The 8 Best Keyboard Wrist Rests in 2022 Reviewed

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Whether you are suffering from wrist problems or are looking to make your long gaming sessions more comfortable, keyboard wrist rests are a great investment either way.

As you could imagine, there are hundreds of products all over the internet, and picking the best one of all can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So, to give you a helping hand, we took on the task to find the best keyboard wrist rest on the market.

The selection process was quite simple, first, we went out and conducted community research in order to identify the needs and pain points of the customers. After that, we created 5-point criteria system which we then used to judge the products that we came across in order to find the best keyboard wrist rests amongst all.

Our number one pick for the best keyboard wrist rest for gamers is the HyperX Keyboard Wrist Rest thanks to its simple design and natural, soft feel.

We found that the average keyboard wrist rest features an anti-slip grip at the base of the product to prevent the product from slipping on your desk, comfortable and skin-friendly material to avoid irritation after prolonged use.

Let’s take a closer look at the best wrist rests on the market in more detail.

Why You Can Trust This Review

We completed a 2-stage research process to establish our list of products for this review.

During the first stage, we conducted community research in order to identify the needs and pain points of the consumers.

After we understand what the customers are looking for, we create a 5-point checklist for filtering through the vast number of products on the market.

Once we picked the 8 products that we decided to make part of our guide, we went further and conducted even more in-depth research into the products to identify the best one.

How We Picked

Our 5-point criteria for shortlisting wrist rests considered the price, design, comfort, keyboard compatibility, and anti-slip features of the keyboard wrist rests that we explored.

Below, you can find out each point within our criteria in more detail to understand how we picked the products that you will see in our guide today.


As with every product, the price is a detrimental factor whether or not a consumer decides to spend their money or not. Thus, we decided to consider the cost of keyboard wrist rests on the market and only go for the products that we believe are truly worth their value for money.

While you won’t find a product that is worth anywhere near a $100 anyway, we still believe that you shouldn’t overspend when you don’t need to.

Despite the relatively average low price point for keyboard wrist rests, we still ensured to include a range of items across different price brackets so that there is something for everyone’s budget and needs.


As a result of our community research, we understood that the design of your keyboard wrist rest is super important. And to be honest, we don’t blame you; we wouldn’t want to have something ugly, bulky, and unpractical as part of our own setups either.

So, we have ensured to make our selection based on products that are not only practical and can actually serve their purpose but are also visually appealing and can easily fit within just about any gaming setup.


As gamers, we understand how the lack of comfort in any part of our gaming setup can cut our gaming session short due to discomfort, fatigue, or even pain.

To ensure that you are able to play for as long as you wish without any pains or fatigue, the keyboard wrist rests that we have picked are made out of super comfortable, and skin-friendly material to avoid any irritations as a result of prolonged friction.

Keyboard Compatibility

There are two types of gaming keyboards on the market, a standard, full-sized keyboard with a numpad, and a smaller, more compact variant without a numerical pad.

Because of this difference in size, you will need to look for the wrist rest that best matches your keyboard’s size, as otherwise, the wrist rest may take up unnecessary space on either side of your keyboard or even overlap with your mouse pad.

To combat this issue, we have ensured to select a vast range of products that are made for keyboards with a numpad and products that are made for keyboards without.

Besides, some of the models feature both variants so if you do happen to like a particular wrist rest, look out at the bottom, the “Keyboard Compatibility” section of the product description as that is where we would have recommended you the smaller or larger variant of that particular product.

Anti-Slip Features

Unless your wrist rest is attached to your keyboard, if it doesn’t have any anti-slip features, it would be slipping all over the place during more intense gaming moments.

As that is something you definitely don’t want to happen, we have only gone ahead and included products that feature some sort of anti-slip technology.

Best Pick for Gamers

After the best keyboard wrist rest to supplement your gaming setup and make your gaming session that much more comfortable? Check out the HyperX Keyboard Wrist Rest.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.99.


Visually, this black HyperX wrist rest is easily amongst our favorites thanks to its consistency and simplicity in design. Besides visual appeal, this wrist rest is supplemented with textured natural rubber at the base in order to increase stability on just about any surface that you can think of.

Measuring at 18″ (W) x 3.9″ (D) x 0.9″ (H), and weighing only 11.2 ounces, this wrist pad can become the perfect comfortable addition to any gaming setup. That is, assuming you already have a quality gaming keyboard.


