Best PS5 Cooling Fan in 2022 – Revealed

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The PS5 can get quite hot, which is quite a common thing with virtually any console, laptop, or PC. After some time, dust can build up, the fans can start to wear off and not perform to their best.

If your PS5 is overheating or you’d simply like to give it a helping hand in cooling itself down to protect it for the long-term, getting a PS5 cooling fan would be a wise thing to do.

We researched the market to find the best PS5 cooling fan. During our selections, we considered each of the PS5 fan’s:

  • Design
  • Value for Money
  • Fan Noise
  • Cooling Abilities
  • Special Features

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our findings.

Our number one pick was the OIVO PS5 Stand with Suction Cooling Fan, a cooling system that also includes a stand and charging for controllers. If you’re looking for a PS5 cooling fan without additional features, our pick is the NexiGo PS5 Cooling Fan.

Why You Can Trust This Review

With this guide, our sole goal is to provide you with a list of the best PS5 cooling fans to pick from. To find the best products, we conducted extensive market and community research. During the entire process, we remained 100% unbiased, transparent, and completely honest.

This way, you can review a range of different products that are really the best across the board in one place and shop with utmost confidence.

How We Picked

To pick the cooling fans for PS5 from below, we considered the following:


During our market research, we came across two types of cooling fans, a larger cooling fan, which you place your PS5 on top of and a smaller one where you attach the cooling fans to your PS5. One of a whole lot more portable than the other, and as a result, we decided to include both types to give you the flexibility to choose the one that most suits your needs.

Do note that some of the larger ones also have more features such as PS5 controller charging stations, LED lights, dedicated space for storing your games, and more.

Value for Money

We don’t believe that you should spend more money than you have to, and as a result, one of the core aspects that we considered during our research was the value for money that you could extract from the products.

Luckily, you don’t have to do that as we did it for you. How? We used value for money as a qualifying and necessary “feature” prior to including the product in our final selection. This means that if the product is listed and reviewed below, it passed our value for money check.

Fan Noise

When you buy a PS5 cooling fan, you want it to cool down your console, not compete with it to see which one will make more noise. During our research process, we ensured that the products we picked were relatively quiet while still effective in their cooling. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the faster the fans are spinning, the more noise they will make.

Cooling Abilities

One of the core features that we took a look at before including any of the products in our final selection was their ability to cool down your console quickly, consistently, and effectively.

Special Features

While some people are strictly looking for a PS5 cooling fan, others want more than that in the same product. For this very reason, we considered a range of PS5 cooling fans that features controller charging stations, dedicated storage for your games, and more.

We saw the idea behind it and how it can make your overall setup a whole lot neater and more organized. As a result, we added a number of PS5 cooling fans that were equipped with some or all of the above-mentioned features.

Best PS5 Cooling Fan

If you’re looking for the best PS5 cooling fan on the market today, at least in our opinion, the OIVO PS5 Stand with Suction Cooling Fan is the one that you should take into consideration.

The best price at the time of writing was $39.99.

The OIVO PS5 cooling fan measures 4.02″ (L) x 1.02″ (H) x 4.33″ (W) and weighs a total of 1.94 lbs. The rather small and compact design in white allows for this cooling system to be comfortably placed on practically any gaming desk.

To further save some space, the design requires the PS5 to be standing on top of the fans, which not only looks great but also improves the cooling down of your console. With the single press of a button, you can switch between three different fan speeds, to ensure that your PS5 received sufficient air depending on your need.

Aside from the cooling fan, this product also comes with integrated charging stations for up to two controllers, which have LED indicators for the charging status of each controller. On the flip side, you’ll find 12 game slots so you can neatly organize all or at least most of your games in one place.

If you flip the product, on the bottom you’ll find a plastic base, which is used to retain heat and not send it through to your PS5. On top of that, the cooling fan is also equipped with a galvanized metal base for more efficient cooling.

In regards to safety features, this product has plenty. Thanks to the overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short circuit protection technology, your controllers will be kept safe from any of the above-mentioned issues.

If you’re interested in this PS5 cooling fan, you can buy it from Amazon and the OIVO website.

Best Budget PS5 Cooling Fan

If you’re on a budget and are looking for an effective and inexpensive solution, the FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan for PS5 is the best, at least in our opinion, affordable cooling fan for PS5.

The best price at the time of writing was $14.99.

This cooling fan for PS5 is sleek, compact, and super simple in design. If you aren’t after a bulky cooling fan that would take up extra space on your gaming desk, then this product is the ideal alternative.

