How to Call a Vehicle in Saints Row

Cars and open world games are a dandy mix. In Saints Row, you’ll meet more than 50 types of cars to cruise freely through Santo Illeso. The game has different vehicle features, too; you can customize cars, acquire exclusive ones, and even call for car delivery.

You’ll feel pretty small around Santo Illeso; the city is vast, with urban, rural, industrial, and even desert areas. In addition, as a member of the Saints, you’ll need to rush between distinct areas to complete quests for your crew. Hence, calling for vehicle delivery will be life-saving.

As simple as it sounds, having a vehicle delivery service in Saints Row isn’t a stroll around the park, though. For instance, you won’t have this option during the early game; you’ll need to reach a certain status in the game’s campaign first.

Let’s disclose all the requirements and discuss how to call a vehicle in Saints Row.


Foremost, you’ll need to be a bit further into the gameplay. In Saints Row, you’ll begin the crew’s expansion as a criminal empire after moving out of the Mercado apartment. At this point, you’ll understand how ventures work in the game.

One of the first Saints’ ventures is JimRob’s auto shop. As with any venture, you’ll need to do certain chores to expand JimRob.

Side Quest

After meeting Jim and helping him set up JimRob, he’ll ping you on delivering some unique cars to his garage. This interaction happens right after the campaign’s fifth mission in Saints Row, “A piece of the action.”

You can find Jim behind his garage and talk to him. Then, he’ll brief you on the first car he needs.

At this point, you’ll be able to use JimRob’s to customize cars.

In total, Jim asks you to deliver ten cars to his garage, and you’ll find them scattered around Santo Illeso.

To cut a few corners, we’ll list the name of the cars and the location you’ll most likely find them.

  • Attrazione (Marina West)
  • Desert Devil (Rojas Desert North)
  • Hammerhead (Mercado)
  • Monster Truck (Rojas Desert South)
  • Phoenix (Badlands North)
  • Lucky Number Seven (El Dorado)
  • Marshall APC (Badlands North)
  • Courser (Rojas Desert South)
  • Crisis (East Flats)
  • Fer De Lance (Monte Vista)

Beware that each car robbery automatically increases your notoriety level. After delivering all of the cars above to JimRob’s garage, you’ll get a brief notification on your screen’s upper left corner informing you that Car Delivery is available.

We recommend that you use a helicopter to get to most vehicles, especially when going after the “Marshall APC.”

Delivery Service

To use the delivery service, you can crack your phone by using “Tab” on the computer keyboard. Then, go for “contacts” and scroll down to “Vehicle Delivery.” If you’re familiar with GTA Online’s car delivery service, you’ll quickly grasp this one.

The delivery service has a few rules, though. For example, you won’t be able to use it inside the Saints’ church or during the main campaign’s missions. Instead, the car delivery service only works in free roam.

The service doesn’t include delivery of vehicles such as boats or helicopters; it’s a car-exclusive delivery.

Additionally, you’ll only be able to order a saved car. More specifically, a vehicle in your garage that you’ve set as a “favorite”, so you’ll need to know how to save a car in Saints Row.

Sometimes the service may rig, and to fix this issue, simply fast travel to a different location and ping the car delivery contact again.

Since you can only request a single car, we recommend that you have a versatile one set as a favorite.

So, for urban speed, the Attrazione and Fer De Lance take the cake; they’re both speedy and good to handle.

Now, for off-roading, you’ll be better off with the Desert Devil; the car’s suspension is out of this world.

But, when you’re in a pickle, the Monster Truck and the Marhsall APC can get you out safely.