The 8 Best Vertical Gaming Mouse Picks for 2022

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We decided to take on the challenge to find the best vertical gaming mouse on the market.

Vertical gaming mice are great for people with wrist problems, and most people just find them more comfortable to use in general. These ergonomic mice are ideal for helping reduce wrist or hand pain, as well as preventing future issues in these areas.

At some point in time, most people will suffer from wrist pains and aches as a result of an injury or prolonged gaming.

Whether you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, or are simply starting to look after the health of your wrists before problems begin to arise, you’ve come to the right place.

Our selection process was quite simple. We made an extensive list of all the vertical mice we could find, then compared and reviewed them to finalize our selection for the best gaming mice with a vertical design.

After that, we explored each product to determine which one offers the best ergonomic design for wrist problems, which vertical mouse is the best value for money, and which mice offer a decent level of performance and comfort at the lowest possible prices.

Our pick for the best ergonomic vertical mouse was the Contour Design Unimouse. Whilst on the more expensive and heavier side, this wireless vertical mouse offers customizable comfort. For gaming specs at a mid-range price, consider the Trust Gaming GXT 144.

After many hours of research, you’ll find more information on our top picks for the best vertical gaming mice on the market below.

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Why You Can Trust This Review

As someone with wrist problems, I have made the switch and have started using a vertical mouse back in 2016. Over the years, I have read, tested, and personally used a vast range of vertical gaming mice to find the one that best works for my hand size and wrist problem.

Besides years of personal experience, the team at DiamondLobby and I dedicated hours in researching the market and the most common wrist complaints from the gaming community.

This allowed us to gain the confidence to be able to suggest products to you that are not only good for gaming but will also take into consideration your wrist and any issues that you could be suffering from.

All of the suggestions within this guide have been carefully researched and considered. You could find out more about each of the products that made our final selection and how they can help you in the product’s individual descriptions.

How We Picked

We found 53 vertical gaming mice before narrowing down our top picks.

To pick out our favorites, we had to lay out strict criteria that each of the products will be judged by:

Ergonomic Design

For a gaming mouse to be considered vertical, it had to offer a certain level of incline. While there is no industry standard for this, we made our judgment based on how the mouse looked visually and felt when used.

As I have wrist issues myself, I could judge very quickly which mouse was good and which would simply not be good enough for our final selection.


Generally speaking, the higher the DPI of your mouse is, the better your in-game accuracy is likely to be. DPI essentially expresses the number of dots per linear inch that the mouse can detect. A higher DPI means that you can instantly adjust the mouse pointer speed for more precision tasks, such as in-game targeting and shooting practice.

So, we made sure that there is no mouse with a maximum DPI under 2400.


If you have played on mouse and keyboard for some time, you would know the importance of response time. No matter how good you may be at a game, if your gaming mouse doesn’t provide an optimal level of responsiveness, you will lose.

Typically, you wouldn’t have any issues with wired mice, but, since wireless mice aren’t quite there yet, we had to do some serious research.

Because of that, we made sure that every wireless vertical gaming mouse within our final selection offered an average to a high level of responsiveness.

Best for Wrist Problems

Do you suffer from repetitive strain injury (RSI), carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), or any other wrist issues but would still like to play games without pains and aches? After concluding our in-depth research, we came to the conclusion that the Contour Unimouse is the best vertical gaming mouse for wrist problems.

The best price at the time of writing was $79.99.

Ergonomic Design

The main reason why we love this mouse and made it our top pick for wrist problems is because of its sheer adaptability. When the design is concerned, the incline can be adjusted to anywhere from 35 degrees to 70 degrees, which is essential when it comes to combating wrist pain.

As not every wrist issue is the same, for some gamers, 35 degrees is plenty for the pain to be alleviated. For someone like me who has larger hands, I go for around 60 degrees incline.

Besides the adaptable design, you can also enjoy a thumb-rest on the side that can be pushed into the mouse for added comfort and grip.


In terms of performance, the Unimouse features 10 DPI settings of up to 8.000 DPI, making this mouse fantastic for FPS games due to the added level of precision that the high DPI can accommodate for.

In case you play video games where you will need more than the two essential buttons on each side of the scroll wheel, this gaming mouse features 3 auxiliary keys made just for that.

If the video game that you are playing is even more advanced, you can take advantage and program any of the 6 programmable buttons scattered comfortably around the mouse.

