The Best Mouse Bungee 2022 – Buying Guide & Review

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Mouse bungees have been utilized by gamers from the e-sports community for nearly a decade. In moments where every little mistake can lead you to lose everything, a mouse bungee that ensures your mouse cable doesn’t get stuck or tangled is of utmost importance.

To help you pick the best one, we took it upon ourselves to find the best bungees that the market had to offer.

The selection process was fairly simple; find all of the best bungees on the market, test them under a range of circumstances, and provide a fair review and comparison of each product to find out which one performed the best, and which one offered the most value for money.

We found that good mouse bungees possessed four absolutely crucial features; stability, weight, no cable drag and no slip.

Our Editor’s choice is the BenQ Zowie CAMADE II, which is also featured as our ‘Pro Player Pick’ due to being used by a large number of esports professionals.

After countless hours of research and testing, here’s our honest and unbiased opinions on the best mouse bungees.

Why You Can Trust This Review

We have no individual partnerships or sponsorships with any brand in this guide. Our writers select products based on their quality alone, with no input from our marketing or sales teams.

We tested each one of the bungees below in three different scenarios; slow and consistent movement (used in aim training), sudden mouse flicking (used in moments of surprise), and constant, high-intensity mouse movement that is often required in end-games in FPS titles such as Warzone and Fortnite.

How We Picked

We made our selection of the best mouse bungees based on four highly relevant points; design, features, performance, and price.


When picking such a small performance-enhancing accessory like a mouse bungee, the design is of utmost importance. This is because besides a nice looking bungee for your gaming mouse, a poor and unstable design can actually work against you in more heated moments. So, what we have done is gone ahead and included only products that feature a solid and stable design.


Besides serving its purpose as a mouse cable stabilizer, some bungees also offer even more features that aren’t necessarily needed but can be quite nice to have. Keep in mind that any extra features on the bungee can greatly influence its price point.

Some of the features that the product in our selection include RGB-enabled lights, SD slots, and the latest USB ports.

Now, what use you will make of these extra features is completely up to you.


The sole reason for having a bungee for your mouse is to increase your in-game performance. So, after rigorous testing in a range of circumstances, we had to only include bungees that really performed without negatively affecting your performance.

The bungees that you will see on this list underwent a range of testing scenarios which include aim training, sudden and extensive mouse flicking, as well as high-intensity scenarios where continuous mouse movement was required.


There is no debate, unlike with a quality mouse pad, a mouse bungee won’t magically make you a better player or improve your in-game performance. It is just a nice extra that you can add to your gaming setup to stop your mouse cable from getting tangled and stuck at the worst possible moments.

Thus, we have made a selection of a total of 10 products that greatly vary in price so that you can find the one that best fits your budget and needs. At the time of writing this, the items vary from around $15 to just under $50.

Best Value for Money

If you are split between saving money and getting the best performance a bungee for your mouse can provide, then the Cougar Bunker CGR-XXNB-MB1 is just for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.89.

At a glance, this 3-ounce bungee features a robust, heavy-duty look and feel, hence the naming of the model after a bunker. The base follows a rather thick circular shape with a scorpion-like cable management solution sticking through from the rear to the front of the bungee. The scorpion tail is incredibly flexible and can easily accommodate even the most intense of mouse flicks.

What really makes this model stand out from the crowd is its integrated suction cup, which acts as a vacuum when it comes to mounting the mouse bungee to your desk. So, rather than depending on pure weight and stability as a result of the design, this bungee quite literally has to be pulled away with force to come off the desk after you attach it successfully.

So, rest assured that your mouse cable and bungee will stay in place even during the most intense moments.

In terms of features, there are none. This budget mouse bungee is strictly engineered to provide you with the most value for money. So, if you don’t care about RGB lights or having yet another USB 3.0 port, the Cougar Bunker CGR-XXNB-MB1 is a great choice.

If you’re interested in this value for money pick, you can find it on websites like Amazon and Newegg.

Best Performance

If money is no object and you are after the best performance a mouse bungee can offer, then let me present you with the Cougar Bunker RGB.

The best price at the time of writing was $45.79.

After testing all of the other bungees, I couldn’t help but give this spot to the RGB-enabled version because it is so good. You can quite literally pull up a full-sized speaker from the ground, shake it about, and still have it perfectly attached to the mouse bungee.

Now, how is the Cougar Bunker 2.0 different from the Cougar Bunker?

Well, there are 2 (non-performance enhancing features) and one potentially performance-enhancing feature that doesn’t really matter. First, the 2nd generation features 360 degrees of RGB lighting at the base of the model. Secondly, the Cougar Bunker 2.0 offers 2x USB 2.0 as compared to 0 USB ports in the first generation of the model.

And lastly, the second generation of this model is actually 20g heavier, going up from 85g to 105g. As a said above, that really doesn’t make a difference because the suction cup is so powerful that it physically needs to pull it away with force to make it come off.

Now, whether pretty much double the price is worth it for the 2.0 as compared to the original version for only getting 2x USB ports and RGB lights, I don’t know, but when it comes to performance, there is nothing better on the market.

