The 8 Best Laptop Lap Desks & Gaming Lapboards: Our 2022 Picks

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Planning on shifting your gaming sessions to the comfort of your very own bed? I don’t blame you, I’ve tried it and it’s awesome, provided you have the right setup that doesn’t compromise on your in-game performance.

If you want to game or work in your bed rather than getting up and sitting on a chair for hours at your desk, you’d be pleased to hear that in this guide and review, we have prepared for you 8 excellent products that will completely change your gaming experience and make you never want to leave your bed again.

We are talking about laptop lap desks and gaming lapboards. As always, to save you time and effort, the team at DiamondLobby and I have taken on the challenge to do all of the research for you and create an excellent guide where we will review 8 of the best lapboards on the market and help you pick the right one for your individual needs and budget.

Overall, the selection process was a fairly simple and straightforward process.

But, before we got to do the actual product research, we had to understand the product, what makes it great, and what the customer’s pain points and needs are when it comes to gaming from the comfort of their own bed.

Once we understood that, we then created 6 point criteria according to our community research, which helped us pick the best qualifying products for this very guide and review and help us find the best gaming lapboard amongst them all.

We found that the average gaming lap desk was compatible with a range of different-sized laptops, featured an ergonomic and comfortable to use design, and was either foldable or super portable and easy to store away/carry around.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the guide and explore our final selection of gaming laptop lap desks and lapboards.

Why You Can Trust This Review

Before starting research, we spent a decent chunk of time discussing the right approach to delivering a confident and honest review of the best laptop lap desks.

We knew that before we could make any sort of judgment on any type of lapboard, we first had to understand what the community wanted as well as what made a lapboard great.

So, we went onto gaming communities and subreddits, conducting very thorough research in order to understand the needs and pain points of gamers who are already making use of such a product and those that are planning on purchasing one in the near future.

After we concluded the community research, in accordance with our findings, we created 6-point criteria, which we then used to judge products by to help us filter through the many options we came across in order to find and select the best qualifying products.

How We Picked

We knew that picking the best 8 laptop lap desks on the market amongst hundreds of great options wasn’t going to be an easy task. Because of that, our team jumped on a call and discussed what the best way to approach this particular guide and review in order to not only pick the best products but also provide our most informed and honest opinion for each one.

Once we decided to conduct some community research, and finalized our findings, we decided to come up with 6-point criteria based on our findings, which we used in order to filter through the hundreds of products on the market and pick out the best qualifying lapboards.

To help you understand our criteria better and learn what made us pick the products that we picked today, read more as below, we will break down each point in our criteria further so that you can gain a better understanding of what we looked for.


Regardless of the industry, the price of just about any given product matters a lot to the consumers and whether or not they would be inclined to invest their money.

Because of that, we have ensured to pick the best gaming lapboards across a range of different price points in order to be able to provide our readers with a few choices to pick from that match their needs as well as budget.

Besides, regardless of the price point, we have ensured that every single product that has made our final selection offers proper value for money.


Upon conducting our community research, one of the biggest concerns that we came across was the design of the lapboards available on the market today. So, we check ourselves and to be quite honest, we couldn’t agree more. There were so many products that were very unpleasantly looking.

So, we took it seriously, and quite literally skipped through lap desks that didn’t visually appeal to any members of our team.


While you may not use all of the features within a particular product, they are nice to have. From extra slots for your phone and tablet to pop-out trays for your mouse and keyboard, we could definitely see how some, if not all could be used by some gamers.

So, for those looking for a jam-packed lap desk with many features, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. For those that are after simplicity, rest assured. We wouldn’t leave you hanging.


How compatible a product such as a laptop lap desk is is quite important, especially if you game or use a range of different-sized laptops. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is have 3 different lap desks for your different laptops.

To solve this problem, we ensured to provide you with a range of lap desks that offered a different level of compatibility when it comes to laptop screen sizes.

While some can go as high up as 18.6″ in size, others kept it relatively low, at 15.6″. So, this way, you can pick the one that best works for you. One thing you definitely don’t want to have is a lap desk bigger than your laptop requires as you wouldn’t make use of that space anyway.


The chances are that you won’t be gaming on your bed 24/7. Because of that and some feedback resulting from our community research, we concluded that we should bypass any lap desks that are not foldable or practical at all.

This is so that when you buy a practical lapboard, once you stop using it, you can simply fold it away and store it with ease rather than having another large piece of furniture lying around your room.

So, we have ensured to not make any such products part of our selection so if storage space, portability, and practicality are a concern, there is nothing for you to worry about.


As each gamer has their own unique requirements when it comes to how ergonomic their gaming station is, we have ensured to include a range of different products in our final selection to meet those very needs, regardless of how extreme they may be.