When comfort is concerned, HyperX have not made a compromise anywhere as this product provides the user with the best of both worlds, with the light, conforming action of the memory foam, complementing the consistent feel of the gel filling to maximize comfort and ergonomics even when gaming for extended periods of time.

The HyperX wrist rest also boasts a durable construction, with rugged anti-fray stitching by the edges to prevent the cushion material from spilling out, as well as preserving the shape and structure of the product to maintain an optimal level of comfort no matter the situation. It also features an anti-slip rubber base to improve stability when critical plays are expected to be made. 

Keyboard Compatibility

As far as compatibility, this product is best for users that own a keyboard with a numerical pad. If you are a big fan of this rest pad but have a smaller keyboard, you can also use it.

All you need to do is shift the wrist rest to the side to allow your gaming mouse sufficient space. Not got a gaming mouse? Check out our guide to the best gaming mice of the year.

If you’re a fan of the HyperX Keyboard Wrist Rest, you can find this product available on Amazon and the official HyperX website.

Budget-Friendly Pick

No products found.

After the most budget-friendly option? Don’t hesitate to check out the No products found., which is another product that confidently took its place within our final 8.

The best price at the time of writing was $9.99.


Visually, this product is pretty plain and basic, as you would expect from such an inexpensive product. However, don’t let that fool you as it is just as good if not better as compared to some of the more expensive wrist rests that we came across while conducting our research.

Measuring at 17.5″ (W) x 3.15″ (D) x 0.79″ (H), and weighing just 5.6 ounces, this is the perfect wrist rest for anyone with wrist problems who is looking for an affordable solution.


Just like most products in our selection, the VicTsing wrist rest comes with memory foam padding that provides an added level of comfort for your wrists and hands. The material conforms to the shape of the load (your wrists and forearms in this case) while providing a cushioning effect to improve the comfort level when typing or gaming for hours on end. 

The VicTsing wrist rest has a waterproof synthetic lining that protects the memory foam padding underneath it, while also offering a comfortable surface for your wrists to come in contact with. Unlike cloth-based covers, the lining of this wrist rest doesn’t permit the absorption of sweat and other liquids, making it easier to maintain and preserve the padding’s cushioning effect.

The bottom of the product has an anti-skid rubber base that acts as a stabilizer to promote a consistent hand and wrist position, which can further help you with any ongoing fatigue or pains.

Keyboard Compatibility

As far as keyboard compatibility is concerned, this keyboard is best suited for someone who uses a keyboard with a numerical pad as otherwise, it may prove to be a little too long, in which case, it would be best if you shift the wrist rest to the side so that you can make up space for the mouse.

You can buy this wrist rest from sites like VictSing.

Runner Up

If you are a huge fan of Razer, you’d be really glad to find out about the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest. In our opinion, this wrist rest easily makes it in our top 3 due to its pretty awesome design and comfortable material that it is made out of.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.99.


Straight out of the box, this resting memory foam pad is great, both in terms of visual appeal and touch.

If you suffer from wrist problems that stem from prolonged gaming and fatigue, then we believe that thanks to the ergonomic design, you could greatly benefit from such an accessory.

This product also features anti-slip feet made out of rubber to ensure that the wrist rest remains fixed to one place, no matter how intense your gaming gets.


This Razer wrist support pad is made out of a soft memory foam cushion that provides comfortable support for long gaming sessions.

Furthermore, it is encased in a smooth plush leatherette layer, which also makes this product waterproof and very easy to clean.

On top of that, the comfortable plush leatherette material on the exterior will not irritate your skin or begin to produce any foul odor as a result of perspiration over time.

Keyboard Compatibility

In terms of keyboard compatibility, for best fit, you should ideally have a Razer keyboard, however, if not, that is not a deal-breaker at all. I personally owned this wrist rest when I used to play on the Corsair K55, and it did a wonderful job.

As it is naturally quite wide, measuring at 17.51″, it would be most suitable if you own a keyboard that is supplemented with a numpad.

The Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest is available on the official Razer website and on Amazon.

Other Great Keyboard Wrist Rests

Didn’t quite find what you were looking for above? Discover 5 other honorable keyboard wrist rests which we are sure will find their place within your gaming setup.

Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest

After an affordable yet comfortable and durable wrist rest that won’t just slip around your desk during those intense gaming moments? Take a look at one of our favorites, the Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest.

