The Best Gaming Laptop Accessories in 2022 – A Guide & Review

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Whether you are always on the go and want to be able to game wherever you go or have simply chosen to play video games on a laptop, that alone shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite titles to the fullest.

As laptops aren’t the most practical way to game, you can get a number of accessories to boost your gaming experience and in-game performance.

To help you pick the best gaming laptop accessories, we searched through the entire market to find the best and most relevant products while considering their:

  • Value for Money
  • Necessity for a Good Gaming Experience
  • Size & Practicality
  • Compatibility

Once we accumulated a decent list of products, we then narrowed down our list to the best eight products from each type and reviewed each one.

Let’s take a look at our findings.

Why You Can Trust This Review

Before we pick and review each of the products that you will see later in this guide, we first made sure that the particular type of item is relevant to you as a laptop gamer. Then, we thoroughly research the market to ensure that what we are recommending is really the best amongst its competitors on the market.

Our goal is to always provide you with the most relevant and confident recommendations that we decide to review based on the research that we carry out. This way, when you are shopping, you know you are getting the best value for money and one of the best products across the board.

How We Picked

When picking the best gaming laptop accessories, we took into consideration each products:

Value for Money

One of the most important factors that we took into consideration when picking the products for our final selection is the value for money that each of the accessories offers. We don’t believe that you should be spending more money than you have to.

As a result, all gaming laptop accessories that we deemed to be a little too expensive than they need to be were excluded from the products you will find below.

Necessity for a Good Gaming Experience

When picking the accessories for a gaming laptop, we always asked ourselves whether this particular product would be of use to the large majority of laptop gamers. If not, we left it behind and if yes, we made sure to include it – at least as many as we could fit in this guide and review.

Size & Practicality

As the large majority of laptop gamers tend to travel around quite often, it only made sense that we pick accessories that are relatively decent in size and are practical to carry around. For that very reason, we didn’t include particular mainstream gaming accessories and picked their smaller counterparts.


Before we picked any of the accessories that you will see below, we ensured that they are fully compatible with a wide range of laptops and operating systems. This way, regardless of what brand laptop you have or what OS you are running, you will be able to take advantage of the accessories we have recommended.

Though we have done our due diligence to ensure an optimal level of flexibility in regards to the accessories we have selected, do make sure that the one’s you are interested in are compatible with your gaming laptop.

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL

As a laptop gamer, it is essential to keep your setup as compact as possible so that you can bring all of your accessories everywhere you go. For that reason, we’d recommend you the SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL, which is a fantastic, tenkeyless (no numpad) keyboard.

The best price at the time of writing was $177.80.

As a proud owner of this keyboard, I have nothing but great things to say about it. As far as design is concerned, the TKL Apex 7 is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making it very durable and strong. For further longevity, the keyboard is wrapped in a metal framing manufactured to last for a lifetime.

In terms of performance, the Apex 7 TKL featurer red mechanical gaming switches across the entire keyboard. They also will ensure that your keyboard lasts for over 50 million keypresses. Aside from that, the Apex 7 also hosts 100% anti-ghosting technology, making this keyboard perfect for recording every single key-press without fail.

In case you are into RGB lights, you’d be delighted to hear that this keyboard is home to one of the best lighting technologies on the keyboard market. You can customize your keyboard to your liking with millions of color options and combinations.

As I value comfortability quite a lot, I must admit that using the removable magnetic wrist rest has been of great a great overall benefit to the health of my wrists and in-game performance. The fact that you can remove it also allows you more flexibility in terms of travelling and bringing the keyboard along with you.

This keyboard also hosts a couple of interesting features, which I am yet to use myself. One of those would be the USB 3.0 passthrough located near the power cable.

Another awesome feature of the Apex 7 is the OLED smart display, which you can use for displaying information from a wide-range of applications including Spotify and Discord. I personally have chosen to upload an image of my choice, and though it is in black and white, it looks pretty cool.

