The 8 Best Gaming Speakers in 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

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Gaming speakers can provide you with a whole different level of immersion and audio experience. In fact, until you try it for yourself using a high-grade audio system, you will never quite understand why one should pick speakers over a gaming headset.

Gaming speakers are mainly preferred over the standard headset as they add somewhat of a physical element during those intense gaming moments.

To help you find the best gaming speakers for your needs and budget, the DiamondLobby team and I decided to challenge ourselves with conducting all of the market research. This way, we can present you with a list of the best 8 gaming speakers on the market today.

The selection process was fairly simple. First, we conducted some community research to identify the needs and pain points of gamers who are currently making use of gaming speakers.

Using our findings, we then created 5-point criteria, which considered the price, design, audio quality, audio range, and bass power of the different products.

We found that the average top-end gaming speakers cost between $100 and $200, came in a pair of two, featured a fairly compact and minimalistic design, and provided a great audio quality regardless of the playback volume.

With all that in mind, let’s take a moment and explore our findings.

Why You Can Trust This Review

The goal of this guide and review is to provide you with our most transparent, unbiased, and confident recommendations when it comes to the best gaming speakers.

We knew that before we could recommend you a list of the best gaming speakers, we first had to understand the market and the needs and pain points of the consumers.

To do that, the DiamondLobby team and I began by conducting community research to understand the needs and pain points of gamers who are currently making use of such audio systems.

Using our findings, we then created criteria, which we compared against every product that we came across. This helped us filter through the large majority of audio systems, and help us select the best qualifying speakers.

Below, you can read more about our criteria and exactly how we picked the speakers that you will come across today in this guide.

How We Picked

We knew that picking the best 8 gaming speakers amongst a market that featured hundreds of great audio systems was going to be a challenge.

Thus, the team at DiamondLobby and I conducted thorough research into the community in order to identify the needs and pain points of gamers who are currently using gaming speakers.

Using our findings, we created 5 point criteria that helped us find the best qualifying speakers on the market, which we will review and compare in today’s guide.

Below, you can read more about each point within our criteria, and exactly what we looked for when it came to gaming speakers.


The cost of just about any product or service that we as consumers spend our money on has a tremendous impact on whether or not we decide to spend our money.

Generally speaking, the more expensive a particular gaming speaker is, the better quality it will be. From our research, we understood that while there are some gamers who are ready to purchase the best product out there, other’s would much rather get the most value for money.

Thus, to ensure that there is something for everyone, we decided to select gaming speakers from a range of different price points. They all had one thing in common – they were all worth their value for money.


If you decide to invest in gaming speakers, you know that they will become a big part of your gaming setup. For most gamers that we have spoken to, how accessories look as part of their gaming setup is super important.

Thus, to ensure that we can provide a great audio system for a range of gaming setup themes and styles, we’ve ensured to provide you with various speakers, all different in design.

Audio Quality

The quality of the audio that any given gaming speaker produced was of utmost importance to the gaming community. We knew that to form a list of the best gaming speakers, we had to completely eliminate all super budget-friendly sound systems.

Rightfully so, a particular product cannot be deemed the best if it lacks in the most important feature that it is being use for, producing high-quality audio.

So, the DiamondLobby team and I decided to eliminate any sound systems that did not meet a satisfactory level of quality. This of course boosted the average price of the speakers in this guide and review quite a lot.

Even then, we managed to source a vast range of the best speakers across a range of different price points. so that there is something for everyone’s needs and budget.

Audio Range

Our research showed that the range wasn’t of great importance as most of the gamers tend to game on a desk, with the speakers only a few feet from them. It is worth noting here that the range will definitely matter if you are playing in a larger room using a gaming projector or in your living room on your gaming TV.

We decided to include a vast range of gaming speakers who offered a variety of audio range-reach so that there was something for everyone’s needs.

Bass Power

After concluding our research, we found out that gaming speakers are more widely used by gamers who either play on a gaming TV or on a large screen in their cinema room. If that is the case for you, you will need louder and more bass-powered speakers to really immerse yourself in the games you play.