The best price at the time of writing was $12.49.


The wrist rest visually looks very appealing and can easily become part of most gaming setups, regardless of what your style is thanks to its black exterior.

Measuring at 14.25″ (W) x 3.19″ (D) x 0.87″ (H), this wrist rest is a great option for you if you are suffering from wrist pains or fatigue that stems from prolonged gaming.

Furthermore, the base is made from silicon rubber to prevent skidding on the desk’s surface and enhance stability at all times.


As for comfort, the Redragon P023 has memory foam padding to support the weight of your hands and wrists. As opposed to softer materials that will let your wrists sink, the Redragon P023 holds the weight pretty well without sacrificing comfort and alignment in the process.

A high-density waterproof cover protects the memory foam padding to avoid moisture damage due to accidental spills or sweat build-up. Still, you really have nothing to worry about as the wrist wrest is fully washable.

Keyboard Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, this product is most suitable for a smaller-sized keyboard that doesn’t feature a numerical pad.

If you like this wrist rest but happen to have a longer, standard-sized keyboard, then you can also check out the Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest for standard-sized keyboards, which is basically the exact same, just slightly longer to accommodate for the size of your keyboard.

This wrist rest is available on both the official Redragon website and on Amazon.

DSKKWS Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest

On the lookout for a comfortable, odor-proof, and ergonomic wrist rest to help fix any sort of wrist complications that stem from prolonged gaming? Discover the DSKKWS Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest.

The best price at the time of writing was $14.95.


Visually, the DSKKWS wrist rest features a rather interesting design with hand massage holes and innovative ergonomic wrist-shape grooves to make your gaming experience that much more comfortable. You can enjoy these features on both the keyboard and mouse wrist rest.

The keyboard wrist rest measures 17.32″ (W) x 2.76″ (D) x 0.98″ (H), and weighs just 12 ounces.

Besides the pretty unique and lightweight design, this resting pad also features an anti-skid silicone at the base of the product, which is essential in fixating the wrist rest in a single position so that it doesn’t slip around on your desk during intense gaming sessions.


Made out of premium soft memory foam with ergonomic massage holes and wrist-shaped grooves, you can rest assured that this is one of the most comfortable wrist rests to use while gaming.

Thanks to the premium quality of the material, your skin will not be irritated due to friction that stems from prolonged gaming. That aside, you will also put an end to any wrist pain or wrist fatigue when you have long gaming sessions with your friends.

Keyboard Compatibility

As this wrist rest is just over 17 inches in width, it will be quite awkward to use on a smaller-sized keyboard. So, we would only recommend it if you game on a standard, 17″ keyboard.

If this wrist rest solves all your problems, you can buy it from Amazon.

JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest

The JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest is another fantastic option for making your gameplay a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Besides the keyboard wrist rest, you also get a smaller variant for your wrist that will be navigating the mouse.

The best price at the time of writing was $15.96.


Visually, the JEDIA wrist rest is another appealing product. It measures 17″ (W) x 5″ (D) x 1″ (H), and weighs just 16 ounces.

The ergonomic design of this product can raise your wrist to a neutral position when you are gaming. It can prevent injuries that stem from prolonged gaming like carpet tunnel syndrome and any other wrist problems that you may suffer as a result of fatigue or incorrect wrist posture.

The anti-slip silicone base can ensure a stable and fixated positioning of the keyboard wrist rest across several surfaces, including wood, metal, and glass.


In terms of comfort, there is plenty that we can talk about when it comes to this wrist rest. The product features numerous massage holes and two wave-shaped grooves on both sides. It will alleviate any wrist pressure by elevating your wrist to a neutral level in one with your keyboard.

This wrist rest by JEDIA is made out of premium memory foam and superfine chinlon material. This makes the product excellent at shock absorption and wear resistance – and all that while providing a soft and comfortable touch.

Some other awesome features include an excellent level of ventilation, strong support, and slow bounce back for your wrist, making it perfect for someone that is treating or looking to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome and other stress-related injuries.

Keyboard Compatibility

This particular model is perfect for a gamer that plays on a smaller-sized keyboard. While you can also make use of this product on a standard-sized keyboard, we would rather you check out the larger JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest, which is the longer variant of the smaller model that we have covered today.

If you like this wrist rest, you can purchase it from sites like Amazon.