If you like this gaming keyboard, you can buy it from Amazon and the SteelSeries website.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Using the laptop mouse to game is unpractical, uncomfortable, and certainly not optimal. When gaming, you need to get your hands on a gaming mouse that will not disappoint. We’d highly recommend you the Logitech G Pro Wireless, especially if you would like to reduce the number of cables in your setup.

The best price at the time of writing was $113.49.

Visually speaking, the Logitech G Pro features a very ergonomic and ambidextrous design that makes this gaming mouse a fantastic choice for both right and left-handed gamers. Wrapped up in smooth black, the super sleek RGB-lit logo and three dots above give the mouse a really cool appeal.

Since the mouse is ambidextrous, you will find 2 sets of extra keys on both sides of the mouse to provide a fair environment regardless of which hand you use to game.

In regards to performance, the pro-grade and eSports optimization technology of this mouse overcomes traditional limitations that normally come with wireless mice. This mouse is so quick that it has a super-quick 1ms response rate – perhaps even faster than some wired mice?

One of the most notable features of this muse is the HERO 25K optical sensor, which you can customize to your liking and increase your DPI up to 25,600.

The ultralight design and durable construction, this mouse is perfect for both the competitive scene and casual gaming. The buttons are designed to last you for over 50 million clicks.

As far as compatibility is concerned, this mouse can be connected to quite literally every standard operating system and laptop device.

If this gaming mouse is what you’ve been looking for, you can buy it from Amazon and the official Logitech website.

Microsoft Elite Series 2 Controller

If you aren’t particularly interested in mouse and keyboard gaming, you can go wireless using a controller. After some research, we concluded that the Microsoft Elite Series 2 Controller would be the best pick for the job.

The best price at the time of writing was $145.99.

Purely visually speaking, the Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller is sleek and super-premium in design. You can customize it with new interchangeable thumb sticks and paddle shapes for added comfort and stability.

Thanks to the new and better battery, you can enjoy smooth wireless gameplay of up to 40 hours before the need for any recharge. When it comes to recharging, the battery of the controller can be recharged from zero to 100% in just under two hours.

In regards to compatibility, this controller can only be used either for the Xbox platform itself or Windows 10.

Within the carrying case, you will find the controller, a set of 6x thumb sticks: 2x standard, 2x classic, 1x tall, 1x wide dome, 4x paddles: 2x medium, 2x mini, and a set of 2 D-pads: standard and faceted as well as thumbstick-adjustment tool, charging dock, and a USB-C cable.

Generally speaking, you can hardly find a better controller than Microsoft’s Elite Series 2 controller within this price range.

If you like this controller, you can buy it from Amazon and the Xbox store.

Lenovo Legion Recon

If you have a gaming laptop, chances are that you are on the go quite a lot. While traveling, or simply wanting to keep your laptop safe from any scratches or accidental damage while not in use, you can simply use a laptop gaming backpack such as the Lenovo Legion Recon.

The best price at the time of writing was $34.99.

Carrying your gaming setup in a gaming backpack is a great idea. It is quite literally made for storing all of your gaming accessories safely when traveling. The Legion Recon by Lenovo is a fantastic and affordable choice for a gaming backpack.

In regards to dimensions, when laying flat, this backpack measures ‎6.3″ (H) x 11.62″ (W) x 19.5″ (L) and weighs only 2.01 pounds. Within the backpack, there is plenty of room for a 15.6″ gaming laptop as well as all of your gaming gear and accessories, which can find their place in one of the many dedicated pockets within the backpack.

You will have no trouble at all when it comes to protecting your gaming gear when traveling and using the Legion Recon. Its rugged base provides you with extra protection in case you drop the backpack. If you live in a hot and humid environment, the breathable back padding will be of huge relief. You will no longer sweat anywhere near as much compared to if you were to wear a normal backpack.