If you’re a fan of the COUGAR Bunker mouse bungee, you can find this model both on the Cougar Bunker website and Amazon.

Pro Players’ Pick

After conducting thorough research across the professional e-sports community, the best esports mouse bungee is the BenQ Zowie CAMADE II.

The best price at the time of writing was $34.92.

The biggest names that use the mouse bungee are FaZe Clan’s Mongraal (Fortnite) and Natus Vincere’s electronic (CS: GO).

The pyramid-like design features a solid no-slip square base that ensures stability that can comfortably withstand intense mouse-flicking scenarios.

The cable arm comes through the middle on the top of the mouse bungee to provide the flexibility for mouse movements without any added resistance. Though it looks fixed, the arm itself is extremely flexible. As an extra, it also features two-tier height-adjustable options to accommodate a range of gaming preferences.

In terms of extra features like USB, RGB, and so on, there is nothing that this model can show for. In most cases, I believe that this is a good thing because the manufacturer put their entire focus on delivering the ultimate e-sports performance.

So, if you are already a pro player or an aspiring gamer, the BenQ Zowie CAMADE II can really help you on your gaming journey. You can buy this mouse bungee from the official Zowie Benq website and Amazon.

Other Excellent Mouse Bungees

Uncrowned Kings Mouse Bungee

In the first place of our runner-up selection, we have the Uncrowned Kings Mouse Bungee. It’s one of my personal favorites, mainly due to its RGB lights and clean and simple look.

The best price at the time of writing was $29.99.


In terms of design, this model follows a very similar look to the Zowie CAMADE II. The only difference is that it has RGB lights and a significantly sleeker and modern-looking base. Still, the super flexible arm comes down the middle and offers a retractable spring for adjustment to accommodate for the different preferences in height of the player.


At first glance, the main feature that this mouse bungee offers that very few do at this price point is RGB lights. In fact, there are four different color modes and 5 different colors. There are no other added features such as USB ports or SD card slots.


When it comes to performance, it provides quite an amazing no-slip grip as compared to some of the other mouse bungees that didn’t make the list. It easily withstands intense mouse flicks. Moreover, the arm itself is pretty flexible and there is no notable resistance that you will need to adapt to when using the Uncrowned Kings Mouse Bungee.

If you like this mouse bungee, you can find it on sites like Amazon and the official Uncrowned Kings website.


There is no surprise that the ROCCAT Apuri is another fairly popular choice in the professional e-sports community.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.99.


The ROCCAT Apuri follows a scorpion design with three legs acting as the support base and a tail (the arm) coming from the rear to the front. The entirety of the mouse bungee is black with the only exception of the logo which is integrated in light grey near the bottom of the tail.


In terms of features, there are none. The team behind ROCCAT seem to have put their entire focus on developing a mouse bungee that provides pure performance.


When we tested the product, the performance was actually surprisingly good, despite the relatively lightweight design. The arm itself is very flexible and any sharp mouse movements don’t move around the mouse bungee or tip it over. The zero-drag feature is also awesome as you won’t need to adapt your mouse sensitivity or mouse control.

Overall, I and the team were really happy with the product and can recommend it. If you’re interested in the ROCCAT Apuri, you can buy it from Amazon and the official ROCCAT website.

Unbranded Mouse Bungee

If you don’t care about features and RGB lights, then this affordable Unbranded Mouse Bungee is just perfect for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $14.99.


In terms of design, this model follows a very oval shape with the arm following through down the middle. The solid structure weighing at just under 300 grams or 10 ounces helps with establishing a pretty solid grip on a range of surfaces including wood, plastic, and metal.


When it comes to features, this model doesn’t offer any besides a super flexible spring arm that is designed to work as intended.


Despite its low price point as compared to some of the products that we have already taken a look at, we were really surprised by how good such a basic product can perform. It successfully withstood pretty intense circumstances. We literally drew around the base and used the bungee for 1 hour straight. The result; it was literally in exact same position.

When it comes to stability, as an added reassurance, the manufacturers state that the base is no-slip, and the arm is drag-free. This essentially means that you don’t need to adjust your mouse sensitivity or have to get used to any added resistance.

If this generic mouse bungee is what you’ve been after, you can buy it from the Hominize website and Amazon.

MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse Bungee

The MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse Bungee offers a viable solution for those that want a plug and play functionality out of the box. No software, no installations. plug-in, and play.

The best price at the time of writing was $24.99.


This model by MOTOSPEED features a rather simple scorpion design which focuses more on stability rather than achieving the scorpion look vie its three-legged base. The scorpion tail is very flexible both in terms of movement to accommodate for intense mouse movements and in terms of supporting any size mouse cable. The arm itself is made entirely out of no-pull, high-quality rubber.


When it comes to features, this bungee by MOTOSPEED features 4 LED-backlit RGB lights to help you complete your RGB-enabled setup. If you aren’t a big fan of the RGB, you can simply turn it off.

On top of the RGB, this model also hosts 4x USB 2.0 ports. How you make use of them is completely up to you. I personally charge my phone in my monitor because it’s easy, and now, with this bungee, I can charge my phone from its integrated USBs to keep my setup look cleaner.

