How to Fast Travel in Saints Row

Saints Row fast travel
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Saints Row offers the fun, open world of Santo Ileso set in the American southwest for players to explore. The game’s setting contains 15 distinct districts, each with many activities for players to explore.

As with the nature of games like Saints Row, players can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all these events. Fast traveling lets players cut through the traffic and immediately appear at key landmarks. This feature is especially useful when jumping between districts.

While this feature is immediately available, it isn’t clearly communicated to the player. This short guide will show players how to fast travel in Saints Row to get around Santo Ileso conveniently.

Visiting Santo Ileso’s Landmarks

Saints Row introduces players to their valuable smartphone as soon as the tutorial is finished. This indispensable tool comes with many features that players will need to navigate through the game.

One of these features is the ubiquitous map which displays many job opportunities and points of interest. Familiarizing the map is a great way to scour the game’s content, especially when searching for ways to earn money.

Search for a yellow diamond icon with the train portrait to know how to fast travel in Saints Row. These are landmarks that will serve as fast travel points in Saints Row after players took the time to unlock them.

Players can find five unlockable landmarks in the game as the map opens up. West Providencia has Panther Rock, El Dorada has the iconic El Dorada Sign, Marina West features Bear Lake, Rojas Desert North showcases the Twin Coyote, and lastly, tech hub Lakeshore South has Cactus Bill.

Hopefully, there will be more locations to explore and fast travel points to unlock once the developers start rolling out the expansions. These landmarks are great environmental flourishes that help keep the world interesting and alive.

After players identify the landmark, they’ll have to travel over there to its location. Once there, highlight or hover on the icon and carefully examine the photo.

Players will have to recreate the photo using your camera in order to fast travel in Saints Row. The camera application is found by using the smartphone and selecting it from the home menu. After finding the appropriate angle, players can attempt to recreate the photo found within the map menu.

Then, they’ll have to capture take the photo within the guided rectangle. If it all goes well, there will be a pop-up that says players have collected that landmark as a fast travel point.

For example, after completing the tutorial, players will be able to the nearby region, West Providencia. Travel to the rock formation known as Panther Rock and take a similar photo to fast travel in Saints Row.

After taking a successful photo, the yellow icon will turn purple on the map’s screen. Players will also gain some experience which is useful to level up and collect perks.

Players can now fast travel in Saints Row by selecting the map icon and confirming to fast travel. It’s always a convenient option to have in open world games, especially before players unlock faster vehicles and alternative ways to travel.

Additionally, players can also fast travel in Saints Row HQ once they get to a certain part in the main story. While exploring and messing around in the open world is fun, most of the game’s core content will start from Saints HQ.

Finally, players can’t fast travel in Saints Row once they’ve chosen to accept a mission. It’s generally a good idea to fast travel back to Saints HQ when players want to progress further down the main story. Players can always abort the current mission through the start menu if they wish to back out.


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