Alternatively, if you play on your desk, you don’t really need that much of a powerful speaker to get the same experience.

As there is no go-to solution, you really need to take a look at the place that you will be gaming within and decide how powerful of a audio system you need.

The DiamondLobby team and I have ensured to provide you with a vast range of gaming speakers that greatly vary in terms of bass power so that there is something for everyone’s needs.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick

If you are on the lookout for the best budget-friendly option when it comes to gaming speakers, it doesn’t get any better than the awesome Creative Pebble Plus.

The best price at the time of writing was $39.99.

Despite its low price point, the Creative Pebble Plus speakers are one of the best options for gamers simply because of their sound quality. The speakers are easy to connect with and even easier to manage.

The strength of the speakers is not much, going only up to 4.4 watts. But, what is lost on power is gained on positioning, as the 45-degree tilt does wonder to transmit sound directly to your ears.

Additionally, the fact that you can power the speakers through a USB is a great advantage. If you are on a laptop, you won’t need to use extensions or cords to power up the speakers. Rather, you can use the laptop as a source of power.

Additionally, there are advanced models of the same design with a subwoofer that will bring tones under 100 Hz. This option will bring down the mobility aspect and will take a bit more room, but it is there if you need it.

In conclusion, this model is a fantastic choice if you play on a desk and will be in close proximity to the speakers at all times.

If you like the Creative Pebble Plus gaming speakers, you can find them on Amazon, the creative website, and Dell.

Best for Sound Quality

Logitech LightSync G560

After finalizing our research, we concluded that the best gaming speakers in terms of sound quality are the G560 LightSync by the renowned gaming brand Logitech.

The best price at the time of writing was $199.99.

Made from exquisite materials and with excellent design, these speakers from Logitech are by far your best bet when it comes to supreme audio quality.

These speakers, with the subwoofer, can be connected completely though a Bluetooth 5.0 with negligible quality loss, or with four 3.5mm audio jacks to a gaming motherboard or a sound card.

The sound coming out is phenomenal and has a full range of tones, perfectly balanced between the woofer and the satellites. And because the latter is so compact it is very easy to place them on any table, even if it is not gauged for gaming.

Audio positioning in gaming is very good, and some of the best you can get in a 2.1 setup. Footsteps in a game are easily discernable, and in newer games, you will easily know if they are coming from the front or the back.

Finally, these speakers have a perfect finish and even have RGB LED elements that will work perfectly with any modern gaming setup. Combined with a slick design and good angling, these powerful speakers can significantly increase your immersion in a game.

The Logitech LightSync G560 gaming speakers can be found available on Best Buy and the official Logitech website.

Runner Up

If you are on the lookout for the middle ground between price and quality, we would suggest that you go for the Bose Companion 2, which is another great gaming audio system.

The best price at the time of writing was $99.99.

The Bose brand is an absolute leader in the audio and sound industry. For any gamer that is looking to maximize their audio quality without overspending on gaming speakers, this pair is a great option.

Visually, these speakers host a rather simplistic design in gray and black – with one of the speakers hosting the audio volume control knob and a frontal 3.5mm jack.

With these speakers, you are guaranteed high-quality audio performance with crystal-clear sound at any volume. Besides that, you can also make use of the frontal auxiliary input to bring the Bose performance to another audio source like your phone or tablet.

Each of the speakers measures 5.9″ (L) x 3.1″ (W) x 7.5″ (H), which is a rather compact size for gaming speakers, meaning that you won’t struggle with finding their place on your desk.

If the Bose Companion 2 gaming speakers are what you’re after, you can find this model on Amazon, Best Buy, and the official Bose website.

Other Great Gaming Speakers

If you couldn’t find your gaming speakers from our above recommendations, you’d be happy to hear that we have 5 other great products that would nicely fit within your gaming setup to provide you with great audio quality.

Razer Nommo Chroma

If you are looking for a little bit more of an extravagant design, the Razer Nommo Chroma would be a fantastic option for your needs.

The best price at the time of writing was $129.99.