In the main compartment, you can fit up to to 267 x 30 x 362 mm (10. 5″ (W) x 1. 2″ (H) x 14. 3″) of equipment.

If you’re a fan of the Lenovo Legion Recon, you can buy it from Amazon and the Lenovo website.

havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptops are usually very compact in design. Despite that, manufacturers still manage to make gaming laptops super powerful. This, unfortunately, leads to overheating problems, which isn’t good for your gaming laptop. If you want to keep your gaming laptop cool at all times, get the havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad. You won’t regret it.

The best price at the time of writing was $34.99.

The havit RGB laptop cooling pad features three 1,100 RPM silent cooling fans, which sit right underneath a metal mesh. While the fans provide a sufficient level of airflow to cool down even the most performance-enhanced gaming laptop, the metal mesh will provide a further cooling effect and stability to your laptop.

In most cases, cooling pad fans aren’t controllable, but with this havit RGB model, you can customize them to your liking. If you are playing a video game such as Warzone, you can increase the RPM of your fans to cool down your laptop. On the flip side, if you are only doing some light work, you can knock down the RPM, which will also save you a lot of power.

In regards to noise output, you’ll have nothing to worry about. The fans are super silent even when operating at their maximum speed. Of course, the lower the RPM, the quieter they will be, but it is nothing significant.

When it comes to size, this particular model weighs just 2.22lbs and measures only 15.75″ (L) x 11.81″ (W) x 1.57″ (H), allowing you to easily fit it in your backpack. As for compatibility, this cooling pad can effectively cool any laptops that are between 15.6″ and 17″ in screen size.

One pretty cool feature of this cooling pad is the two height-adjustable settings, allowing you to set the pad as per your requirements. If you game on a desk, you can also take advantage of the big, non-slip baffle, which is centrally fitted to the bottom of the pad for extra stability.

If this cooling pad solves your heating problems, you can buy it from Amazon and the havit website.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Just because you are gaming from a laptop, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy great in-game audio. While headphones can be quite difficult to carry around, earbuds will certainly do the job just as well and save you on a ton of space. After some research, we concluded that the Sony WF-1000XM3 are the best gaming earbuds on the market today.

The best price at the time of writing was $228.00.

From a visual standpoint, the Sony WF-1000XM3 looks great. They are sleek and super minimalistic. Each of the earbuds is wrapped up in smooth black while the Sony logo is printed in fine copper-like color. As these earbuds are fully wireless and super compact, you can take them with you everywhere you go.

To give you an idea, the whole storage case measures 8″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 4.6″ (H) and weighs just 1.1 pounds, which can easily find its place in any gaming backpack. In the package itself, you will find the 2x earbuds, a 6-pack of isolating memory foam ear tips, a 6-pack of silicone ear tips as well as all charging cables, and the portable earbud case.

As far as performance is concerned, the WF-1000XM3’s feature an HD noise-canceling processor, which cancels a significant amount of noise across almost all frequencies. On top of that, it uses a lot less power, which allows your earbuds to last for longer.

The QN1e processor also combines digital noise cancellation, 24-bit audio signal processing, and a digital-to-analog converter with a headphone amplifier to generate stunning audio with minimal sound distortion.

In regards to longevity, these earbuds can last anywhere between 6 to 8 hours on a single charge. If noise canceling is on, then the battery life goes down to six. If off, it goes up to eight. With just 10 minutes of charge time, you can use the earbuds for up to 90 minutes.

If these headphones are what you’ve been looking for, you can buy them from the official Sony website and Amazon.

Volessence 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank

While on the go, it is essential for you to have ample power. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of battery mid-gaming session. For that reason, we would suggest that you get yourself a power bank. The Volessence 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank is a great, long-lasting choice.

The best price at the time of writing was $125.50.