In case you look for simplicity, and no ergonomics, don’t worry; there are lapboards for you in our guide.

Best Laptop Lap Desk

When it comes to a gaming lapboard, we believe that the AMERIERGO Lap Desk is the best overall pick not only thanks to its compact, practical, and stable design but also because of the laptop compatibility, ergonomics, and comfort that this product offers.

The best price at the time of writing was $30.59.


Straight out of the box, we absolutely love this Amerriergo lap desk. It features everything you could need for establishing a mini gaming station in your own bed.

Measuring at a total of 21.6″ (W) x 14″ (D) and weighing just 4.59 pounds, this laptop lap board is perfect not only for in-bed use but also in the car thanks to its compact and portable size.

A multifunctional slot can be found at the top left corner, which can act as a tablet or phone holder should you want to have a chat or a live stream open while you are gaming yourself.

Another awesome feature is the built-in mouse pad, which can greatly improve your in-game performance should you be using mouse and keyboard to game.

Right beneath, during the entire width of the lapboard, you will find a soft wrist rest, which is not only great for providing your wrist extra comfort but also preventing your laptop from slipping off.

And finally, beneath the actual lap desk, you will see a dual cushion, which is fantastic not only to bring your laptop slightly higher up for a better viewing angle but also for extra comfort and sturdiness.


As far as compatibility is concerned, this gaming lapboard can comfortably accommodate gaming laptops of up to 17″. Should you have a gaming laptop at this size, the mouse pad will be unavailable. If you are a controller player, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about in that regard.

On the flip side, if you are a mouse and keyboard player, this lapboard is probably best if you own a smaller-sized laptop to have enough space for the mouse.

As for the extra phone and tablet slot, you can fit either a phone or a tablet in there. The size of the slot is 2″ in depth and 9.8″ in width.

If you want to make use of this lapboard, you can purchase it from Amazon and the official Ameriergo website.

Best Gaming Lapboard

Looking for the best gaming lapboard so that you can enjoy your favorite titles from a remote distance? Check out our top pick, the No products found..

The best price at the time of writing was $249.99.


This Razer product features an RGB mechanical wireless keyboard, wrist rest, and a mouse pad all in one. On the side, as an extra, you can take advantage of the RGB-enabled Razer best gaming mouse title contender, which is included in the package.

The entire gaming lapboard measures at 23.62″ (W) x 14.79″ (D) x 7.63″ (H), and weighs just 5.85 pounds. This provides enough surface for you to not only comfortably use your keyboard but also be able to make complete use of your mouse in order to perform as if you were playing on an actual desk.

The full wireless design allows you to play from the comfort of your sofa or even bed. To further support a correct wrist posture, you can make use of the wrist rest cushions that are integrated within the gaming lapboard.

Integrated Features

Personally, one of the most interesting features is of course the awesome RGB lights, which you can find both on the keyboard as well as the mouse.

Another really awesome feature is the battery of both the mouse and the keyboard. You can game for up to 43 hours on the keyboard and up to 50 hours on the mouse with a single charge provided you aren’t making use of the RGB lights. In case you can’t go without the RGB lights, expect the keyboard to last 11 hours and the mouse up to 30 hours.

The mouse itself features a 16 000 DPI 5G optical sensor, while the keyboard hosts 1000Hz ultra polling 50g actuation mid-height keycaps.


This gaming lapboard by Razer is fully compatible with not only PC systems but also Xbox and Playstation. So, regardless of what system you use, you will have absolutely no problems at all, thanks to the 2.4 GHz wireless connection output from the lapboards’ USB.

If you like the Razer Turret Wireless lapboard, you can find it on both No products found. and the official Razer website.

Best Casual Lap Desk

The AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk is easily one of my favorite picks. It is lightweight, compact, and super durable. For someone like myself that travels quite a lot, portability is super important, and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t been able to find a lapboard that comes anywhere close to this product.

The best price at the time of writing was $25.49.


This laptop lap desk measures at 14.2″ (W) x 9.8″ (D) x 0.6″ (H), and weighs just 2.2 pounds. This pretty lightweight and simplistic design makes this lap desk very portable and perfect for on-the-go action.

The lap board’s surface is insulated to block the conduction of heat from your laptop to your legs, improving the overall comfort and convenience whilst preventing your laptop from overheating.

For added functionality, this lapboard has a retractable mousepad that can either be pulled from the left or right side for ease of access and use. The mousepad has raised edges to keep your mouse from falling off when using the device at an angle. With this retractability, the lapboard effectively reduces its surface area for a more portable laptop solution that you can stash in your backpack and take with you anywhere you go.


This excellent and simplistic lap desk is perfect for just about any sized laptop up to 15.7″ in size. Besides, you could also even use it for your tablet should you prefer to play on a different device from time to time.

