How to Increase FPS in Roblox

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Admittedly, high framerates aren’t all that necessary in Roblox as it is in first-person shooters or battle royale games like Valorant or Apex Legends. Roblox also has a framerate cap of 60 fps. If that’s the case, is increasing the fps in Roblox even necessary in the first place?

Roblox is an extremely successful and popular game for both children and adults. There are a number of reasons why it’s popular, from its accessibility to the fact that it’s a platform for millions of games. It’s literally impossible for a Roblox player to get bored.

The accessibility of Roblox is really quite compelling. Even if the game crashes often for you, there are a lot of easy fixes since Roblox isn’t complicated to run. The system requirements for someone to play Roblox are really, really low.

With that being said, having decent fps is still necessary for Roblox. Why, you ask? Simply because it’s a video game. Roblox has continuously moving elements and this means a necessity for good framerates. Otherwise, you’re going to experience unpleasant lags that would seriously impede fun gameplay.

20 fps on Roblox is bad. 40 fps is playable. 60 fps is desirable.

It could be better!

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to increase FPS in Roblox. There are actually loads of ways and you don’t have to get stuck with enduring bad games.

Use an FPS Unlocker

Good news, this isn’t an exploit! So, there’s no chance of you getting banned.

The bad news is a Roblox fps unlocker doesn’t necessarily improve game performance, it just simply unlocks the 60 fps cap. These apps are very useful for people who have mid to high-end PCs and want to get a bang for their buck.

The Roblox fps unlocker can also have a tendency to be patched out, and if this happens, you’ll have to wait for the developers to make an updated version.

To use a Roblox fps unlocker, download the application on GitHub and extract the file. Launch a Roblox game and take a look at your current framerate by pressing shift + F5. At the same time, run the Roblox fps unlocker and return to your game. You’ll quickly see an increase in your fps once you do this.

Turn G-Sync Off

G-Sync is a new technology from Nvidia that was made to create better visual output by making the video, or in this case, the games, adapt to the monitor’s refresh rate rather than the other way around. AMD’s version of G-Sync is FreeSync.

On a really good PC, the G-Sync/FreeSync feature can be really good since it will basically eliminate screen tearing. What makes it arguably better than V-Sync is that it doesn’t cap your fps. Rather, it will really maximize the strengths of your hardware.

In an ideal setting, G-Sync/FreeSync should not affect your fps. However, there have been some anecdotal reports of players turning off G-Sync/FreeSync and getting better framerates.

To turn G-Sync off, go to the Nvidia Control Panel by searching for it in the Windows search bar or right-clicking the desktop. Next, under the “Select a Task…” and “Display”, click on “Set up G-SYNC”. Lastly, uncheck the “Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible”.

Increase Process Priority Towards Roblox

This is similar to allocating more RAM to Roblox by using programs that would set the game to high priority. Usually, this would only entail using the ever trusty Windows Task Manager, but there are also other third-party programs that provide better and more in-depth functions.

Some reliable “Task Manager”-like programs include Process Explorer, Process Hacker, and Task Manager Deluxe.

What you will do is almost the same as what you would have done had you used the original Task Manager.

First, open a Roblox game then launch Process Explorer or Process Hacker thereafter. Look for the Roblox process or “RobloxPlayerBeta.exe” and right-click that process. In the pop-up menu, click on “Priority”, choose “High”, and put a check-mark on the “Save for RobloxPlayerBeta.exe”.

We don’t really recommend using “Real Time” since there are some important processes that may be relegated as low priority if you do this.

Update Your Graphic Drivers

Even though this tip is “overused”, it really is an effective tip.

Nvidia and AMD have really made their graphic cards as competitive as possible. This means enabling the software side that supports the hardware to do its work in an up-to-date manner. When new games are released, or when games get a patch, Nvidia and AMD also updates their drivers to accommodate the game.

This is why updating your graphic drivers are extremely important. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone since you’ll be getting the new features of your GPU that are complementary to the game.

Updating drivers also prevents the drivers from affecting the system negatively.


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