Straight out of the box, the Nommo Chroma speakers by Razer feature a very CCTV-like design. Throughout the exterior, the speakers are entirely coated in black, while at the base, they feature a fine stripe of RGB lights.

Thanks to the custom 3″ of woven glass fiber drivers, this set of speakers can produce a much tighter and filling sound at high frequencies, which allows you to hear distinct layers and audio details.

The rear facing bass ports allow this speaker to deliver an increased level of bass output for a fuller, richer, and crystal-clear audio.

Besides, you can also adjust the output perfectly from the ground shaking bass automatically via the bass knob located at the base of one of the gaming speakers.

The Razer Nommo Chroma gaming speakers are currently available on Amazon, the official Razer website, and Best Buy.

Logitech Z407

The Logitech Z407 are a great pair of gaming speakers, which not only boast a premium and simplistic design, but very impressive audio quality.

The best price at the time of writing was $79.99.

The Logitech Z407 is a great example of not needing large speakers to get a high-quality output of audio. As far as looks go, these speakers follow a sleek and oval-shaped design in a refined graphite grey.

One of the most notable features of these speakers is their 20 watt bass with digital processing, which is responsible for producing deep yet clear bass and high-quality audio.

If you want to bring your audio experience even closer to your ears, you don’t need to position the speakers on the opposite sides of your desk. Rather, you can simply lay them down flat beneath your gaming TV or gaming monitor.

As far as connectivity is concerned, this audio system can be connected to the source via Bluetooth, micro USB, or via the 3.5mm input jack.

If you’re interested in the Logtech Z407, you can get these gaming speakers, from Best Buy, the official Logitech website, and Amazon.

Creative T100

After a simple pair of high-quality gaming speakers? Check out this awesome audio system called Creative T100.

The best price at the time of writing was $94.99.

If you have a fairly simple gaming setup, you don’t need to ruin it with speakers that boast uniqueness in terms of design or even RGB lights. A simple pair like these high-tier gaming speakers from Creative will do a great job in improving your audio experience.

Each of the speakers measures 5.1″ (L) x 3.7″ (W) x 8.2″ (H), which means that you don’t need a whole lot of space on your gaming desk to make these speakers part of your setup.

When it comes to audio quality, these speakers are specially tuned to provide a truly immersive and room-filling audio experience. Moreover, thanks to the proprietary BasXPort technology integrated within the speaker, the bass sees a pretty big enhancement for richer and deeper tones without the need of using a subwoofer.

As far as connectivity is concerned, you can connect these speakers to just about any device using Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm AUX-in, Optical-in for PS4, or USB.

With all that in mind, thanks to the powerful 40W RMS digital amplifier, these speakers can fire up to 40W RMS and peak power of up to 80W, which is far more than you would need without waking up your neighbors.

If the Creative T100 gaming speakers are what you’ve been looking for, you can find this model on Amazon, the Creative website, and the BH Photo Video website.

Razer Leviathan Sound Bar

If you prefer a soundbar over the standard gaming speakers, then the Razer Leviathan Sound Bar is truly an amazing option.

The best price at the time of writing was $199.99.

While soundbars are different compared to the standard gaming speakers, they offer a similar, if not better direct audio experience. Measuring at 3.1″ (L) x 19.7″ (W) x 2.9″ (H), this soundbar can perfectly fit beneath your gaming TV or gaming monitor.

In terms of design, on the exterior, this audio system is colored in black with the logo printed directly onto the speaker mesh in white.

One of the most notable features of this sound system is that the bar features cutting-edge Dolby technology, which provides for superior overall audio quality.

Furthermore, the Razer Leviathan Sound Bar can also seamlessly connect to any source via its Bluetooth 4.0.

The NFC technology integrated directly into the soundbar allows for ultra-fast device pairing. With this soundbar, you can enjoy a frequency response rate of between 180Hz to 20KHz.

If you’re interested in buying these gaming speakers, you can find them on the official Razer website and Amazon.

Redragon GS520

If are on a budget, but still want to own a decent pair of RGB gaming speakers, then we would recommend the Redragon GS520.