To install the fan, simply pop it in the back of the PS5 as you can see on the images on Amazon or by following the instructions manual, connect the fans to one of the allocated USB ports on the console, and you’re all ready to go.

To turn the fans on, simply press the small black button near the cooling fan’s USB port, and they’ll automatically start cooling down your console. AS for the USB port, it is a 3.0 model and is essentially meant to give back to you that one USB port that it requires to operate.

One cool feature of this cooling fan is that you can use the top of it as a headset stand. Even if the PS5 and the fans are on, the resting headset will not affect the natural flow of air to your PS5.

As far as compatibility is concerned, this product is suitable for both the digital and disc version of the PlayStation 5.

If you’re interested in the FASTSNAIL cooling fan, you can find it on Amazon and the Fast Snail website.

Runner Up

The NexiGo PS5 Cooling Fan is another minimalistic PS5 cooling fan designed to take up no extra space and perform as it is intended.

The best price at the time of writing was $20.99.

This PS5 cooling fan by NexiGo is equipped with three high-speed cooling fans, which are capable of accelerating large volumes of air inside the console in order to dissipate all of the heat built up inside.

One pretty cool feature of this product is that once it is working, it illuminates a really relaxing blue LED light, which will really complement your console nicely, especially during the dark hours of the night.

To install this cooling fan, simply pop it on the back of your Playstation, and connect it to one of the available USB ports. After that, simply press the button when your PS5 fans need a helping hand to keep the console cool. To turn it off, press that button again. Near the button, you’ll also find a 2.0 USB port, which you can use just like any other USB port for whatever you want. Do note that it isn’t as good as the USB ports found on the back of the PS5.

One of the downsides of this product is that it is only available in a single pre-set RPM, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re only after a simple solution to the cooling problems that your PS5 is experiencing.

As for compatibility, this product is suitable for both the digital and the disc versions of the PS5.

If this cooling fan is what you’ve been after, you can buy it from Amazon and the NexiGo website.

Other Great PS5 Cooling Fans

YUANHOT PS5 Cooling Fan

If you like the idea of a controller charger and a cooling fan for your PS5 all in one but you have no need for any other extras that would just end up taking more space on your desk, check out the YUANHOT PS5 Cooling Fan.

The best price at the time of writing was $24.95.

Unlike some of our other selections, this PS5 cooling fan is designed to only cool down your PS5 and recharge your controllers using either or both of the charging docks. That’s really all this product has to offer (aside from the 3x USB ports at the front) but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially for those who don’t really buy physical copies of games anymore.

The entire cooling pad with the charging docks measures 13.74″ (L) x 7.76″ (W) x 1.93″ (H) and weighs just 1.17 lbs, which is significantly less as compared to some of our other recommendations.

The cooling system is made up of 2x built-in high-speed cooling fans that are both effective in cooling down your console and fairly low in noise pollution. On the downside, the fans do only spin at a pre-set RPM, but that can actually benefit you if you just want it to do what it’s designed to do – keep your PS5 cool.

If you’ve opted for the digital edition of the PS5, you have nothing to worry about as the cooling pad is suitable for both the standard and the digital PlayStation 5.

As for the controller charging station, you can use the allocated slots to charge up to two controllers simultaneously or simply leave them to rest. You can check the charging status of each controller thanks to the LED indicators at the front of the cooling pad.

If you’re interested in this cooling fan, currently it is only available on Amazon.

OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan

The OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan is another compact stick-on cooling fan for your PlayStation 5. It goes without saying that it is a little bit more advanced than some of our other more simple picks.

The best price at the time of writing was $18.99.

If you’re can’t find the space on your desk for a proper cooling fan with all the other features, then going for something more simple such as this PS5 cooling fan from OLYGIVE is a great idea.

To install this cooling fan, all you need to do is simply pop it on the back of your PS5 and plug it into one of the available USB slots. Then, it is all ready to go. It’s really that simple and can really prolong the life and quality of performance you can expect from your console for the years to come.

Once popped into place and connected to a working USB port, the three fans will remain idle. Beneath the fans, you’ll find an additional USB slot which was actually designed to give you back that one USB port occupied by the cooling fan, and a fan switch button. To turn the fans on, simply press the fan switch button and your fan will start extracting the heat out of your PS5.

In case the white design doesn’t quite rock your boat, you can find the exact same product in black.

The OLYGIVE cooling fan is currently only available on sites like Amazon.

MENEEA Charging Stand With Cooling Fan for PS5

And last but not least, we have the MENEEA Charging Stand With Cooling Fan for PS5. This is another PS5 cooling fan with a bunch of added features you’ll love.

