How to Earn Money Fast in Saints Row

Saints Row criminal venture
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Saints Row (2022) has you playing as the boss as they establish the Saints from a humble start-up criminal empire. Like any other business, running a criminal empire also requires a huge investment using money.

Players will also need tons of cash to customize and upgrade their saved vehicle collection, along with a huge number of other things.

Of course, fancy new clothes will also cost a small fortune, but looking good is a great reward. Finally, it’s going to cost money to make more money, as players need lumps of cash to buy new venture businesses for their empty plots of land.

As mentioned, the boss will need a lot of money to build their criminal empire. While it gets easier to earn cash overtime, players in the early stages will need a boost. This article will show players how to earn money fast in Saints Row.

Progress the Main Mission

Before going out of the way to earn money faster in Saints Row, players should take the time to go through the main quest. There are three important main quests players must do to establish the Saints.

Doing these first before exploring the open world is a good idea. For one reason, it unlocks convenient features like the ability to call the Saints. Secondly, it gives players soft objectives to do in order to expand their criminal empire.

The first mission is called “A Piece of the Action.” This mission sees the boss help their former Marshall colleague, Jim Rob, build their dream garage. Players will retrieve JR’s missing car parts from the Idols who stole it.

After successfully completing the mission, he’ll give the boss a piece of the business. Jim Rob’s garage becomes the boss’s first venture business and a great way to earn passive income.

For now, the passive income generated from this venture isn’t that substantial. Players could choose to follow the venture’s personal mission requests to earn money fast in Saints Row, but it’s best saved until after the Networking mission.

The second important mission is called “Take me to Church.” The boss and their main crew decide to repurpose an abandoned church into their headquarters.

However, the real estate agent who owns the deed won’t sell it to them. Complete the mission to establish a base of operations and to call themselves the Saints officially.

Finally, the most important mission to earn money fast in Saints Row is called “Networking.” The Saints go through their contacts in order to find businesses willing to partner up with their new outfit.

Eli managed to find a gold mine after digging through the real estate agent’s briefcase from the previous mission. He managed to find several deeds to vacant lots around Santo Ileso, which are prime locations to open up more Criminal Ventures.

These three missions are important to complete immediately in order to earn money fast in Saints Row. After doing these, players can take a step back and slowly work on their criminal empire.

Criminal Ventures

Jim Rob’s Garage is the first taste of the Criminal Ventures feature. Criminal Ventures seem like legitimate businesses, but they’re indeed a facade for shady and illegal deals.

As mentioned previously, players can build more Criminal Ventures after completing the “Networking” mission. However, be prepared to fork up a huge sum of cash.

Investing as early as possible lets the boss rack up more sources of income that passively accumulate. At least, while players are doing other activities in the game, they’re guaranteed to earn money fast in Saints Row.

These Criminal Ventures come with a task that can earn players extra cash and experience. For example, Jim Rob’s Garage tasks players to steal specific cars for him in order to salvage them for parts. This is also a natural way to discover more cars and unlock their signature abilities.

Shady Oaks is a great Criminal Venture to have as soon as possible. Accepting its task will score players for well they can throw themselves into oncoming traffic to commit insurance fraud. It’s a fun way to earn money fast in Saints Row.

Players can also leave their console or PC running while they do other activities to earn extra cash from these ventures. For example, Saints Row is currently running in the background as I write this very article. Don’t forget to collect the money before it reaches the limit.

But before doing that, players will also unlock additional open world activities to protect their turf and expand their business ventures. In order to earn money fast in Saints Row, players should look to clean up rival gangs threatening their turf.

Look for the red icons leading to local threats in the map menu. This open world activity is a simple firefight against rival gangs who are operating on the Saints’ turf. Completing these quick activities will significantly increase the income generated by the player’s ventures in that district.

After taking the time to do all these missions, players are now set up to earn money fast in Saints Row. It will take some more time and money to invest, but the profits will be more than worth it.

Fighting Hordes of Enemies

Criminal Ventures are a great way to earn money over a long period of time. However, if players need funds for investment or just for personal spending, there’s no better way to earn money fast in Saints Row than @tcha reviews.

In Saints Row, atcha is a review app where citizens of Saint Ileso can leave their reviews on establishments in the area. However, leaving anything less than a glowing 5-star review is a literal death sentence.

As most businesses are protected by the gangs in Saint Ileso, leaving a bad review will cause the gangs to come for the player. Hence, other businesses pay top dollar for any person willing to risk their lives to sabotage their online presence.

Players can easily find @tcha missions by opening their map and finding the blue diamond with the phone icon. After traveling to the location, players can interact with the business sign to leave a bad review.

Leaving a lower review leads to a more difficult horde encounter but with better rewards. Completing a 1-star encounter for the first time awards the player 10,000 dollars, on top of the cash dropped by the enemies.

The best part is that after finishing completing a 1-star @tcha review, replaying the mission in any difficulty gives 8,000 bucks. So, if players want to earn money fast in Saints Row, they can keep doing the easiest 4-star encounter for a quick buck.

This is definitely the fastest and most straightforward way to earn money in Saints Row. Additionally, players should look to complete their weapon’s challenges to earn their upgrades. For example, it’s convenient to bring a weapon that has a challenge corresponding to Los Panteros when going up against them.

Earning money using @tcha reviews is way faster compared to side hustles or the wanted app, since players don’t have to drive around the whole city. Furthermore, gang members will drop a lot of cash to rack up bonus money during the encounter.

Open World Activities

Investing in Criminal Ventures and completing @tcha reviews are undoubtedly the best way to earn money fast in Saints Row. However, these two open world activities also offer decent cash for the minimal time spent to get it.

The first is by robbing armored cars. While exploring Santo Ileso, armored vehicles can be seen driving or parked in the world. These vehicles are denoted by their icon on the map menu.

Destroying these cars can offer at least 2,000 dollars to the player. Using an explosive like an RPG or skills is recommended to destroy it faster.

Additionally, vehicles with the Kneecappers signature ability lets players shred through anything on the side of the vehicle. This is especially useful if the armored car is on the move.

However, be prepared to strike fast because hitting an armored car would draw notoriety from the cops. It’s best to destroy the car immediately, as lingering in the area could escalate into a dangerous situation.

Finally, players can discover hidden drug pallets or dive into dumpsters for some quick change. While these methods aren’t efficient to go out of the way to hunt, it’s definitely worth it if they’re on the way to another objective.

Drug pallets and dumpsters are shown on the map using a yellow icon. The former is mostly hidden on rooftops or in alleyways, but the latter is usually easy to find on the ground level.

All players will have to do is interact with them for easy cash. This method should only be done if it’s convenient for the player.

Players should focus instead on building their empire to earn money fast in Saints Row. After all, if you put enough time and money into a business, it will eventually start earning for you.

Another way to earn money and rare items is by finding hidden history locations.