The best price at the time of writing was $39.99.

RGB lights have become a big part of the gaming community. Nowadays, almost every gamer wants their gaming setup to be entirely RGB enabled. Your gaming speakers should be no exception.

Besides the compact and simplistic design that the GS520 speakers follow, they also host an awesome RGB light show design that isn’t too much or a little too all over the place. You can pick between 6 different RGB modes to match your exact RGB needs.

These speakers are also relatively power-efficient – consuming only 3W per speaker.

On one of the speakers, at the forefront, you will see the easy-access volume controls, which allow you to easily control the volume of the speakers with high precision.

As far as audio is concerned, the speakers are equipped with an advanced sound drive unit with a full range 2.0 channel enhanced stereo core, which helps towards achieving a superior sound quality.

One of the most notable features of the Redragon GS520 speakers is that you can simply plug them in and start using them right away. You don’t need to configure any settings or install any additional software.

These gaming speakers are currently available on both the official Redragon website and Amazon.

What To Look For

There are eight aspects of gaming speakers in total. They are not all equally important and will depend on your overall setup, but all contribute a little bit to what you might consider your best gaming speakers.

The eight aspects in question include materials, positioning, number of speakers, ambient noise, connectivity, audible range, bass power, and power consumption.

The first half is what will influence the type of tone you will get, as well as the specificity of the location. Sound location is not something often considered in music speakers, as it is not important. But, if somebody is at your six in CS:GO or Rainbow Six, you want to be aware.

And, for the games that have exquisite soundtracks, you want to be able to enjoy them to the fullest.


It is well-known that different materials resonate differently. If you have sturdy speakers that will push all of the waves through the right end, you will have better sound quality.

And then there is the question of aesthetics, where you don’t want to mix your pristine gaming setup with something made from flimsy plastic.

But, that doesn’t mean that full wooden speakers are your only option, and they are even not the best overall.

For the top-range speakers, you will want to look for MDF or Medium Density Fireboard. This is a composite material that combines wood fibers that hold the tone well with dens resin that prevents that sound from passing through.

Otherwise, plywood and Kevlar are the best options for mid-range speakers. When it comes to gaming speakers where sound specificity will be more important than sound range, these can even be an objectively better option.


Although positioning in a 2.1 setup is quite obvious, more speakers introduce progressively more complexity. This doesn’t influence the objective sound quality that the speakers can make, but rather your ability to know where the sound is coming from in-game.

Your front speakers should lay on your desk some five inches below your ears. The ones on the side should be in line with your earshot with at least four feet of distance. And finally, the back speakers should be slightly above you.

Because you are sitting down and usually looking down on the monitor, such positioning will be best if you want to know where the sound coming from inside the game is.

Ideally, these speakers should be able to form a hexagon or an octagon around you, with the same distance from every speaker.

Number of Speakers

Gaming speakers will often seem as if they have relatively few watts compared to something you would see in a music shop. There will rarely be a satellite speaker with over 50W of power, and even that is a bit of overkill.

Generally, gaming speakers don’t need to have exceptional power because of the lack of ambient noise. There won’t be fifty people at a party to take in the sound and distort it. Rather, most games will include only up to four people, which doesn’t need as much power.

For the best gaming speakers, it is usually better to aim to have more speakers if you have the budget than to make the ones you have more power. The sound you will get will, on average, be clearer and more specific, while 10W will be able to ramp up the volume to unbearable.

Ambient Noise

There are two types of ambient noise when it comes to gaming. First, there is the sound from the outside that you don’t want to hear, and the other is the ambiance of the game, which you really want to hear. 

The best gaming speakers are those that differentiate the two. Ideally, the strength and tone of the sound from the speaker should be stronger than anything that can come from the outside.

You might need to soundproof your gaming room if the situation is dramatic, but that should be the final solution. It is generally better to simply muffle the outside sounds by what you are getting from the game.

This means that if you have a relatively small room where you game you won’t need more than 20 or so watts from the speakers. But, if you are gaming in your living room and have a lot of noise from the outside, you will need more power.

