How to Do a Barrel Roll in Saints Row

Saints Row vehicle unlock
Image credit: Deep Silver Volition

Saints Row offers its players many customization options in almost every aspect of its gameplay. From the Boss’s appearance and outfits, to their weapon, skill, and perk arsenal, to how they’ll run their territory, players can run their empire how they want to.

While most customizations are readily available for purchase, most functional upgrades require players to complete gameplay challenges to unlock them. For example, some guns task you to attain a multi-kill against a particular gang or even score eliminations with the last magazine.

The same thought applies to unlocking vehicle signature abilities. These valuable vehicle abilities add character to each vehicle and give reasons to use different rides for different activities. For example, the Kneecappers ability lets you shred other cars during a chase.

These signature abilities are locked behind vehicle-related challenges. While some are straightforward, there’s one challenge that’s unintuitive and hard to complete without knowing what to do beforehand. This guide will show players how to do a barrel roll in Saints Row.

Unlocking Vehicle Signature Abilities

Before performing a barrel row in Saints Row, it’s important to know that players can’t unlock a vehicle’s signature ability without access to a garage. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by following the main mission until a certain point in the story.

It won’t take long before players reach a mission where a person named Jim Rod (JR for short) calls to ask for help. He’s the Marshall driver who accompanied players on the previous mission, Observe and Report, where they followed a Los Panteros convoy.

After accepting his mission, A Piece of the Action, players will intercept an Idols party to search for JR’s missing car parts. Successfully completing the mission will see him finally build his dream garage.

Players can use the garage’s services to customize their vehicles, swap between their saved vehicles, and unlock the vehicle’s signature ability. It’s important to save favorite vehicles in order to keep them after fast traveling or leaving the area.

JR’s will even offer part of the business to the boss for their help. These venture businesses are great ways to earn money fast in Saints Row after providing for their needs.

Players can then choose what vehicle they’ll choose to drive into the open world of Santo Ileso. These vehicles also showcase information pertaining to their signature ability and what in-game challenges players must do to unlock it.

In this instance, the vehicle signature ability Jump, lets players propel their ride high enough to surpass incoming vehicles. This ability is excellent for maneuvering through traffic during high-speed chases or just performing some aerobatic tricks.

The vehicle players start with this ability. Additionally, so does the Los Panteros motorcycle players – received for pre-ordering Saints Row Platinum Edition, Gold Edition, or the Notorious Edition.

Players will need to perform three mid-air barrel rolls in Saints Row in order to unlock the Jump ability. The game doesn’t give clear controls of how to do this, as pressing the directional buttons mid-air only causes the vehicle to turn around.

In order to perform a mid-air barrel roll in Saints Row, players will have to press the handbrake/drift button simultaneously with the direction key. Performing this successfully will cause the vehicle to turn over on its side while in mid-air. Don’t forget to stick the landing!

It helps to find elevated ramps conveniently placed for vehicles to experience higher air times. There are plenty of these ramps around Santo Ileso, especially in the off-road areas.

Hit the gas and use these ramps to fly higher into the air, giving more time to do a barrel roll in Saints Row. These elevated ramps are especially useful for heavier vehicles.

Players have to do this three times in order to unlock the Jump signature ability. After doing so, the ability has to be activated by returning to the nearest garage.

Once there, players will choose the vehicle they want to customize. Then, a bar will show that the vehicle’s signature ability is not activated. Simply turn it on to unlock the ability.

Each vehicle signature ability has a small cooldown after activating. In this case, Jump has a relatively short window, so players can chain consecutive jumps to shake away the cops or rival gang members during high-speed chases.