Best PS5 Gift Ideas in 2021

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With the PS5 set to arrive right in time for the holiday season, many games around the world are not only thrilled with excitement for the next generation of gaming experience that Sony has so perfectly delivered over the years, but also for the gifts that they will be receiving over Christmas from their friends and family.

If you know someone that is currently using a Playstation 5 or is planning or hoping for one, as a huge fan of Playstation, I will show you the best PS5 gift ideas that your loved ones will adore you for.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for a 30-year-old seasoned gamer or a 12-year old that is just getting into gaming, on this best PS5 gift ideas list, you will find something useful for every PS5 fan out there.

ProductKey FeaturesOur Rating
PULSE 3D Wireless Headset* Fine-tuned for 3D Audio
* Hidden Noise-cancelling microphone
* Up to 12-hours of battery life
No products found.* Wireless
* 7-10 hour battery life
SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO* 1 TB SSD
* 1050MB Read Speed
DualSense Charging Station* Can charge up to 2 controllers
* Fast-charging*
HORI Racing Wheel Apex* Full-sized racing wheel
* 270-degree rotation angle
Acer Predator 24.5* 144Hz
* 2ms Response Time
* Full-HD
HD Camera* 1080p quality
* Suitable for greenscreen
Media Remote* Seamless PS5 compatibility
* Netflix, Youtube, Spotify & Disney hot buttons
PlayStation 5 Console* 120 FPS-compatible
* 825 GB SSD
* Compatible With PS4 Games
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition* Same as Standard PS5 except only compatible with digital media4.9
PlayStation Store Gift Card* Freedom to buy anything on the PS store4.7

Besides having a good console and a working controller, the second most important addition to every gamer’s setup is a good headset. I cannot do it justice how much using a bad headset can impact a gamer’s gaming experience, especially in fast-paced games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty where every bit of noise the headset can pick up helps the gamer gain intel on the enemy.

And no, by all means, you don’t need to spend $500 on a headset to have an amazing PS5 gaming experience, unless you can afford it and want to spend this kind of money.

The PS5 headset which Sony has named Pulse 3D is surprisingly good and is definitely better than 90% of the gaming headsets that I have used in the past, which is why I am so strongly recommending it. Besides, it was developed by Sony which is also known for producing some excellent audio devices. Moreover, this headset is suited for the console’s exact needs, which means that the performance will be optimal.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Key Features

  • Fine-tuned for 3D Audio on PS5 consoles*.
  • Refined comfortable earpads and headband strap.
  • Noise-cancellation technology.
  • Up to 12-hours of wireless play due to the built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Compatible with PS VR and mobile devices with the included audio cable.
  • High-quality microphone.

Essentially, it is the go-to, and everything a PS5 gamer could possibly ask for from a gaming headset.

No products found.

No products found.

If the person who you are shopping for has recently pre-ordered or purchased the PlayStation 5, chances are that they will only get one DualSense Wireless Controller with their exciting new purchase.

As a Playstation gamer myself, I can tell you that one controller is not enough. And no, not because gamers can use two controllers at the same time. Rather, because if the battery on one dies after an extended period of gaming, it will take us just a second to grab the second controller and jump back into action.

Besides, after some time, like anything, wear and tear will begin to affect the controller in terms of grip, mechanical movement of the analog sticks, the padding of the buttons, and so on. Unless who you are shopping for is playing Minecraft or some very slow-paced game, then such issues in the controller can seriously have a big impact on their overall gaming experience and performance. For example, if the person you are looking to buy a controller is playing Fortnite, Call of Duty, or other FPS shooter games, it is an absolute must for the controller to be at 100% all of the time.

On the flip side, having a 2nd controller can be beneficial in the fact that you can simply share the PS5 experience with your friends and family at home. There are plenty of games that can be played on split-screen to share the fun of the PS5 on a gaming TV such as Call of Duty, Minecraft, FIFA, and more.

Whatever the reason may be, a second controller is a great addition to every gamer’s PS5 accessory collection.

Officially, the PS5 will have 825GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage space, however, users on ResetEra have heavily speculated that after all the storage space that the PS5 system and updates will take, PS5 gamers will only have around 664GB of storage that is actually free to use.

Now, if you aren’t huge into gaming, 664 GB may sound like a lot. If you are a bit older, back in the day, we could easily be satisfied with 128 GB storage space that would last us for years as we could easily load up tens of games onto this little space.

However, with the development of technology in the game production and development space, a game such as Call of Duty can quite easily take up anywhere between 200-300 GB of space. That is one game, and 40% of the storage already gone. This means that the available storage of the PS5 will easily get filled up with as little as 2 to 3 games.