A bit more. You want good sound, not a communal disturbance ticket.


As far as sound quality goes, there is no better option than solid cable connections with a 3.5mm dongle. Combined with a good sound-card or a gaming motherboard, this will create the best sound in every comparable situation.

But, the new Bluetooth and WiFi connections for speakers are now getting very close, especially when it comes to gaming needs. A good Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.0 speakers, especially if they are in 2.0 or 2.1 settings won’t usually have any delay and can afford excellent sound quality.

Good WiFi-connected speakers can be even better, but they will use slightly more power which can be an issue on battery-powered models.

If you can manage all of the cables, going with a solid connection will always be preferable. But, if the cables lying around everywhere are an issue for you, don’t be afraid to go with a good Bluetooth or WiFi model.

Audible Range

As most of those who graduated high school know, human ears have a hearing range between 20 Hertz and 20.000 Hertz. This is the speed of the oscillations in the air created by a moving object. More Hertz equal a higher pitch and anything above 20 kHz will just be inaudible.

Thankfully, almost all speakers are made to extend to the full human range and have all of the tones that most of us can discern. Generally, most humans will be hard-pressed to hear over 15 kHz and under 50 Hz, but some will.

Also, some speakers will leave a higher range, often only starting at 100 Hz, and leave the rest to the subwoofer. For gaming, this is sometimes a better option as it makes the sound clearer.

For the vast majority of games, including RTS, RPG, and all sorts of platforms and Rouge-likes, having a 2.1 setup, meaning two satellites and a woofer, are more than enough to have a great experience.

Bass Power

If you have higher expectations of a gaming speaker and really want to immerse yourself fully into the games that you play, a speaker with decent bass will come a long way.

Bass power is very much a personal preference, however, if you aren’t so sure, as a general rule of thumb, between 50 and 60 dB is a great range for most gamers.

Power Consumption

The only type of speakers you should avoid as far as power goes are those that don’t have rechargeable batteries. This type will lose their quality of sound due to restrictions quickly and you will be left with a lot of empty batteries.

Ideally, you will want your speakers to be powered directly from the outlet. This way you won’t need to worry about charging them, and they won’t leave you hanging in the middle of a game.

But, if cables are an issue and you don’t want to think a lot about how to manage them, going with good Li-Ion batteries can be a good idea.

The amperage will depend on the strength of a speaker, but most models will last a long time and charge relatively quickly.

Which Gaming Speakers Are Right For You?

If you have reached this far within our guide, you are probably yet to make a decision. We understand that making quite a pricy investment into bettering the audio quality of your gaming setup can be a challenging process.

So, to help you pick the right gaming speakers for your needs, below, the DiamondLobby team and I came up with three highly relevant scenarios alongside the best gaming speakers for each.

Scenario 1: Let’s say that you are looking for a decent set of gaming speakers but are on a budget and don’t really want to shell out a lot of money.

For this case, we would recommend you our budget-friendly pick, the Creative Pebble Plus.

Scenario 2: You are a pretty big fan of audio quality and are looking to upgrade your gaming setup with the best possible gaming speakers on the market today. You are also happy to invest a little bit more to get next-level audio quality.

In that case, we would highly recommend you to opt-in for our best overall audio quality pick, the Logitech LightSync G560.

Scenario 3: You have a pretty awesome RGB-enabled gaming setup and are looking for the last piece of the puzzle – gaming speakers with RGB lights.

We came to the conclusion that the large majority of RGB gaming speakers don’t really produce a great level of audio quality.

However, we came across the Razer Nommo Chroma, which are by far the best RGB gaming speakers on the market today.

Final Thoughts

Though we came across some surround sound speakers suitable for gaming, we felt like those types of systems would be unnecessary. Surround sound systems typically consist of a 6-piece setup, which is very impractical if you game on a desk.

Generally speaking, the more expensive a pair of gaming speakers is, the better they are in terms of audio quality.

The size of the speakers has little to no effect on the actual audio quality that any given product can produce.

Every audio system that we have recommended is 100% worth its value for money.