In terms of connectivity, you could have this mouse both wired or wireless. If you are playing more casual games, wireless would be the preferred option as there would be one less cable on your desk. The 470mAh rechargeable battery can last for days, even if you play for long periods of time.

However, in case you are playing FPS games and want to maximize the responsiveness of the device, simply wire your mouse and enjoy.

If you’re interested in the Contour Unimouse, you can buy this model from Amazon.

Best Value-for-Money Pick

Are you on the lookout for the best vertical mouse that offers the most value for money in terms of design, comfort, and performance? The ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse is the one that we would highly recommend to you.

The best price at the time of writing was $29.99.

Ergonomic Design

In terms of ergonomic design, the ZLOT features a design that inclines at 85 degrees, which is a very neutral “handshake” position for the ultimate comfort and pain relief. Despite an almost vertical design, the space allocated for your palm and thumb provides for a very solid grip.

Design-wise, this mouse is particularly made for larger hands, however, even if your hands are slightly smaller, you can still enjoy the comfortability and effectiveness of this mouse.


The ZLOT gaming mouse hosts adjustable DPI technology that goes as high up as 10,000 DPI. To be specific, this mouse features a Pixart PMW3325 IR sensor with 5 adjustable DPI levels for the ultimate adaptability to your gaming needs.

Furthermore, if you play complex games that require macro keys, you can easily take advantage of any of the 11 programmable buttons. As an added extra, the ZLOT has a handy joystick on the top of the mouse.

The mouse also enjoys wired connectivity, which means that you will have zero problems in terms of responsiveness. This makes the mouse a pretty good choice even for competitive gaming.

As a very nice bonus, if you are an RGB fan, you will be thrilled by the news that this mouse features a color-changing RGB marquee belt on both sides.

If you’re interested in the ZLOT vertical gaming mouse, you can purchase it from sites like Amazon.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick

Are you looking for the cheapest possible gaming mouse that is decent enough to do the job? In that case, we can confidently recommend the Memzuoix Vertical Gaming Mouse.

The best price at the time of writing was $16.99.

Ergonomic Design

The reason why we selected this mouse over any other affordable alternative is because despite its low price point, this product is great when ergonomics are concerned.

When ergonomics are concerned, this mouse follows a neutral “handshake” wrist and arm positioning to help in alleviating wrist stress and aches.

Besides the pretty great and smooth design, your thumb will also feel really comfortable in the carved-out “thumb bed” on the side of the mouse. For further grip, the thumb bed hosts a rubber padding that will strengthen your grip and reduce slipping during intense moments.


In terms of performance, the Memzuoix gaming mouse features 3 adjustable DPI levels; 800, 1600, and 2400 DPI, which is plenty unless you are looking to become a pro-player, in which case you should probably look at some other alternatives that offer higher DPI and a more vast level of adjustability.

Though you cannot program any of the buttons on this mouse, you can take advantage of the 6 auxiliary keys that are efficiently spread throughout the mouse to improve your in-game performance.

As for connectivity, this mouse only offers a wireless connection via its single Nano USB receiver. No installation is required. Simply plug in and play.

This wireless gaming mouse also doesn’t feature an integrated battery, meaning that you will need to change the batteries periodically when they run out. To use this mouse, you will need 2 AAA batteries. We would recommend you to get high-quality and rechargeable batteries if you want your gaming mouse to last even longer.

To further expand the battery’s life, you could also take advantage of the on/off button on the mouse to switch it off when you are not using it.

If you’re interested in this mouse, you can purchase it from Amazon.

Runner Up

Our runner-up pick is the Muxan Vertical Gaming Mouse, which offers the best of all worlds. This means RGB lights, a comfortable ergonomic design, multifunctionality, a high level of performance, and great value for money.

The best price at the time of writing was $36.98.

Ergonomic Design

When the ergonomic design is concerned, this vertical gaming mouse features a relatively small but sleek and modern RGB-driven design. When using this device, your hand will be positioned in a very neutral “handshake” position for the ultimate comfort and alleviation of any stress on your wrist.

The mouse measures 4.33″ in length, which makes it perfect for people that have smaller hands that want a very decent grip.


The Muxan vertical mouse features adjustable DPI settings up to 10,000 DPI for a smooth and precise movement thanks to the PAW3325 game sensor.

This gaming mouse also features a 5-way rocker, which is equal to 5 keys. Your thumb can be used to control front, back, left, right, and down operations, which makes this mouse ideal for a range of different game genres ranging from FPS to MOBA, and MMO.