The big problem is that there are many gamers that don’t just play 2 or 3 games. As a fellow gamer, I play with my friends very often and while we have our periods of playing the same game for a few weeks at a time, we often like to return and play other games that we have already downloaded. Can you imagine how annoying it would be if you had to re-download 150-200 GB for the 4-5 games you constantly play just because there isn’t enough storage space for them all?

For the average gamer, that is around 10 hours of download time which is unthinkable.

The solution? Grab one of the best PS5 external hard drives. The one that I have selected is not only budget-friendly but is also 1.5x the size of the speculated free space that the PS5 will have. 1 TB to be exact. Because of that, this is one of our top picks for the best PS5 external hard drive. The external SSD is essentially a block that is plugged into the PS5 console and works just like the default storage space. It is just as fast, and just as reliable.

So, if you want to make any PS5 gamer happy, you quite literally cannot go wrong with purchasing them an external SSD as a gift for their new PS5.

Whether you play games or not, once in a while, we all experience a situation where a TV remote or something essential around the house runs out of batteries. It’s not a pleasant experience as you would have to look for batteries around the house and if there aren’t any, you would need to go out to the local store and buy some.

Now, if you were a gamer and were playing with your friends, imagine how annoying this experience will be. As a gamer myself, the last thing I want to go and do in the heat of the moment is look for new batteries for my controller.

So, one of the best PS5 gift ideas would be the DualSense Charging Station. Essentially, whoever you are buying this for can simply place their PS5 controller in the charging station, and leave it there over night. In just a few hours, the controller battery will be at 100% again. It is truly a life saver and something console gamers appreciate a lot.

The great thing about it? It can hold up to 2 controllers at a time meaning that if you want to make a bundle of the two, rest assured that they will be put to use immediately.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex

Besides all the general PS5 gifts that every PS5 gamer will absolutely love you for, if you want to go the extra mile, you can get them a PS5 compatible racing wheel. This is an awesome present that will definitely go into use regardless of whether or not they love racing games. On the flip side, if they actively play games such as Forza, Need For Speed, Formula 1, Moto GP, or any other such racing games, this can easily be one of the best things that you can buy for them.

This particular racing wheel from HORI is a full-sized racing wheel with an 11-inch diameter which is just the perfect size as it closely mimics a real steering wheel of racing cars. In my honest opinion, it is a brilliant racing wheel for its price point. As you could imagine, the large majority of the design is made out of plastic, which also makes the system relatively lightweight. This obviously has an upside as it can easily be moved from one place to another after a gaming session so that it isn’t in the way all the time.

By all means, it is quite a resilient racing wheel so don’t think that after a few rough races the wear and tear will be so significant that your present will get ruined within just a few months because it will not.

Benefits of HORI Racing Wheel Apex

  • Budget-friendly
  • Possesses all usual racing wheel features
  • It will do the job just fine without you having to spend thousands of dollars
  • Perfect for beginners or a younger individual just getting into gaming

Drawbacks of HORI Racing Wheel Apex

  • Comes with only 2 pedals with minimal pressure response
  • Lightweight & cheap feeling
  • Limitations in terms of the rotational angle

Overall, this racing wheel has made it on the list of the best PS5 gift ideas, and so, if you still aren’t quite sure, let me tell you that it is easily one of our top picks for the best PS5 racing wheels for this price range. While it definitely isn’t the best out there, for this kind of money, you will struggle to find the same quality and performance for a PS5 racing wheel.

Acer Predator 24.5

What is a next-generation gaming console without an incredible gaming monitor to supplement it? I will tell you that playing on such a powerful system such as the PS5 on an average monitor, the gaming experience is going to be far from complete. The average monitor will only act as a bottleneck to the gaming experience that can truly be achieved when playing on the PS5.

So, to really take every aspect of gaming from visual output to make the most out of the 120 FPS compatibility of the PS5, I cannot recommend enough a good gaming monitor.

I should also mention that a good gaming monitor doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. My personal top pick is the 24.5-inch Acer Predator which has some very decent features for its price point. Some of them include:

  • 144 Hz
  • 2ms Response Time
  • Height-adjustable
  • Tilt-Adjustable
  • Full-HD (1920×1080)

Even my monitors right now are worse than the Acer Predator in terms of performance and they are truly brilliant. So, in my honest opinion, this gaming monitor is easily the best you can get for a PS5 (without overspending on monitors that have features that the PS5 is not compatible with).

HD Camera

Is the person you are shopping for big into recording their gameplay and uploading it to YouTube? Or, perhaps they love to stream their live gameplay on platforms such as Twitch in front of hundreds of people from around the world?

If so, grabbing them the PS5 compatible HD Camera will be a present that they will never forget. The sharp 1080p capture quality will allow them to produce high-quality content and satisfy even the most tech-demanding of audiences.