No batteries are required as the bungee itself needs to be connected to your PC or monitor via a USB.


In terms of performance, I and the team are happy with how well this product withstood some really intensive mouse movements and flicks. It comes as no surprise considering the base is fairly solid (weighting at 12 ounces), promising a non-slip design which we can confirm works pretty well.

As for flexibility, the arm itself is very adaptable, and upon testing, there is no notable resistance significant enough for you to have to adjust your mouse sensitivity or have to just get used to any added pulling.

The MOTOSPEED mouse bungee can currently be only found on websites like Amazon.


The CASETHRONE Mouse Bungee is another very performance-centric mouse bungee that is widely used within the pro-community.

The best price at the time of writing was $17.99.


In terms of design, the bungee features a pyramid-like shape as a base, similar to the Zowie bungee. The cable arm follows through the middle of the 0.55 pounds no-slip base. Though this model follows a very sleek black color throughout, the tip of the arm is actually bright red. At the forefront of the bungee, you can also see the CASETHRONE logo.


There are no added tech-related features such as USB slots and RGB lights. The designers of this model have only focused on providing a good level of performance for a relatively affordable price.


In terms of performance, we are pretty happy with how it withstood pretty unnatural levels of mouse movement. This only concludes that the no-slip grip on the bottom of the base of the mouse bungee works really well. We tested this no-grip feature on three different surfaces; wood, metal, and plastic. The result: good consistent performance.

In terms of flexibility, the arm of the mouse bungee is essentially a spring that offers a drag-free performance, which comes in handy especially if you don’t want to adjust your sensitivity or have to get used to the mouse bungee.

If you’re interested in the CASETHRONE mouse bungee, you can buy this model from Newegg and Amazon.

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2

If you are a big fan of Razer, you will be very happy to hear that we absolutely love the Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2.

The best price at the time of writing was $19.89.


This Razer mouse bungee features a very basic, rectangular-shape base that weights 8.6 ounces. This relatively heavy-duty base helps with the stability of the product and keep Razer’s promise of complete drag-free cord control of up to 3.2mm.

The arm itself follows through in the middle of the mouse bungee (with a base at the back) for added stability and flexible, no-resistance control.

Unlike all other mouse bungees, this one actually has a more compact base, making it perfect if space is an issue on your desk.


When it comes to features, this mouse bungee has nothing to show for it. But, if you aren’t a big fan of RGB or having even more USB ports, then just wait until we tell you about our experience with this product in terms of performance.


Upon testing this product, we have nothing but good things to say. After over 30 minutes of playing, it hadn’t moved from its original place. We tested it on surfaces such as wood, metal, and plastic, and the results were exactly the same for all.

For it’s price point, it does exactly what it needs to; provide you with the ultimate control of your mouse without having the cable tangling or interfering with your gaming performance.

If you’re a fan of this Razer mouse bungee, you can find it both on the official Razer website and Amazon.

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee

Last but not least, our final product in our selection features the ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee.

The best price at the time of writing was $24.99.


When it comes to design, it is easily has the most all over the place feeling to it. The base is a solid circle that is supported by number of legs that bulge out of the base of the mouse bungee. The arm comes out of the back of the bungee which further enhances stability.

The whole design weights just 7 ounces, which can be a little lightweight. However, despite the relatively low weight, the non-slip grip seems to be performing really well.


At first glance, this mouse bungee features 4x USB 2.0 ports. When it comes to this many USB ports, you can connect a range of accessories like your speakers, tablet and phone chargers, or whatever you want really. For me personally, I would only use it to charge my phone as the more things you add, the more of the cleaner look you will sacrifice.

Another pretty cool feature is the RGB lights. This particular model hosts 6 LED colors and a dynamic rainbow mode.


If you could judge this bungee’s performance out of 10, I would give it a solid 8. There is no dragging or pulling from the bungee’s arm. My only comment is that the manufacturers could have added USB 3.0 which is much more in demand in recent times.

If this mouse bungee by ENHANCE provides just what you’ve been looking for, you can buy it from Amazon and the PC Enhance Gaming website.

Who Should Use Mouse Bungees?

Mouse bungees are designed for more serious gamers that use a wired mouse who mainly play fast-paced FPS games. If you play with a proper gaming mouse and keyboard, chances are that you have come across a moment at some point when your mouse cable either gets tangled up or stuck, affecting your natural mouse movement until you go back and fix it.

In key moments, if your mouse cable gets stuck, this alone handicaps your immediate potential and can lead to your elimination. This is where a mouse bungee comes in; to keep your cable fixed in a place so that it doesn’t get stuck or tangled in key moments.

Key Takeaways

RGB-enabled bungees cost way more than those without (even if they offer the same core features and performance).

A higher price point doesn’t always mean a better performance.

All but the Cougar mouse bungees use weight as a method of grip, so, if you want the ultimate stability, it doesn’t get better than Cougar’s suction cup.

USB ports are a pretty useless feature that can just bump up the price of the product unless you know for sure that you are going to use them.