Furthermore, you can take advantage and program any of the 11 available buttons that are strategically spread throughout the mouse for the ultimate gaming performance.

Another fantastic advantage of this gaming mouse is that it is wired, which guarantees a rapid response time with no noticeable delay. So, if you are a competitive player in an FPS game, this mouse would be perfect for your needs.

If you’re interested in this vertical gaming mouse, you can find it on Amazon.

Other Great Vertical Mice

If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for, don’t worry, below, you can explore other great vertical gaming mice that made our final selection.

J-Tech Digital Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse

Not a huge fan of cables but would like a great performing gaming mouse? Then the J-Tech Digital Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse is another great wireless choice.

The best price at the time of writing was $28.99.

Ergonomic Design

When ergonomics are concerned, this gaming mouse by J-Tech features a near-vertical hand positioning as if you were to give a handshake. This hand positioning is very much the standard when it comes to vertical gaming mice if you haven’t noticed already from the products from above.

This is because the handshake position is super neutral, meaning your wrist will be at absolutely no stress regardless of how long you game for. Thus, this stance is perfect for someone with wrist problems stemming from prolonged gaming or injury.

For added comfort and stability, this vertical gaming mouse also features a removable palm rest that further ensures that your wrist remains in a very natural position.


This J-Tech gaming mouse hosts 4 adjustable DPI settings to best suit your gaming needs that are supported by the integrated optical tracking technology for precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces. The responsiveness ranges between 800, 1200, 1600, and 3200 DPI.

Furthermore, this J-Tech device enjoys a 360-degree signal for complete freedom of ergonomic mouse movement.

Though this mouse is fairly basic in terms of available buttons, it does the job just fine for most FPS games. This has its own benefits as it not only reduces the price of the product but also ensures that whatever buttons are available are placed in the best possible place for ultimate control and performance.

This gaming mouse is entirely wireless, meaning that there wouldn’t be any additional dangling cables on your desk. The great thing about this mouse is the rechargeable 800 Ma lithium battery, which can last for a very decent amount of time. To extend the battery life of your mouse, you could also turn off the RGB lights by holding down on the RGB button for about 5 seconds.

If this vertical model by J-Tech offers what you’re after, you can buy it from Amazon.

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Mouse

The Trust Gaming GXT 144 is another all-in-one vertical gaming mouse that is perfect for competitive gamers who are after pure performance and comfort.

The best price at the time of writing was $62.68.

Ergonomic Design

When ergonomics are concerned, this vertical gaming mouse features a relatively lightweight design (just 98g) that comfortably positions your wrist in a handshake position to alleviate any stress that is put on your wrist from prolonged gaming.

The mouse itself follows a very sleek and modern design and doesn’t feature any excessive buttons that you will not use.

One thing that we love about this mouse is the location of the DPI button. We know that this isn’t anything significant, however, if you have played competitively before where a lot of action is needed in a very short time frame, sometimes, accidental clicking of the DPI button happens which is not an ideal situation to be in.


This vertical gaming mouse features adjustable DPI settings thanks to the high-precision optical sensor that goes as high as 10000 DPI, which really is plenty to satisfy your exact gaming needs.

Another fantastic performance-enhancing feature is the 6 programmable buttons that you can optimize as per your gaming requirements.

The mouse itself is fully wired, which ensures an optimal level of responsiveness, making it a very good choice for competitive gamers with wrist problems.

If you are a fan of RGB lights, you can download this mouse’s software from which you can not only change the RGB lights as per your liking, but also program the buttons, set macros, and other.

If this vertical mouse is what you’ve been after, you can purchase it from the official Trust website or Amazon.

J-Tech Digital Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Looking for a reliable, performance-driven RGB-enabled vertical gaming mouse? The J-Tech Digital Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is another fantastic choice that easily made our final selection thanks to its ergonomic design and performance.

The best price at the time of writing was $31.95.

Ergonomic Design

J-Tech is a fantastic company for manufacturing comfortable, durable, and performance-driven vertical gaming mice. This is also the case with this J-Tech product.

Ergonomics-wise, this device features an almost vertical wrist positioning, which is a very natural and healthy position for your wrist even if you play for hours at a time.

This mouse is also very stable, and with the comfortable grip that it features, you will have no problems at all in performing at your best, even if you are a competitive player.


Performance-wise, this gaming mouse features 5 adjustable DPI settings. You can switch between 5 of the available options via the DPI button on the mouse itself. You can pick between 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, and 4000 DPI to suit your exact gaming requirements.

