How to Commit Insurance Fraud in Saints Row

Saints Row creates a hustler’s paradise in Santo Ileso. The game allows you to pull all kinds of shady moves to get money for your crew. You can try calculated and strategic business heists or simple insurance frauds on unsuspecting civilians.

As you progress in the campaign, you’ll get to do new activities in the game. During the first days in Santo Illeso, you’ll be figuring out how to make your criminal empire grow through quick side jobs. Then, you’ll create your own money-grabbing businesses, like the insurance fraud one.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to be a bit further in the game’s campaign to make insurance frauds. Fortunately, getting there isn’t too much work, but you need to understand a few things beforehand.

Let’s cover how to commit insurance fraud in Saints Row and get you on the right lane.

Criminal Ventures

Firstly, the insurance fraud business is part of a criminal venture in Saints Row. So, you’ll need to unlock it through upgrades and advancements on your criminal empire tier.

After completing the first five missions, you’ll get to a point in the gameplay. The Saints will move out of the initial crib (apartment in Madero) and hang their hats in the abandoned church. Then, you’ll do the “Networking” mission, which gets you the ball rolling on criminal tiers.

From then on, you’ll be able to expand and create ventures; the insurance fraud venture is called “Shady Oaks.” You can unlock this venture at criminal empire tier one. So, it’s not a far reach after completing the initial “Networking” mission.

The Networking mission requires you to defend JimRob’s garage by getting rid of the Panteros assaulting his business. Then, you’ll have full access to Jim’s venture, where you’ll be able to save cars and customize them.

Along with Shady Oaks at criminal empire tier one, you’ll be able to create:

  • Chalupacabra (Drug Delivery)
  • Bright Future (Toxic Waste Company)
  • Castle Kraken (Live Action Roleplay)

Shady Oaks

To build Shady Oaks, you’ll need to select a vacant lot in Santo Ileso and make an initial investment of $30,000.

Don’t think you’ll run out of pockets, though. After building up the business, you’ll have an hourly passive income of $2,500, even if you just sit all day. By upgrading Shady Oaks, you can get a maximum of $3,750 hourly.

On the surface, Shady Oaks is a medical clinic that treats injuries and provides cheap healthcare. The clinic looks legit enough to check records and gives insurance companies the green light for compensation. But, there’s a catch.

Shady Oaks does traffic insurance fraud. The company works by getting money from unsuspecting civilians after you run in front of their cars and fake an injury. In total, there are seven activities for this side hustle.

You can rip civilians off of more money by getting into more severe accidents. For example, if you jump in front of a car and fly into another vehicle, you’ll include two people in the hustle. Therefore, you’ll be getting your fingers in more pies.

You can also jump in front of a vehicle going high speed. In this case, you’ll get hit pretty hard and end up ragdoll-bouncing around the street for a fair distance — the more complex the impact, the heftier the share.

To actually start the hustle, travel to the first gig location in Santo Ileso. Typically, that will be around the Lakeshore region. You’ll find an interactive sign on the spot that reads “Insurance Fraud.”

Tips on Doing Insurance Fraud

You can improve your prospects of getting insurance money with a few tips. First, try jumping in front of small cars at the beginning. Then, when you’re flying off from the impact, control yourself in the air to get in front of more oversized vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.)

It’s good practice to vary between lanes instead of hitting only one-way traffic.

This way, you’ll have a higher chance of bouncing higher and going north on the streak number; the higher the streak, the more you’ll cash in.

After hitting cars a few times, you’ll get into “Adrenaline mode.” During this effect, you’ll benefit from yeeting yourself in a traffic jam. The reason is that every hit explodes a vehicle, and if there are a bunch of cars huddled together, the explosion grants more points.

So, instead of going for single vehicles, find a pack. Also, to keep the adrenaline effect flowing, reach the opposite lane after hitting a car. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of touching any other oncoming vehicle, keeping the momentum.