ASUS ROG Wrist Rest

Not a fan of fabric materials but would still like to take advantage of a comfortable and ergonomic wrist rest to help ease your wrist fatigue and pain? Check out one of our top choices, the ASUS ROG Wrist Rest.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.99.


Design-wise, we personally think that this product is amongst the cleanest looking. Perhaps, if you aren’t a huge fan of fabric like myself, you will love the fact that this wrist rest is made out of premium leatherette in black, which is both super comfortable, and friction proof, which your skin will thank you for.

On top of the excellent design, this product also features non-slip rubber feet that will be of great help in holding the wrist rest fixated on your desk during those intense gaming moments.


We believe that the this ROG Gaming wrist rest is made specifically for gamers who demand next-level comfort. Thanks to the foam core encased in fine leatherette, this product offers cushioned support and a smooth, soft surface.

So, if you do happen to be a fan of ASUS ROG products and suffer from wrist problems that stem from fatigue when gaming, then making this wrist rest part of your setup is a no brainer.

Keyboard Compatibility

This ASUS ROG wrist rest is perfect for smaller-sized keyboards without the numpad. If you do happen to like it a little bit too much and want to make it part of your gaming setup but have a standard-sized keyboard, you can simply place it in the middle or to the left of your keyboard, presuming you don’t use your numpad that often.

This ASUS ROG gaming wrist rest is available on sites like Amazon and the official ASUS website.

KLIM Keyboard Wrist Rest

Last but not least, we have the KLIM Keyboard Wrist Rest. Despite being last in our guide, this keyboard wrist rest is rated amongst the highest both in terms of comfort and durability by top eSports professionals in the CS: GO community.

The best price at the time of writing was $13.97.


Visually, the fabric of the product is in sleek black with the white logo positioned centrally on the wrist rest.

The design is stable and durable thanks to its anti-slippery fabric. Essentially, no matter how much you move your wrist, the wrist rest will remain in place. Besides, this product is also perfect for anyone who may be playing on a range of different surfaces, as this resting pad works well on wood, metal, and glass.

Measuring at 17.17″ (W) x 2.68″ (D) x 0.98″ (H) and weighing only 9.6 ounces, this wrist rest is perfect for just about any gamer that is playing on a standard-sized keyboard.


The wrist rest is made out of memory cotton, which is very soft to touch. It is neither too firm nor too yielding. Moreover, the material that this product is made out of accommodates perspiration so that it won’t stick or irritate your skin.

Furthermore, if you are currently suffering from any wrist problems, using a wrist rest can greatly help you to correct your wrist posture and alleviate any pains as a result of prolonged gaming.

Keyboard Compatibility

As far as compatibility is concerned, this wrist rest is compatible with standard-sized keyboards that feature a numpad. So, if that is the case for you, the KLIM Keyboard Wrist Rest is perfect for you.

You can buy this model from both Amazon and the official Klim website.

Picking the Right Wrist Rest for Your Needs

If you have come this far within this guide, you are probably still not quite sure as to which product to go for. So, to help you make the right decision and not regret your purchase, we will provide you with a range of different scenarios with which you will hopefully be able to relate with.

Alongside those scenarios, we will provide you with the most suitable keyboard wrist rest, so if you relate to any of the scenarios below, know that there isn’t a better option than the one we recommend.

Scenario 1: You are on a budget and are looking for the most affordable solution for supporting your wrist while gaming. Despite being on a budget, you’d still like to purchase something decent that offers anti-slip features.

In this case, we would recommend you our budget-friendly pick, the No products found..

Scenario 2: You want to find the right support for both your keyboard and mouse in the same package without spending too much money, while still being able to advantage of anti-slip features and a comfortable, gaming design.

In this scenario, we would recommend our 2-in-1 pick, the DSKKWS Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest.

Scenario 3: As a gamer, you aren’t looking to play around and want the best of the best when it comes to keyboard wrist rests.

After conducting our research, we can confidently recommend you the HyperX Keyboard Wrist Rest.

If you still can’t quite relate to anything, we’d recommend you to go back up and take a more in-depth look at each of the products so that, hopefully, you can find something that best fits your gaming needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a wrist rest, pay attention to the product’s length as some are designed for a full-sized keyboard, while others are made for gaming keyboards without a numpad.

Ensure that the product you go for has anti-slip integrated as the last thing you want is your wrist rest to do is slip around while you are gaming.

Even the most affordable products in our selection are fantastic options should you not really care about the branding and want to save some money.