The best price at the time of writing was $41.99.

Design-wise, unlike most of our other picks, this cooling fan is wrapped up in fine black. To cool the PS5, you will need to place it on top of the cooling platform in an upright position in the allocated slot, which is situated in the middle of the cooling fan. To the left, you’ll find 2x PS5 controller charging stations and a headset stand, while to the right, you’ll find 15 storage slots for your video games.

Unlike most of our other picks, this PS5 cooling fan even comes with a slot for the PS5 remote control. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for all of your PS5 gadgets, then this cooling fan can really deliver you just that.

The cooling system of this product is equipped with two upgraded cooling fans that provide enough air circulation to adequately disperse any heat from inside the console while the metal base can quickly and effectively take care of external components of the PS5. Aside from that, at the base of the cooling base, you’ll find anti-slip rubber, which will keep your PS5 standing tightly and stably.

For the guaranteed protection of your controllers during charging, the cooling fan is further equipped with a protection chip for preventing over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short-circuiting.

As a nice little extra, at the forefront of the PS5 cooling fan, you’ll also find 2x USB ports, which can be used for you to connect any additional devices or simply charge your phone.

If this cooling fan is what you’ve been after, you can buy it from Amazon.

Who Needs a PS5 Cooling Fan?

The short answer is everybody with a PS5. It’s a great idea to grab a fan for your console early on to make sure that it is adequately cooled down from the get-go. This will not only increase the lifespan of the console as it wouldn’t be exposed to potential damage from overheating.

If your PS5 is relatively new, you can generally skip getting a cooling fan. However, if you’ve had the console for quite some time, and you can see that it is starting to struggle to cool itself down alone (either overheats or makes a ton of noise), then you definitely need to consider getting yourself a cooling fan.

PS5 Cooling Fan Shopping Tips

During our research, we came across some important things that you need to consider before buying a cooling fan for your PS5.

Consider the Design You’re After

During our research, we came across two different types of PS5 cooling fans – one that you lay down on your desk and place your PS5 over the allocated fans and another, much smaller version that is attached to your PS5.

If you have ample space on your desk, it probably doesn’t matter which one you go for but if you want to keep your gaming setup as simple as possible or simply don’t have the space for a bulky item to lay flat on your desk, then you should consider the second option.

Consider Cooling Fan With Adjustable Fan Speeds

While having a fan that spins at a pre-set speed has its advantages, those types of cooling fans are far from ideal. Why? Because not every PS5 has the same cooling issues. For example, if your PS5 mildly overheats after 2-3 hours of gaming, sure, a basic fan with a pre-set RPM would do the job to keep it on the cooler side.

However, if your PS5 gets progressively more heated as you game, you want to get a cooling fan with adjustable fan speeds. This way, you can customize the fan speed to the need of your PS5.

Don’t Forget About the Added Features

Some of the cooling fans that we’ve reviewed come with features on top of a working cooling fan in the likes of storage for your games, additional USB ports, and charging stations for your PS5 controllers.

If you could benefit from any of those, then do make sure to go for the bulkier-looking cooling fans as you will get more value for money. Else, we’d suggest that you go for the simpler version.

Which Cooling Fan Is Right for Me?

Not sure which fan to go for? Let us help you out with the following scenarios alongside our recommendation for each.

Scenario 1: If you’re on the lookout for the most inexpensive yet performing PS5 cooling fan, we’d highly recommend you to check out the FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan for PS5.

Scenario 2: If you’re searching for the best overall PS5 cooling fan, regardless of what the price may be, you should take a look at our best overall recommendation, the OIVO PS5 Stand with Suction Cooling Fan.

Scenario 3: If you’re both after performance and affordability but don’t want to have an extra piece of equipment sitting on your desk, we’d recommend you the super-compact NexiGo PS5 Cooling Fan.

Final Thoughts

While Sony have equipped the PS5 with a decent fan, that alone might not be enough to keep the console cool and fully operational. This is why getting yourself an extra set of cooling fans can be of great help, especially since they are so effective and rather inexpensive.

Above, we reviewed our top six picks, however, our original final selection featured a total of ten different PS5 cooling fans. Despite not including four of them, we believe that they at least deserve an honorable mention.

In case you couldn’t find a PS5 fan from our recommendations above, feel free to also check out the KALDAN PS5 Cooling Fan, MES MERRY Cooling Fan for PS5, Kootek PS5 Cooling Fan, and CONNYAM Cooling Fan for PS5.