How to Fly in Saints Row

Saints Row’s extensive aerial space around Santo Illeso can make players flight-thirsty, and rightfully so. During the game’s introductory mission, we get a taste of fighting on top of a military plane in mid-air, leaving us wondering.

Still, the game’s campaign takes a while before setting players up on another high-altitude escapade. However, you can still cut a few corners and fly beforehand anyway; you just have to find the right spots for it in Santo Illeso.

Plus, there’s more than one way of flying in the game, and they’re all pretty exciting. It’s worth noting that some flying mechanics are rather different than others. So, let’s shake a leg and understand how to fly in Saints Row.

Taking Flight

There are a few options for you to take flight on Saints Row. For instance, you can set off on a helicopter, plane, or even a wingsuit; it all depends on where you’re at in the gameplay.

During the early game, you’ll find easier opportunities to fly using a wingsuit, one of the first items you get after the introductory mission. Still, they can be a bit tricky to understand.

Then, there are two ways to fly using vehicles (helicopters and planes). The first method is through missions, where you’ll need to be a bit skillful to do specific stunts in mid-air. The second method is through free roam.

After first arriving in Santo Illeso, you’ll be able to explore the city and its neighborhoods. If you keep an eye out for specific locations, you’ll stumble upon a few helicopter spawn points through town.

Helicopters and Planes

In Santo Illeso, each neighborhood has helipad points, and they always spawn helicopters. You can get them by approaching and interacting with the “use” button. Helicopters do not have any alarms and won’t throw off nearby police.

To control the helicopter in PC, use “spacebar” to hover upwards, “ctrl” to descend, and WASD to fly around.

There seem to be about five helicopter spawn points in Saints Row reboot; I’ll mark them below.

Monte Vista

In Monte Vista, you’ll find a “recluse” wealthy community. Go to the end of one of the streets at this location and circle the biggest mansion. In the mansion, there’ll be a helipad with a random helicopter.

Marina East

Just a tad further from the Monte Vista helicopter, go to Marina East. In this region, a helipad will be on top of the local hospital. The helipad will spawn a random copter, but there’s a high chance of it being a red “Oppressor.”

El Dorado

There’s a helipad in El Dorado that’s pretty close to the street. It’s a green helipad next to a parking lot; this is the most easily accessible helicopter spawn point. You won’t miss the giant Ferris wheel that’s adjacent to it.

This helipad spawns random helicopters.

Lakeshore South

This one is in a pretty tough location. Lakeshore South is Santo Illeso’s concrete jungle, and among the tall buildings, there’s a very tall boot-shaped edifice a bit segregated from the others. You’ll find a helipad containing a random helicopter on the top of this building.

Badlands North

On the badlands, Santo Illeso’s biggest desert, you’ll find a helipad a bit south of the Marshall Prison. A random helicopter always spawns in this location. Note that you’ll find the helipad outside of the prison gates.

Choplifting Missions

Apart from piloting random helicopters in free roam, you can pull off some aerial stunts in choplifting missions throughout the map.

Mostly, the missions are part of a brief heist. So, you’ll need to get around an objective while avoiding being taken down by enemies. As a result, this type of flying activity is pretty action-ridden.

Saints’ Helipad

After the main quest known as “The Forge,” which is a bit further down the campaign, your Saints’ headquarters will have its own helipad. You’ll be able to browse through different types of helicopters and extend your copter garage as you unlock them through the campaign.

The Saints’ helipad work exactly as a garage. So, instead of seeing a list of your saved cars, you’ll see a list of your current helicopters.


Although not a motorized vehicle, the wingsuit allows players to fly a considerable length. At certain heights, the wingsuit can make you sail through entire regions.

You’ll not cover a significant distance when using the wingsuit through standard methods, such as jumping off a car’s roof. Therefore, you can use a heightened weather station or jump from a helicopter or massively tall building to fly reasonably.

For instance, Monte Vista’s weather station is exceptionally high; by using it, I was able to hover over in a wingsuit all the way to “Mercado.” This stunt covered about three entire regions.

Moreover, as you evolve in the game, you’ll unlock a skill known as “Wingsuit Bounce.” This skill allows you to bounce on top of unsuspecting pedestrians, making you bounce upwards. Consequently, you’ll be able to sail for much longer.