Besides, with the PlayStation 5 console’s built-in background removal tools, they can broadcast themselves using a green screen to step up the gaming experience they are providing for their audience.

If they aren’t big into recording or streaming their gameplay, the full-HD camera will never go to waste. They can video call their friends and family, play interactive games, and capture the most epic gaming moments for the complete PS5 experience.

Media Remote

Besides a controller, if you know that the person that you are shopping for likes to watch Netflix or use their console for something other than gaming, then getting them a Media Remote control can be extremely useful.

If you truly want to surprise them, it is definitely worth it as I can confidently say that over 90% of console gamers do not have such a device because it is not absolutely necessary. On the flip side, it is a really useful accessory to have for multiple reasons.

Besides, some of the key features of the Media Remote include:

  • Quick navigation of media playback controls.
  • Seamless console compatibility.
  • Adjust TV settings (PS5 update may be required)

PlayStation Store Gift Card

In case you haven’t found what you were looking for, you can’t go wrong with buying a gift card for the PS5 Store. The gift card can be redeemed and can be used for buying digital assets from the PS Store for a number of things such as:

  • Games
  • Movies
  • In-game purchases such as maps, seasons, levels, consumables, and more.
  • PS Plus Subscription to be able to play online.
  • Themes for the PS5 home screen.
  • and much more.

The gift card we have linked above is worth $50, however, there also are PS Store gift cards worth $10, $20, $25, $60, $75, and $100.

Once you buy them a gift card, they can redeem the money on the PS Store and buy virtually whatever they want. This means that you can’t disappoint them with your gift as every gamer would appreciate a gift card, which they can then spend on their favorite games.

PS5 Games

There are many exciting titles coming out for the Playstation 5. So, if you really want to make someone’s day, you can gift them their very first PS5 game right now! Below, you can find a list of games that are available for the ultimate PlayStation 5 experience.

Note: You should also take into account that if you are purchasing multiple items from this best PS5 gift ideas guide, you should make sure that the games and the accessories go hand in hand. For example, if you have already ordered the racing wheel, you should focus on getting them a racing game that is compatible with the racing wheel.

Game TitleSee on Amazon
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesClick Here for Spider-Man
Sackboy: A Big AdventureClick Here for Sackboy
NBA 2K21Click Here for NBA 2K21
WRC 9Click Here for WRC 9
Far Cry 6Click Here for Far Cry 6
Watch Dogs: LegionClick Here for Watch Dogs
Assassin’s Creed ValhallaClick Here for Assassin’s Creed
GodfallClick Here for Godfall
Override 2Click Here for Override 2
Warhammer: ChaosbaneClick Here for Warhammer

If you are looking to make a gamer’s dream come true, buying the PS5 for them would be a present and a gesture that they will never forget. It is by far the most exciting and most hyped console release in the world to date, even more than that of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

The reason being is that it brings a whole new generation of gaming and performance that has never been seen before in the world of console gaming. If you put it head to head with the previous version of Playstation, the PS4, the two are completely different to the core.

The PS5 enjoys an 825 GB Custom SSD which means that you will no longer have to wait 5-10 minutes for the console to start and games to load. In terms of RAM, the PS5 uses 16GB of 256-bit GDDR6 which is 2x more than the slower GDDR5 in the PS4.

In terms of graphics and performance, the console is almost 3 times better (if you would allow me to express things in such simplicity) than the PS4. And perhaps the biggest change of all, the PS5 supports 120 FPS game-play which allows console gamers to be one step closer to competing against PC gamers.

And if you are wondering, “Will PS4 games work on PS5?”, the simple answer is yes, meaning that the gamer you are shopping for can easily transfer all of their digital assets such as games over to their new PS5.

If you are wondering why there are two similar-looking consoles on top of this best PS5 gift ideas list, that is because Sony has released two variants of the PS5 console.

One is the standard console (right above), and one is the digital edition that you are reading about right now. Now, if you are not so much into technology, let me explain the key differences between the two are.

There are two key differences between the PS5 Digital Edition vs the Standard PS5. Those are the 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive and the price.

The PS5 Digital Edition does not come with the Blu-ray disc drive and costs $100 less than the standard edition which costs $399.99 as compared to the Standard PS5 which is priced at $499.99.

What does this mean? It basically means that the PS5 Digital Edition will not be able to read PS4 and PS5 games, DVDs, and Blu-ray movies. So, if you were planning to buy someone this PS5 and a hard copy of a game, it will not work, hence the name, “Digital Edition” (unless you buy them the digital version of the game from the PS store or grab them a voucher which they can later redeem).

Besides that, the Digital Edition of the PS5 is also aesthetically different from the Standard PS5. It has a smaller profile purely because there is no disc drive.