If you’re interested in this lap desk, you can find it on both Amazon and the AboveTek website.

Budget-Friendly Pick

If you are after the most affordable lap desk, we would like to confidently recommend you the LapGear Lap Desk. In our personal opinion, you will hardly find anything better within this price range.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.99.


Our budget pick measures 17.9″ (W) x 13″ (D) x 2.6″ (H) and weighs only 1.28 pounds, which is the lightest lap desk within our selection. So, if you are after portability, this is the lightest item that you could pick if you are on the go a lot.

The curved gaming space that this product provides is made out of molded, high-impact polystyrene. The MyDesk lap desk also comes with built-in storage wells that can hold plenty of snacks to last you during your gaming session.

If you are a fan of long gaming sessions, the dual-bolster cushions beneath the lap desk will provide a stable and comfortable gaming environment.

While the product that we are reviewing today is in black, you can also find this exact model in cool gray, purple, rose quartz, and turquoise.

For added stability of your gaming laptop, on the bottom of the surface, you will see a backstop that will prevent your laptop from sliding all over.

This model also features an improved airflow-friendly flat surface that allows for proper laptop ventilation as recommended by laptop manufacturers to keep your gaming laptop cool during long gaming sessions.


As far as compatibility, this gaming lap desk can accommodate laptops that are as big as 15.6″ in screen size. Any laptop over that size will not be fully locked into place, which could cause to be less stable.

If you’re after this budget-friendly lap desk, you can find it on sites like Lapdesk and Amazon.

Alternative Pick

The Lap Desk by AboveTEK is another truly fantastic gaming lapboard, which deserves a notable mention. If you are a laptop gamer that plays on mouse and keyboard and is looking for a stable, compact, and super practical lap gaming station, then this is the desk for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $59.99.


Visually, we love the design that AboveTEK have came up with for this gaming lap desk. The actual size of this product is 21.7″ in width and 14.4″ in depth. As for weight, this product weighs 6.67 lbs. So, if you are traveling or prefer a portable lightweight gaming station and want to carry it everywhere you go, then this is a product that you should add to your list to consider.

This AboveTEK laptop tray hosts an in-built mouse pad, padded wrist rest, 5 non-slip mats to anchor your laptop in place to withstand shake from intense gaming, and a dual-bolster cushion base for optimal comfort and support.

Moreover, this laptop desk features easy-to-access storage slots to keep your essentials within arm’s reach. Those storage slots can comfortably hold both your phone and tablet at the same time. So, if you want to watch your favorite streamer while you play, that is no longer a problem.


This gaming lapboard is perfect for gaming laptops that are up to 17″ in screen size. Anything over that will not be suitable as that would essentially cover up the mousepad and make it unusable for mouse and keyboard players. On the flip side, if you play on a controller, by any means, feel free to make this gaming lapboard part of your setup.

For the perfect fit and full usability of the mouse pad, we would recommend you to get this lapboard if you have a laptop that is up to 15.6″ in size.

If you’re interested in purchasing this lap desk, you can do that from Amazon.

Runner Up Gaming Lapboard

No products found.

Looking for a compatible, performance-driven, and comfortable to use gaming lapboard? Upon concluding our research, we can confidently recommend the Sova Membrane Gaming Lapboard by ROCCAT, which is one of the best options on the market.

The best price at the time of writing was $242.41.


Visually, this gaming lapboard is very sleek and modern in terms of design. The lapboard features an RGB-enabled keyboard, keyboard wrist rest, a fair chunk of space dedicated to your mouse as well as a mouse bungee positioned right above the integrated extended mouse pad.

This lapboard also features superior ergonomics for comfortable and fatigue-free gaming, even if you decide to game on it for hours on end with your friends.

If you are worried about noise from clicking the keyboard buttons, don’t – as this keyboard is silent thanks to the membrane caps.

In case you want to watch a video or a stream of your favorite eSports player, then you can safely attach your phone to the integrated phone holder, which stands right above the keyboard.


As for compatibility, this gaming lapboard is best suited for PC gamers as with some mainstream consoles like the Xbox, the USB connectivity might not be compatible.

This ROCCAT lap desk can be purchased from Amazon.

Other Great Laptop Lap Desks

Not sure if the gaming lapboards from above are quite right for you? That’s okay. Below, you can discover 2 other fantastic gaming lap desks that confidently secured a place in our final selection amongst hundreds of other contenders.

Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk

After a comfortable, sturdy, and performance-driven wooden gaming lap desk? Check out this awesome Lap Laptop Desk by Huanuo.

The best price at the time of writing was $39.99.


This lapboard features a warm and elegant design. The entire lap desk is made out of a subtle combination of wood in brown grain (for the surface), foam (for the cushion), and plastic (for the slots for your phone or tablet).

