The aluminum construction provides an additional level of durability, while the breathable microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear padding guarantee comfort for hours on end.

As far as performance is concerned, this headset features a premium, custom-tuned 50-millimeter high-density neodymium audio driver with a frequency range of 20 Hz all the way to 30,000 Hz. If you want to hear the lightest of footsteps and all other positional cues, this headset is for you.

The integrated microphone is also great. Its omnidirectional design can easily pick up your voice with exceptional clarity for crisp and clear communication.

From a compatibility standpoint, this headset can function fine across a range of platforms and systems, including PC, PS5, and PS4. If you use Xbox, you should just opt-in for the Xbox variant of the Corsair Void RGB Elite.

If you aren’t a big fan of the carbon-colored headset, you can also find this model in white.

If you want to make use of the Corsair Void RGB Elite, you can buy it from Best Buy, the official Corsair website, and Amazon.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

If you are looking for a middle-range gaming headset for your big head, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is a suitable choice.

The best price at the time of writing was $193.86.

Speaking of design, this Hyper X model features a more extravagant stainless steel design wrapped up in black. One rather unique aspect of this headset is that the headband isn’t connected to the headband frame near the top, which leaves plenty of room for expanding the headset to your head size requirements.

One of the most notable features of this gaming headset for big heads is the studio-grade sound stage, which provides an immersive and close-to-life gaming experience.

For premium comfort to supplement the great audio performance of this headset, HyperX have used their signature memory foam with premium leatherette.

Thanks to the plug ‘n’ play Dolby surround 7.1, you can use this headset right away without having to install any software.

As for the microphone, it is one of the best that we have seen. Besides being detachable, it is also noise cancellation certified for software like TeamSpeak and Discord.

If you want to buy the HyperX Cloud Revolver S, you can find this headset on the HyperX website and Amazon.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

And last but not least, we have the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2. Though simple and lightweight in nature, this headset hosts several impressive performance features.

The best price at the time of writing was $149.95.

From a visual standpoint, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 features a very sleek and compact build structure wrapped up in black with a headband that can easily adjust as per the size requirements of your head.

The headband itself is reinforced with metal to ensure durability, while the aerofit cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions guarantee a premium level of comfort.

The headset itself is fully wireless and can be connected to your console via Bluetooth for a seamless and uninterrupted connection for smooth gameplay.

This headset is a direct upgrade from the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 series. As a result, this time around, the Gen 2 features an upgraded chat redesigned to accommodate flip-to-mute mic and upgraded audio with reconstructed acoustics and precision-tuned 50mm nanoclear speakers.

Those are responsible for providing a more realistic and crisp sound for a more immersive and realistic gaming experience.

If you’re after this headset, you can buy it from Microsoft, the official Turtle Beach website, and Amazon.

Shopping Tips for Getting Your Headset

Before picking your next headset, here are a few tips that you should consider.

Microphone and Audio Quality Are Very Important

The two most important aspects of a gaming headset, at least when performance is concerned, revolve around the quality of the speakers and the microphone. Without good sound quality, your headset won’t give you enough high-quality audio feedback to gain important intel on your enemies.

On the flip side, if you have a poor microphone, that can make the communication between you and your teammates more inefficient and annoying – especially if your headset microphone catches our random noises.

To avoid this, pick a headset with a decent microphone.

The Comfort Your Headset Provides Will Have a Big Impact on Your Gaming Experience

One thing you definitely want to avoid is purchasing a headset that is uncomfortable. It will not only start to hurt your ears over time but will also make your gaming experience not as pleasurable as it should be, especially during those long gaming sessions.

You want to ensure that the headset you go for has cushions or high-quality, comfortable, and long-lasting padding that will protect your ears from getting hurt or squeezed too hard.

Wired vs Wireless – Which One is Better?

There is a fairly big debate in the community when it comes to comparing wired vs. wireless headsets. When it comes to connectivity, wired will always have a slight advantage over wireless purely because it is directly plugged into your PC or console, just like LAN connection is faster than WiFi.

As to which one you should go for, that is completely up to you. The difference in response time is nothing significant that you will notice, and it’s more of a matter of whether you want to deal with recharging the batteries of your wireless headset or deal with the annoying cable.

Picking the Right Product for Your Needs

Picking the right gaming headset for your big head can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. To help you find the best headset for your needs, we create three highly relevant scenarios alongside the best headset for each one.

So, if you happen to closely relate to any of them, you will find the headset that best suits your needs.

Scenario 1: You want to take your wireless gaming experience to a whole new level, and are looking for the best wireless gaming headset for big heads. In that case, we’d recommend out our top wireless pick, the ASTRO Gaming A50.

Scenario 2: You don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, but still don’t want to compromise on audio and microphone quality. In this case, we’d recommend you our runner-up pick, the wireless Razer BlackShark V2 Pro.

Scenario 3: You are on a tight budget and are ideally looking for the cheapest possible yet decent headset. After concluding our research, we came to the conclusion that the Corsair HS60 PRO is the best cheap gaming headset for big heads.

Final Thoughts

During our research, we came across dozens of great gaming headsets for big heads. As we couldn’t include all, we wanted to mention a couple of other great gaming headsets for big heads that didn’t make it to our top eight list.

They include the Logitech G733, Razer Kraken X, and Logitech G PRO X.

Some of the reasons why we didn’t include these headsets over the ones that you saw previously mainly revolved around value for money and missing features that the competition had.