There is a serious lack of excessive buttons, which we really liked because it makes the mouse very simplistic and easy to use. Plus, the lack of many buttons also allowed the manufacturers to design the mouse with pure performance in mind.

Now, the mouse itself isn’t entirely free of buttons. On top of the standard 4 buttons, there is a forward and backward button, which is, in our opinion, enough to satisfy the needs of a large portion of the gaming community.

In terms of connectivity, this vertical gaming mouse is wired, which ensures the ultimate response time.

This gaming mouse by J-Tech can be found on the jtech official website and Amazon.

Adesso Imouse E3

Do you have small hands but would still want to be able to play your favorite games without suffering from any wrist problems? Then the Adesso Imouse E3 is a fantastic option for you.

The best price at the time of writing was $38.99.

Ergonomic Design

With the wrist-friendly contour support, you will hold your hand in a healthy handshake position that is not only great for preventing wrist problems stemming from prolonged gaming but also for easing aches and pains for those gamers that are already suffering from wrist issues.

The ergonomic design of this mouse is very well suited for gamers who have smaller hands, and are after a simple, yet performing gaming mouse.


This gaming mouse hosts a 3 level DPI switch that ranges between 400 to 6400 DPI, which can be greatly beneficial for you in attaining higher in-game precision and better accuracy.

As we mentioned above, this mouse is fairly simplistic, however, it is programmable. This means that you can adjust and customize your iMouse E3 to your exact liking to enhance your gaming experience with the included programmable driver.

The driver menu itself is very easy to navigate so you can set up your mouse in minutes and jump straight into the action.

As you probably see from the image above, the mouse is wired, which is ideal as it guarantees that the responsiveness of the optical sensor is very quick.

As this mouse is relatively small, it comes with an adjustable weight tuning system. The mouse itself comes with three removable 10G weights so that you can mix and match for a personalized feel and comfortable control.

You can find the Imouse E3 by Adesso either on the Adesso website or on Amazon.

What is a Vertical Gaming Mouse?

Vertical gaming mice aim to mimic their regularly-shaped counterparts but with a more ergonomic shape. They have pretty much exactly the same buttons and features so that you are not at a disadvantage when you are gaming, though specs are sometimes a little worse off – especially in terms of including premium sensors.

The only key difference between a standard gaming mouse and a vertical one is the ergonomic design. Vertical gaming mice are significantly taller. This is because they are designed to accommodate your hand positioning to perfection, which will leave your wrist in a neutral position.

Due to this added level of comfort, many casual gamers opt-in for vertical mice as compared to a standard flat mouse, but those playing FPS games might struggle a little with some vertical mice due to the unusual weight balance.

Who Are Vertical Gaming Mice For?

While everyone should consider owning a vertical gaming mouse, the people that will most benefit from one are those with wrist and hand problems like RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

If your wrist hurts even a little bit after a gaming session, you should consider a vertical mouse before things get worse. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or simply can’t play games because of wrist pains, a vertical mouse could make a massive difference.

Opting for a more ergonomic approach is something many gamers should consider simply to protect themselves for the future.

Which Vertical Gaming Mouse is Right For Me?

If you have reached this far within our guide, there is a strong chance that you still haven’t made up your mind. So, to give you a hand in picking the best vertical gaming mouse for your needs, we will suggest 2 different scenarios for you and the vertical gaming mouse that we would recommend for your situation.

Scenario 1: Let’s say that you are a competitive player in an FPS game, however, you are starting to struggle with wrist problems or have already been diagnosed with a wrist injury. In such a situation, we would recommend you the Unimouse Vertical Gaming Mouse.

Scenario 2: You are a pretty casual player that would like a mouse that will do the job both in terms of performance and comfort to ease your wrist aches. Presuming you want to spend as little as possible, we’d suggest the Memzuoix Vertical Gaming Mouse. If you’d like an RGB-enabled alternative, we’d recommend you the ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse.

Final Thoughts

Most of the gaming mice in this guide feature the neutral “handshake” wrist positioning which is fantastic for wrist problems.

If you suffer from a range of wrist issues, it is best to purchase our recommendation for wrist pain as you can adjust the incline angle to position your wrist in the stance that is best for you.

The higher price point of some products is definitely worth it in terms of comfort, durability, features, and performance though even the most affordable vertical gaming mouse in this selection offers a great level of performance.