This combination of materials not only goes well together visually but is also beneficial when achieving a portable and lightweight design; 3.32 lbs, to be exact. The actual size of the lapboard spreads at 17″ (W) x 12.8″ (L) x 3.5″ (H), which is plenty to accommodate most gaming laptops with ease.

In terms of comfort, the most notable feature that this gaming lapboard hosts is a soft wrist pad for positioning your wrists in the correct posture to prevent pains and fatigue as well as preventing your laptop from sliding out of position. You will also find an ergonomic cushion at the base of the design for added stability while fixating your laptop at a comfortable angle.

When it comes to practicality, at the top of the lapboard, you will find a versatile holder for your phone or tablet that measures at 12″ (W) x 1″ (D), making it perfect for having your tablet or phone both standing up as well as sideways.


As this product measures at 17″ (W) x 12.8″ (L) x 3.5″ (H), you can easily have a laptop up to 15.6″ sitting on top. Keep in mind that with a 15.6″ gaming laptop, you won’t have any space for your mouse, making this product perfect for someone that plays on a controller.

So, ideally, if you want a mouse and keyboard setup, you should be playing on a screen that is 14″ or smaller.

If you’re interested in purchasing this lap desk, you can buy it from Amazon.

Saiju Bed Tray Table

The Saiju Bed Tray Table is perfect for someone who is looking for even more space. Whether you have a larger gaming laptop or simply need more mouse space, then this product is a very suitable option for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $84.99.


Visually, this lap desk can seem quite complicated and even unpractical, however, that is far from the truth. Yes, this lap table may measure at 23.6″ (W) x 17.7″ (D) x 1″ (H) without the legs, however, it is super compact and portable thanks to its ergonomic features.

This desk is made out of a combination of fine PVC Leather, Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), Steel, and Aluminium Alloy. It may seem like a lot, but you can rest assured that this is the most stable laptop lap desk on this list.

In terms of ergonomics, this product can not only tilt forwards as far as 36 degrees for a better viewing angle but can also height adjust thanks to the 5 height-adjustable settings, which can bring the desk from as low as 10.6″ to as high as 15.4″.

From the top left of the desk, beneath the surface, you can also take advantage of a small storage area in which you can store anything from snacks to extra batteries for your controller.

On the bottom of the desk, you will notice a movable backstop, which you can shift across the entire desk to ensure the ultimate stability for your laptop. In case you aren’t a huge fan of the black design, you can also find this lap desk in white.


As this gaming lap desk is naturally much bigger than any of the other products within our selection, it can comfortably host a laptop that is up to 18.4″ in screen size or smaller. Of course, the smaller your laptop is, the more space you will have that you can use as a mouse pad.

On the top of the lap desk, you will find a slot that spreads 13.4″ in width, making it perfect for having your tablet or phone standing upright or on the side.

This lap desk by SAIJI can be found on Amazon.

Picking the Right Laptop Lap Desk for Your Needs

If you have reached this part of our guide and review, then there is a strong chance that you still haven’t quite made up your mind as to which product to go for and make part of your gaming setup. That is okay as we are here to help.

In order to help you out, we will provide you with a few different scenarios alongside the best pick for each scenario. Hopefully, this way you will be able to somewhat relate to at least one of the scenarios, which will help you drive you in the right direction and take you to the right laptop lap desk for your needs.

Scenario 1: Let’s say that you are a PC gamer but are pretty tired from gaming on your desk all the time and want to take your ability to game on your sofa or even in your bed. You don’t particularly want to compromise on the quality or performance just because you aren’t directly sat in front of your monitor.

In this case, we would recommend you our top gaming lapboard pick, the No products found..

Scenario 2: You are a laptop gamer and want to take your gaming station to the comfort of your own bed. Your laptop, however, is pretty large in size and as you are a competitive player, ergonomics and mouse pad space are essential.

In this scenario, we would recommend you the largest and most stable pick, the Saiju Bed Tray Table.

Scenario 3: You love gaming on your laptop but would like to play from the comfort of your bed or sofa in the living room. You aren’t looking for a full-size lap desk but rather something small, affordable, and practical that you can easily store away when not in use and easily carry around if you travel.

For this situation, we would recommend you our best casual pick, the AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk.

Final Thoughts

There is a big difference between lap desks and lapboards. Lap desks are primarily used by someone who is going to be gaming on a laptop, while the lapboard is typically used solely for providing you with a stable and solid surface for your keyboard and mouse.

Laptop lap desks are much cheaper than lapboards as they don’t include any keyboards or mice as you would already have those with your laptop.

When it comes to lap desks, there are plenty of different varieties to suit a range of gamers that have different requirements, tastes in design as well as budget.