This power bank for gaming laptops by Volessence can store up to 50000 mAh of power. This means that you can charge the average laptop a number of times, depending on the size of your laptop’s battery. If we take as an example the MacBook Pro 13, though not suitable for gaming, using this power bank, you can charge it up to three times.

Considering the fact that this power bank only measures 7.68″ (L) x 5.91″ (W) x 1.1″ (H) and weighs just 2.55lbs, you can easily store it within your backpack.

It also supports a wide range of voltage requirements including 5, 8.4, 9, 12, 16, and 20 volts, allowing you to use this power bank to charge your mobile phone, tablet, and a range of different power-hungry devices. Alternatively, if you wish to use a particular device live, such as a projector or a wireless router, you can use this power bank for that too.

On the front side of the power bank, you will find 4x output ports including 1x DC, 2x USB, and 1x Type-C. It also hosts a single DC 19V/2A input port, allowing you to charge up the power bank from 0% to 100% in just 6-8 hours.

If you like this power bank, you can buy it from Amazon.

Seagate Expansion 1TB SSD

Whether you don’t want to fill up your laptop’s internal storage with large video game files or simply don’t have adequate storage on your gaming laptop, the Seagate Expansion 1TB SSD would be a great solution to your storage problems.

The best price at the time of writing was $129.99.

When it comes to extremal SSD’s, one of the most important aspects of the device that you need to consider is its size and practicality. We loved this particular model for just that. It measures just 6″ (L) x 4.25″ (W) x 1.5″ (H) and weighs just 2.29 ounces. It’s so tiny and compact that you can practically have it in your pocket.

Using the single USB 3.0 port, you can transfer data of up to 400 Mbps/s. Though this SSD comes with a USB cable, you will need to purchase an adapter separately if you want to use USB Type-C computers.

In regards to compatibility, this SSD can work perfectly fine with nearly all Windows laptops and Mac OS systems. If 1TB is a little too much for you, you can always grab this exact model in 500GB.

If you’re a fan of this SSD, you can buy it from Amazon and Seagate.

Laptop Accessories Shopping Tips

Before you click the buy button, make sure that the accessories you are buying perfectly match your needs. Here are a couple of pointers you should follow.

Get the Accessories That Best Apply to Your Needs

If you know for a fact that you aren’t going to need a particular accessory, then there is no need for you to invest money in it. As an example, if you are someone who is on the go a lot, you might find it more relevant and practical to get yourself some gaming earbuds as opposed to gaming speakers.

If you find that your gaming laptop tends to overheat when you play certain games, it will be very relevant for you to get a laptop cooling pad to preserve the quality and health of your laptop.

Avoid Unpractical Accessories if You Plan to Travel a Lot

If you are planning on traveling on a regular basis and want to bring along your gaming laptop, then you should keep your setup as minimal as possible. Here are a few great ideas for reducing the overall size of your gaming setup.

  • Rather than getting a full-sized keyboard, get a TKL or 60% gaming keyboard. They are just as good but are much smaller.
  • Get a cooling pad that matches your exact gaming laptop’s size. No need for a bigger cooling pad than you need. It will just take up more space for no reason.
  • Instead of a full-on gaming headset, get yourself some gaming earbuds. Just as good and in times more compact.
  • Wireless will be of huge benefit as you won’t have to worry about storing additional cables.

Final Thoughts

The above-suggested products are some of the most necessary gaming accessories that you need to make part of your gaming laptop setup in order to enjoy your favorite titles to their fullest. Though you will hardly need anything else, we do have a couple of other relevant accessories that could be of a big benefit to your setup.

If you don’t have a desk where you can play your favorite video games, you can buy a compact lapdesk for gaming. In case you don’t like the idea of gaming using earbuds, you can simply get your hands on some gaming speakers or headphones for gaming. Some great choices would be the Razer Nommo Chroma, and SteelSeries Arctis 7 respectively.

Whichever accessories you decide to make part of your gaming laptop setup, rest assured that each one of them will have a big impact on your gaming experience.